Does Flight Club Have Black Friday Sales In 2022? (And Other Sales To Look Out For…)

Flight Club, a sneaker shop, first appeared in 2005. They have over 2.8 million Instagram followers and three brick-and mortar shops across the country.

They sell rare sneakers that are not available in retail shops. You’re certain to find the best sneakers at Flight Club, whether it’s Kanye West’s Yeezy collection and Nike’s collaboration with Dior. This has made Flight Club a popular choice for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors.

Flight Club has Black Friday sales, but does it offer the same deals as other shops? Are they able to offer sales on their expensive and rare shoes? Keep reading to learn more!

Black Friday sales for Flight Club

It all depends on the stock and year. Their last Black Friday sale was announced publicly on their Facebook page in 2017. Flight Club, like all consignment shops, has little control over whether their sneakers are on sale. The sellers decide the prices.

These shoes are not Flight Club’s. The retail price of their sneakers on Flight Club is determined by the person selling them.

Because of their name, most sellers would love to sell their shoes at Flight Club. They are America’s first sneaker consignment shop. They have made a significant impact on the sneaker community since then.

Flight Club charges sellers a fee if they sell their shoes. There is a 9.5% fee for commission and a $5 seller fee. Sellers will need to pay 2.9% extra if they want to cash out their money.

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Are there any sales at Flight Club?

Flight Club’s sales are referred to differently. These are called price drops, not sales. Price drops are often caused by a decrease in the overall market value of the sneaker, and not because they wish to.

This is because Flight Club does not set the price of its sneakers. It’s the sellers who sell at Flight Club that do.

Flight Club’s great team ensures that sneakers are priced below market value. Angel, a Digital Content Manager shared this Reddit post: “There have been situations when we explain to consignors they’re asking for prices that are too high.” We won’t accept their price if they insist on it.

Flight Club won’t try to sell you sneakers at ridiculously high prices or scam you. To ensure they are offering competitive prices, Flight Club conducts frequent market research. They want to keep their reputation.

Is Flight Club a seller of used shoes?

Flight Club sells only new, unworn shoes. All sneakers must be in perfect condition and have the original tags.

Before allowing the sneaker to be sold at their stores, Flight Club employees will inspect it thoroughly. All their sneakers are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Customers will never have to worry about their shoes’ authenticity or quality.

Alias, a sister company to Flight Club, is available for you to sell your old shoes. Alias allows you to sell your used shoes, apparel, and accessories.

Alias isn’t the only sibling company to Flight Club. Both are part of an even larger group.

What is GOAT?

GOAT is an online marketplace selling various types of sneakers and clothes. Flight Club focuses primarily on brand-named items.

To make it easier for sellers to sell their items, the GOAT group acquired Alias and Flight Club. Flight Club sells sneakers; Alias sells all preloved items. GOAT has both. This allows GOAT to have full coverage of streetwear.

GOAT focuses primarily on branded clothing, apparel, sneakers, as well as accessories. Many customers have praised GOAT’s ability to consistently deliver great products and excellent aftermarket service.

Their services are consistent and of high quality, which has earned them a positive reputation within the streetwear and sneaker community.

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Is GOAT a seller?

GOAT doesn’t have sales because Flight Club does not have sales. All prices for all items they sell are determined by the user before approval by GOAT employees. They do however have an annual Black Friday sale, which is not available to Flight Club.

Black Friday sales are held differently. Each customer receives 50 tickets if they accept and agree to the Black Friday terms and conditions.

Participating in Black Friday Events can earn customers additional tickets. These tickets can then be used to increase your chances of buying an item. It’s basically a raffle system in which multiple people will use their tickets to win a place in the purchase of an item. Your chances of winning an item are higher the more you place tickets.

You can always check the product listing daily if you are looking for a price drop or discount on a specific item. Some products sell below retail in some cases.

A pair of sneakers in ‘Old Skool Black White’ is currently on sale for $50. This is $10 less than the retail price.

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Flight Club offers thousands of rare and brand-new sneakers. These sneakers are not sourced by Flight Club. Instead, sellers sell their sneakers to Flight Club for a commission.

Black Friday sales and purchases are therefore not an annual event at Flight Club. Flight Club’s parent company, GOAT, does however have an annual Black Friday sale.

Either wait for Flight Club to drop in price or wait until Black Friday and GOAT have an annual sale. You should check on the item daily to see if it is still available.

Do you want to try your luck at GOAT’s Black Friday Sales? Will you wait to see if Flight Club is at a lower cost? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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