How Long Does Goat Take To Verify? (Everything To Know!)

High-end footwear must be authenticated by many learning algorithms and automated processes. GOAT, the largest platform for footwear in the world, specializes in genuine products. GOAT ensures that all market participants are authentic by using a “ship-to-verify” strategy.

GOAT’s Artificial Intelligence is used to detect counterfeit footwear. GOAT can verify the authenticity of the items by digitally reproducing key features and attributes using machine learning and other Amazon Web Services technologies. They can guarantee that the goods purchased are authentic and true to their description.

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What is the time it takes for GOAT to verify?

When they receive your sneakers, it will take about 1-2 days for them to authenticate them. Once your sneakers are validated by GOAT’s experts, they will transfer the proceeds to your GOAT account so you can cash them out.

You might bring products that are not in accordance with the description you provided to GOAT.

After they validate them, they will send them to your address. If the product is not as described or counterfeit, GOAT will notify you and issue a full refund.

GOAT ships pre-verified retail products directly from trusted niche and retail suppliers such as clothing, accessories, and footwear. They ship “instant” items directly from GOAT’s warehouses.

Is GOAT really reliable?

GOAT’s vision for the future is to be the best online retailer of shoes, clothes, and gadgets. They only sell genuine, high-quality products by buying from the most prestigious boutiques and shops around the globe and their carefully chosen community of resellers.

GOAT uses digital verification, machine learning, and in-hand authentication to verify the resale of their commodities. GOAT guarantees that the goods you purchase are authentic and exactly as they were advertised. To verify their legitimacy, they have collected thousands of data points from their items.

The GOAT team of verification professionals undergoes intense training. They examine every aspect of the product, including the label, stitching, texture, color and more. GOAT has a team of footwear experts who can tell the difference between genuine and imitation shoes.

Sometimes, however, the verification system staff works with the AI to verify and identify the authenticity of the shoes.

What is the Total Time Taken to Complete GOAT?

GOAT allows buyers to browse the available items while sellers can offer their products for sale. To ensure that refurbished items, such as sneakers, are authentic and ship in the same condition they were described, the GOAT team might first authenticate them.

Orders for footwear shipped to the United States typically take 7-10 business days (Monday through Friday). It takes 3-4 days to get to GOAT and 1-2 business days verify. Then it takes 3-4 days to ship.

Once they have received your shoes, it will take about 1-2 days for them to authenticate them. Once your shoes are validated by GOAT experts, they will transfer the proceeds to your GOAT account so you can cash them out.

What does ‘Verification Required’ mean on GOAT?

GOAT uses a variety of methods to verify the items. These methods include machine learning and electronic authentication.

They collect all data points related to each sneaker brought in for verification. They ensure that you get the genuine goods and they are as described.

Sellers may send resale items to them, such as footwear, for authentication. GOAT may deliver the items after they have authenticated the items.

Why is GOAT taking so long to verify my shoes?

The verification process usually takes between one and two working days. The verification process can take a few extra days if there are any concerns about the product that need to be investigated further by the Quality Assurance staff.

GOAT might alert you if you send a product not matching the description. You will have the option to have the product returned or consigned to them. If you choose to return the item, GOAT will send you an invoice.

They will determine whether a product is authentic or not at their sole and reasonable discretion. They may offer you the option of returning it to you or disposing of it.

If you wish to have a product from an international seller returned to you, GOAT will declare the product’s value for customs clearance and label the product as return goods.

All applicable taxes and customs charges imposed by the country where you reside will be your responsibility.

Are GOAT Shoes Verification Experts?

It is not easy to track down knockoffs with the hundreds of shoes listed on their platform. GOAT uses its own AI technology to identify fake shoes.

GOAT can verify the authenticity of the items by digitally reproducing key features and characteristics of each sneaker with machine learning and Amazon Web Services capabilities.

They use a variety algorithms and data inputs to determine if the sneaker is authentic. They are home to the largest number of sneakers worldwide. They are also the industry leader for data collection in sneakers.

They are able to see what fakes look like. They are also familiar with the look of real shoes. If GOAT believes the sneakers are fraudulent or not as described, they will refuse to ship them and issue a full refund.

GOAT pre-verifies retail items and supplies them directly from authorized boutique and retail partners.

Shoes marked “Instant Ship”, on their platform, have been pre-verified and can be shipped immediately. GOAT allows only a handful of merchants to ship right now, in order to ensure authenticity and quality.

Learn more about GOAT Click here to find out if GOAT can be trusted, what ‘No Lids’ mean on GOAT and how long it takes to ship.


GOAT will not accept the sale of illegal or counterfeit products. GOAT is a marketplace for market participants. It verifies the authenticity and legitimacy of products on their resale marketplace in order to stop counterfeits and fakes.

Shops, independent resellers, and boutiques advertise their products on the GOAT platform, while customers browse the listings.

Although sellers may post any shoe for sale on the marketplace they must first send them to GOAT to validate. After GOAT validates the item, GOAT will send the item to the buyer. GOAT is a legit website and there are very few scams.

Creators of the app promise that they will do everything possible to ensure authenticity. GOAT is a platform that allows authorized sellers to sell their shoes through the app. Since its inception, GOAT has employed a ship-to verify strategy. GOAT doesn’t deliver sneakers to customers who purchase them from sellers.

Instead, the seller will deliver the shoes to GOAT’s first team. Each item is checked by GOAT’s experienced sneaker experts to make sure it is authentic and in the original condition.

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