Does Sam’s Club Deliver? (And Everything Worth Knowing…) 

Sam’s Club is a wholesaler that you may have heard of Costo. Sam’s Club, a well-known wholesaler, has over 600 locations across the country. Sam’s Club sells groceries, just like every wholesale megastore.

Sam’s Club offers a variety of products, including car tires, home entertainment systems, and tickets to theme parks. Members get special discounts and faster delivery for everyday necessities.

How does Sam’s Club’s delivery system work? Is there free shipping for every order? What are the benefits of membership? Continue reading to learn more!

Sam’s Club Delivers?

Sam’s Club delivers to any address that is valid. Sam’s Clubs in your area will usually deliver to your address.

Check online to see if your item can be shipped, delivered, or picked up at the curb. This Member’s Mark Greek yogurt can only be picked-up at a Sam’s Club store.

Remember that pickups can only be made if the item is available.

Sam’s Club will notify you by email if they are unable to fulfill your order. You can also call Sam’s Club at (888) 746-7726 to ask any questions or chat with a representative via their live chat.

You should remember that their contact center and live chat are open during the following hours:

  • Monday – Saturday, 7 am – 11 pm
  • Sunday, 10 am – 8 pm

Outside of these hours, their live chat is unavailable. You can call them at the above number if you have urgent questions or needs.

Sam’s Club offers free shipping

Sam’s Club offers free shipping. However, Plus Members get a wider range of eligible items. Sam’s Club offers two membership options. You can choose to be a regular “Club member” or a “Plus member”.

Memberships in A Club or Plus cost $45 per year, and $100 per year, respectively. The image below shows the different benefits offered by each membership.

Sam’s Club says that Club Members don’t get free shipping. There are still some items that come with free shipping. These items are not all available and may be limited in number.

You can get free shipping if you are a Plus member. Some exclusions apply to free shipping.

Do you need to place a minimum order for free shipping?

Plus members do not have to place a minimum order in order to receive free shipping. No matter how large the order, club members will be responsible for shipping costs. There is no minimum order to receive free shipping. Club members will still need to pay shipping for most items.

You will be eligible to receive free shipping if you purchase one or more items, regardless of your membership.

What shipping methods does Sam’s Club offer?

Sam’s Club offers two shipping options. The first is small item shipping and the second is freight shipping. Each method has its own terms and conditions regarding what is small item shipping and what is freight shipping.

As you can see, small items shipping is for items that are smaller than standard delivery packages. There are four options for small items shipping. There are four options for small items shipping: Standard, Premium and Express. Express is the fastest and most expensive option, while Value is the least expensive and slowest.

Some items are not eligible for value shipping. However, they can be shipped within the three other delivery time categories. You may have to wait an additional 2 to 4 days for delivery if you are located in Alaska or Hawaii.

Freight shipping can be used for bulky items that cannot be shipped by conventional means. Sam’s Club can help you find a freight carrier for your item if it is too bulky to ship conventionally.

Sam’s Club will contact you once you have placed an order for any bulky items. You can set a delivery time anytime between Monday and Friday, between 8 AM and 5 PM.

Freight carriers will deliver their goods daily. There are areas that aren’t serviced every day. In case the freight carrier has to reach you, make sure to include accurate contact information.

What is the delivery time for Sam’s club?

Small items can take between 2 and 11 business days for delivery, depending on the shipping option chosen. For larger items, which require a freight carrier for delivery, it will take between 2 and 16 business days. The combined processing time and shipping time will determine how long it takes for your item arrive at your door.

Sam’s Club’s processing time is the time taken by Sam’s Club for your order to be received and processed before your item leaves their warehouse. Most orders are processed electronically and take between 1 and 2 business days. It can take anywhere from 1-7 business days for larger items.

Shipping time refers to the time taken for your item from the warehouse to reach you at the destination. Shipping time will vary depending on which shipping option you choose. These are the available shipping options, along with their respective durations.

Sam’s Club will send an Order Verification email to protect itself against duplicated orders or unintended orders. Within 48 hours of placing your order, this email will be sent.

You might also need an Order Verification Email or take a longer processing period for certain items.

You must identify whether you have any of these items included in your order. This will give you a better idea of when your order is due.

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Sam’s Club Plus memberships are worth the investment if you plan to buy frequently from them. You will be eligible for free shipping and delivery with no minimum order.

Sam’s Club can deliver to almost any location that has a Sam’s Club near you. There are many shipping options available, including a pick-up option and same day delivery for certain items.

Are you ready to give Sam’s Club another chance? Perhaps you’ll even consider joining them! Please let us know what you think in the comments below!

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