Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay? (What To Know!)

Panda Express is a restaurant that stands out from the rest. It offers delicious meals, outstanding customer service, and easy payment options.

Customers have been able to pay with ease, speed, and safety, which gives the restaurant an advantage over other restaurants that rely on traditional payment methods.

Panda Express’s commitment to providing seamless ordering and payment experiences for customers is one reason why the company has become one of the most loved fast-food restaurants worldwide.

Panda Express accepts Apple Pay

Panda Express accepts Apple Pay, as well as cashless payments like Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Panda Express was one of the first restaurants to accept mobile payments. It has been accepting Apple Pay since years.

Continue reading to learn about the payment methods Panda Express accepts.

Panda Express accepts Apple Pay Online

Panda Express is not accepting Apple Pay online orders. You can also use gift cards or credit cards to order a meal online.

How to Pay With Apple Pay at Panda Express Stores

Apple Pay makes it easy to pay for your purchases. It takes only a few seconds. These are the steps you should follow next time you visit Panda Express.

Set up Apple Pay for your Apple Watch or iPhone.

Here are the steps to set up Apple Pay for iPhone

  • Open the Apple Wallet app in your iPhone’s Settings.
  • You can add a card to your wallet. You can add either a debit or credit card to your wallet.
  • You can scan your card or enter your bank information manually to upload it.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Wait for confirmation from the bank
  • Here are the steps to set up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch
  • Open the Apple Watch app from your iPhone.
  • Choose Wallet or Apple Pay
  • Click on the Add card button
  • Input your card information

Double-click the right-side button on your iPhone to make payment. This is also known as the power button.

To continue the purchase, verify your identity with your Touch ID or Face ID.

Place your iPhone/Apple Watch near the card reader

Your device will notify your with a beep and a message when the transaction is complete.

Are All Panda Express Restaurants Accepting Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is accepted by most Panda Express stores. A few Panda Express stores don’t accept Apple Pay fully. In these cases, you can still use other payment options.

To find out if your store accepts Apple Pay, you can use the Panda Express store locator.

Can Apple Pay Fail To Work At Panda Express?

Panda Express, which has been accepting Apple Pay since its inception, has refined the payment system to make sure there are no human or technical errors when you pay for your order. Your iPhone or Apple Watch might not work if it is because:

Your Apple Watch or iPhone didn’t correctly set up Apple Pay. To verify your identity, add an active card and verify your information, you can repeat the entire process.

Your credit card balance may not be sufficient. Make sure the amount you pay Panda Express is lower than your credit card balance. Apple Pay will not allow you to make a transaction if your card does not have enough money. This can be solved by loading your card or switching to a card with money.

What other cashless payments does Panda Express accept?

Carrying cash or a creditcard every time you go out for dinner can be stressful as a customer.

What happens if your credit card won’t work and you lose your money? What do you do? Do you call your family or friends to pay the bill or wait for the restaurant’s authorities to call? Both are equally embarrassing.

Panda Express is a cashless restaurant that offers several payment options, including:

  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Samsung Pay


Panda Express is the restaurant for you if you’re looking for fast and easy ordering.

Panda Express offers a variety of payment options such as Apple Pay which allows customers to pay conveniently at the restaurant.

Although not all Panda Express locations accept Apple Pay, the majority of them have adopted the payment option and others are implementing it.

You can use the store locator to find out if your Panda Express restaurant accepts Apple Pay or simply visit the store to ask.

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