Can You Sell Used Shoes On Stockx? (What To Know!)

StockX is an online resale site that specializes in sneakers. StockX allows you to sell and buy a wide range of items, but the primary focus of their business is sneakers. StockX is a great way to make extra money if you have some good sneakers that you don’t wear.

They won’t buy worn out sneakers. They generally deal in ‘deadstock’ which is a brand new pair of sneakers that has little or no wear. StockX will still allow you to sell your shoes if they are not worn very often.

Continue reading for details about the types of shoes that you can sell on StockX and some tips on selling your used Shoes online.

Are you able to sell used shoes on StockX?

StockX requires that all shoes purchased on StockX be in mint condition. StockX’s authentication centre will inspect the goods received to verify that they are in good condition. Condition requirements include the condition and packaging of the goods.

StockX allows you to sell shoes that have been worn but are in good condition.

The original box and labels must still be in place. StockX won’t accept shoes that are not in the original box or damaged labels.

If the shoes are older than five years, discoloration on the boxes is usually acceptable. In this instance, however, the label and lid requirements will still apply. Acceptable damage includes minor corner crushing or tearing and wear-and-tear around the edges.

This page provides more information about the condition requirements for sneaker box sold on StockX.

Do You Have the Right to Try on Shoes Before Selling StockX?

StockX will accept shoes that you have only worn a few times. However, the shoes must be in good condition and the original box must also be returned. StockX may not accept shoes that have obvious damage or are in their original packaging.

StockX allows you to try on shoes and sell them on StockX provided that they are in mint condition with the original box.

A small amount of discoloration or damage to the box and shoes must be acceptable if they are more than five years old. This page provides more information about StockX’s definitions of deadstock sneakers.

Shoes sold on StockX are subject to inspection just like retail sneakers. Shoes that have obvious damage, wear-and-tear or smells of foul odors will not be allowed to be resold on StockX.

Selling Used Sneakers

StockX is a great way to sell used sneakers and other goods like collectible figurines or electronics. StockX is a great place to start if you have goods that are in good condition and you wish to sell them.

StockX is a resale platform that allows you to sell your used sneakers. You can also resell used sneakers via other online platforms like Amazon or eBay. It is important to make sure that your items are in good condition.

Although eBay does not have any strict quality requirements for its products, you won’t be able get a fair price for damaged or soiled goods. It is important that you follow the resale guidelines if you plan to sell your sneakers through one of these online platforms. Also, ensure your items are in a good condition.

It is important to include all packaging and extra items in any collectible, even sneakers.

You will likely not get a fair price for your item if the box does not match the sneakers that you are selling or if you do not include the original laces.

StockX may not allow you to sell the item due to box and condition requirements.

How Do Shoes Need to Be in Order To Sell on StockX?

StockX will only accept ‘deadstock” sneakers. StockX will only accept ‘deadstock’ sneakers.

StockX shoes must be in mint condition. This includes the original box. Shoes that are older than five years may have minor discolorations or damage.

This page will provide information about the requirements StockX places on their shoes.

StockX Shoes Condition Guidelines

StockX’s website states that sneakers must meet their definition of ‘deadstock’. The shoes must be in perfect condition with minimal or no wear. The original box must be kept with the shoes in order to resell them.

StockX shoes cannot be used excessively and must come in the original box with the correct size labels.

StockX will accept shoes and boxes that are less than five years old. StockX will allow you to try the shoes on a few times. You can even unlace them, but they are not eligible for resale.

StockX’s definition of ‘deadstock’ is again explained on this page.

StockX: Want to know more? These articles will help you learn more about StockX.

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