What Does ‘no Lid’ Mean On Goat? (Everything To Know!)

GOAT was launched in 2015 and has been a popular choice for sneaker lovers ever since. The platform allows users to sell and buy brand new kicks as well as used ones. It also has a strict policy to ensure that all shoes sold through it are authentic and up to the required standards. It also boasts a team of skilled sneaker specialists who will help you find exactly what you want.

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What does ‘No Lid” mean on GOAT

The GOAT label ‘No Lid” simply means that the shoes are shipped without a box lid. These shoes are usually purchased at outlets and come with no lid.

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What does a missing lid mean when you buy shoes?

People often complain that their order arrived without a top lid. This can be confusing but not alarming. These shoes are usually cheaper than other shoes of the same size or color.

What does it mean if your sneakers have a missing lid? This usually indicates that GOAT bought the shoes at an outlet store from the clearance/leftovers wall. These shoes are usually stocked in lidless boxes.

Are Shoes with a ‘No Lid” Label Safe?

Yes. A missing lid does not necessarily mean that your shoes are in bad condition. A missing lid shouldn’t be a problem if you receive exactly what you ordered. You cannot return an order for a missing lid unless the seller can show that it has defects.

What are the pros and cons of using goat?

These are the benefits of shopping at GOAT for your kicks:

  • Simple: GOAT’s website is very easy to use. The interface is simple and intuitive. Once you find a pair that you like, you can choose to have it replaced or reused. The app will show a list all vendors along with the prices they are willing and able to accept.
  • Seller ratings: Every GOAT vendor is assigned a rating by users. This allows you to make a decision about who you want to do business.
  • Flat-rate shipping: GOAT offers flat-rate shipping for $5 regardless of what type of shoes are being sold or bought. This amount is usually deducted from the seller’s fees. Once you have set a price, vendors can see their expected profit after expenses.
  • Expert staff: This online giant also boasts highly experienced employees who are skilled in spotting fakes and flushing them out.

How GOAT works

Boutiques and retail shops can list items for sale. Buyers then peruse those listings to find the item they are looking. Sellers selling used sneakers must ship them to the GOAT warehouse to be authenticated and to ensure that they are in their described condition.

After verification, GOAT will ship the order to you. If the product does not match the description or is not authentic, GOAT will notify you and issue a full refund.

All retail products, including apparel and accessories, are pre-verified before being shipped directly from GOAT’s trusted boutiques and retail partners.

Are there any GOAT retail shops?

Yes, GOAT does have retail outlets in New York City and Los Angeles. This is due to the acquisition of Flight Club, an iconic sneaker market–in 2018. StockX, its biggest rival, was founded in Detroit in 2015-16. Both have similar online reviews which makes it easier to determine which one is the best.

StockX sells authentic, unworn sneakers in original boxes. GOAT sells used and new shoes.

You want to know more about GOAT Click here to find out if GOAT can be trusted and how long it takes to ship.


You don’t have to be concerned about your pair of favorite GOAT shoes because there is a strict authentication policy.

If you do not receive your package and find the lid missing, don’t panic. As long as everything else is in order, it is a good sign. Are you ready to place your order? These points should help you.

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