How Long Does Flight Club Take To Ship? (And More!) 

Flight Club is the best place to start if you’re looking for a pair of kicks that are stylish and comfortable. They have everything from Air Jordans to Yeezy’s. is your best option as you may not be able get the shoes in-store. You are eagerly awaiting your new Nikes and wondering if it takes Flight Club a while to get them to you.

You’ve reached the right place if that is what you are looking for.

What is the shipping time for Flight Club?

Orders in the “Lowest Price” category can take 7 to 9 days while orders in the “Fastest To You”, category ship the same day and arrive at your door within 5 days if you order before 2 PM EST. Flight Club will ship the order on the next business day if you do not place an order before 2 pm EST.

What is the processing time for Flight Club?

The order processing time of Flight Club varies depending on the category. Products in the lowest price category take 7-9 business days to process, while orders in the fastest to you category take 5 days.

Please note that Flight Club’s shipping and processing only takes place on working days. If you place a “Fastest To You” order on Friday you can expect your order arrive on Friday.

Why does Flight Club take longer to process some orders?

Flight Club processes orders according the pricing options. Because these orders are shipped to Flight Club to verify product authenticity and verification, it takes longer to process orders of “lowest price”.

This ensures customers get genuine shoes. It can take up to nine business day for orders to reach their doorstep.

Orders for “Fastest to You” take less time because the shoes in this category have been pre-verified.

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Where does Flight Club ship from?

Flight Club has three brick and mortar locations in Miami, New York, Los Angele and Los Angeles. They also ship from the nearest location. Below is more information on Flight Club’s stores and consignment times.


What are the shipping costs for Flight Club?

The following are Flight Club’s shipping prices as of 2022:

Can I Ship My Flight Club Order To A Separate Address?



Can I pick up my Flight Club order in-store?

In-store pickup is possible for some items purchased through Flight Club. After you place your order, you should be able choose to pick it up as a shipping option. You can’t change your shipping method after you have placed an order.


Flight Club’s Loss, Cancellations, and Returns

You have now changed your mind about Flight Club. Now what? What happens if an item is lost or damaged during delivery? Can items be canceled and/or returned? Flight Club offers a strong customer service department that can quickly resolve any order issues.

There is always a chance that your items may be lost between delivery and consignment. If your order is lost or damaged, the company will replace it and credit your account.

It will still be subject to Flight Club investigation. They would ask you to sign an affidavit and return it before they look into your claim.

You can cancel your Flight Club order within three hours after placing it. If the order has been confirmed by the seller within three hours, you cannot cancel it.

You can cancel your order by accessing your order via Track My Order or My Account. If you have checked in as a guest, you will also need to create an account with Flight Club.

Flight Club does no exchange or return items. Flight Club sells all items in full. Flight Club is a marketplace that ships to verified and consigns items.

No matter if an item is sold online or in-store the previous owner receives payment for the merchandise. Flight Club cannot process returns or exchanges due to this.

Flight Club can help you with questions about the condition or size of a product, as well as a request for a refund for missing or incorrectly shipped items.


Flight Club makes shopping easy and seamless. Orders for “Fastest To You” are delivered within 2-5 business day, while orders for “Lowest Price”, take between 7-9 and 10 business days.

What was your Flight Club experience? Please share your Flight Club experience with us in the comments section below. Happy shopping!

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