Does Del Taco Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022!)

Del Taco Restaurants Inc., a well-known chain of fast food restaurants in the United States, is one example. Del Taco is a public restaurant that specializes in American-Mexican food.

You can also order American fast food such as burgers, shakes and fries. Del Taco restaurants opened their first doors in 1964.


Is Del Taco accepting Apple Pay?

Del Taco doesn’t accept Apple Pay in all locations. While some Del Tacos accept Apple Pay, it is not the majority. Other forms of payment are accepted by Del Taco, such as cash, credit card (Visa MasterCard, American Express or Discover), and cash. You can also use your debit card.

Apple Pay, despite its popularity is not the only accepted payment method at Del Taco. These forms of payment are also not accepted by Del Taco:

  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Alipay
  • PayPal
  • Shop and pay
  • Cryptocurrency payments

These names are not common, but Del Taco refuses to accept them at its locations.

However, many Del Taco customers have asked for mobile payments to facilitate quick transactions. We can therefore expect them to start accepting these payment options very soon.

Del Taco accepts all forms of payment

Let’s take a look at the various payment options at Del Taco locations. These payment options are accepted by Del Taco:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa card
  • Cash payments

These are currently the only accepted payment options at Del Taco. Del Taco gift vouchers can be used to pay your bills.

Apple Pay is not accepted at these stores

Other than Del Taco’s, Apple Pay is not accepted by other stores. These fast food restaurants do not accept Apple Pay.

  • Wendy’s
  • Arby’s
  • Applebee’s
  • Boston Market
  • Black Bear Diner
  • Cheesecake Factory
  • Carl’s Jr.
  • Take-out
  • Red Robin
  • Red Lobster

Here’s how you can use your Apple Card even if Apple Pay is not accepted

Apple Pay isn’t available everywhere. This is particularly true for small businesses. Merchants might have a point of sale terminal that accepts contactless payment. Some merchants might need to modify their current setup in order to accept Apple Pay.

This could lead to increased costs for merchants. Apple Card can be used to pay in the following ways:

There are two ways to make transactions if Apple Pay isn’t accepted.

Your Apple Card made from titanium can be used.

The card number can be used

You can use your titanium card or your real card in stores that don’t accept Apple Pay. A titanium card can be used in the same manner as other credit cards.

To pay with a Titan Apple Card

  • Open the wallet app for iOS.
  • Click the More Options button
  • Follow the instructions on screen by tapping the Apple Card button.

Your card will arrive faster than you expect and the postage is completely free

This strategy will earn you 1% Daily Cash for every purchase, but you won’t be able to earn more than that. You will need to activate the card for each purchase.

This option is available if Apple Pay is not accepted for online purchases.

  • Open your iOS device,
  • Click the Wallet App
  • Tap the More buttons
  • You can wipe your card information.
  • To view your card data, you will need to verify your identity with Touch ID, Face ID or passcode.
  • Complete the form.

The Card Number, Security Code and Expiration Date will all be displayed. These details can be used to complete transactions that Apple Pay doesn’t accept.

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Del Taco doesn’t accept Apple Pay for payment. Fast-food restaurants do not accept other payment options. Only cash and debit cards or credit cards will be accepted.

This is an inconvenience for customers. We now live in an age of electronic payments that are extremely safe.

Perhaps Del Taco will offer more payment options such as Apple Pay in the near future. They accept cash and credit cards at the moment.

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