Is Goat And Flight Club The Same? (Are They Any Different?)

Multiple sneaker marketplaces have emerged as a dominant force in the sneaker market. Even after decades of sneaker hype, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find limited-edition sneakers.

To find a pair of Jordans, you don’t need to be at the Nike flagship. You can all buy them in one marketplace. These are some of the most popular sneaker resale websites, including GOAT and Flight Club. StockX is another.

GOAT, Flight Club and GOAT have been significant players in the sneaker resale marketplace. What is the difference? Are there any better resale sites than others? How do they work? Which platform is best for you? Continue reading to learn more and find out.

Is GOAT and Flight Club the same thing?

No, GOAT (established in 2015) and Flight Club are two different brands. However, Flight Club was purchased by GOAT on 2018.

Despite being acquired, Flight Club continues to operate using its business model. GOAT also does the same. This is because they can make use of each other’s marketing methods together.

The history of the GOAT

GOAT, which stands for “Greatest of All Time”, is the parent company of Flight Club. GOAT was founded in 2015 by Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano. It has since grown to be a huge online marketplace that allows sneakerheads to purchase authentic shoes from trusted sources.

GOAT primarily resells shoes through its web and mobile applications. This has helped to build a trust network of more than 20 million users around the world.

History of Flight Club

Flight Club, on the other hand is a bit more traditional. Damany Weir founded Flight Club in 2005. Their brick-and-mortar shops have helped to define the brand of this popular sneaker market.

They offer both buyers and sellers access to their website, but do not have a mobile app like GOAT.

The merger between GOAT & Flight Club

Despite being a young company, GOAT announced in 2018 that they had purchased Flight Club. Both companies are able to leverage the strengths of the other, Flight Club being a brick-and-mortar company and GOAT being a digital giant.

Key differences between Flight Club and GOAT

Although GOAT and Flight Club share the same target audience, sneakerheads are different in their approach to business. The merger covers everything each market needed to build a sneaker empire. What is the difference between GOAT and Flight Club?

Although they source their sneakers through resellers, their sources of footwear are different. GOAT primarily sources its stock from boutiques and other retailers. It also has its own trusted reseller list. The inventory is also verified by an internal authentication team.

Flight Club is well-known for its limited items and rare items. Flight Club acts as the intermediary and sources items from independent resellers.

Before being published, all shoes submitted to Flight Club undergo rigorous inspection by their team. Flight Club charges a 9.5% fee for the shoes and additional fees.

Stock is not always consistent so users need to check frequently for rare items.

GOAT is the digital age’s brainchild. It began as an app and has recently launched its website.

GOAT ships to more than 20 million users in 164 different countries via its online platform. GOAT has also formed partnerships with luxury brands to ensure that they receive the most recent collections and collaborations.

Flight Club is more localized. They ship internationally but have not yet announced the countries they ship to. Many speculate that Flight’s Clubs orders or at least large portions of them may be shipped from other countries than the US.

Flight Club’s brick-and-mortar locations in New York, LA and Miami are the real strength of Flight Club. The stores are visited by sneakerheads from across the country to admire and appreciate the impressive displays.


GOAT and Flight Club were founded at completely different times. They have merged under GOAT, but now they operate independently to serve different segments of sneaker-collecting customers.

They share some commonalities, as do most sneaker markets, but they are fundamentally different.

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How was your experience with GOAT or Flight Club? Which do you prefer? Comment below to share your views!

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