Does Chick-fil-a Accept 100 Dollar Bills? (What To Know!)

Chick-Fil A is a popular American fast food chain. Chick-Fil-A serves up their chicken sandwiches, burritos and nuggets every day at more than 2500 locations throughout the United States. You can also use the delivery or drive-thru service.


Does Chick-Fil-A Accept 100 Dollar Bills?

Chick-fil A locations will accept $100 bills. Chick-fil-A managers might ask you to use another payment method if there’s not enough money in the cash register. However, this is very rare. The 100-dollar bill has seen a major overhaul recently and is now making a comeback on the market.

It is the 2nd most frequently circulated bill, behind only the $1 bill. You may have seen it, as it is significantly more common than the $20 bills. It incorporates security features that simplify authentication and make replication more difficult.

The public will be able to verify the authenticity of the new note as it becomes more common.

What forms of payment does Chick-Fil A accept?

It is easy to feel frustrated when you go to Chick-fil A, but then you realize that you forgot your cash and cards at home.

Chick-fil A app can be used to pay anywhere in the country as long as your smartphone is with you.

These are the payment options available at Chick-fil A:

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Money (in smaller amounts)
  • Credit/Debit card
  • 100-dollar bill
  • American Express
  • PayPal

This app is available for free if you’re a Chick-fil A customer. Once you have downloaded the app, create an account and load enough cash to your account.

Only debit and credit are allowed to top up your account. Tap the “Pay” button at the checkout and scan the QR code from your Chick-fil A account at the Chickfil-A drive-thru register point.

What fast-food restaurants accept 100 dollar bills?

The $100 bill is very popular and accepted at many fast-food restaurants.

  • The Pizza Hut
  • Wendy’s
  • KFC
  • Taco Bell, Inc.
  • McDonald’s
  • Subway

Is it possible to order from the app and pay with cash?

You can order using your mobile app. You can order via your mobile phone or scan your Chickfil-One-card QR code while you are in the restaurant.

Chick-fil A points can be earned by doing this.

Chickfil-A accepts credit cards and gift certificates as payment options. However, you cannot pay cash for orders placed online through Chickfil-app.

Is it possible to pay with Venmo at Chick-Fil A?

Venmo is not accepted at Chickfil-A unless you have a Venmo card. Because Venmo can be used in the same manner as a regular debit card, this is why it is taken.

Venmo MasterCard debit cards allow users to use Venmo funds for purchases at restaurants, shops, and other establishments.

It is treated the same as regular debit cards at the time of payment. Chickfil-A accepts credit and debit cards, as well as online cash, Chickfil-A 1 cards, payments through their app, and gift certificates.

Is it possible to get a refund for an online or mobile purchase?

Yes. You can do it at the exact same restaurant where you placed your order. To initiate the refund process, get in touch directly with the restaurant.

Keep in mind that refunds are processed by the store and may not reach your account immediately. This is dependent on the policies of your financial institution.

Chick-Fil-A: Want to know more? You can find out if Chick Fil-A accepts tips and if Chick Fil-A accepts expired promotional cards. Chick Fil-A also accepts Apple Pay.


Federal law stipulates that bills of $50 and $100 must be accepted as legal tender. However, this does not mean that all restaurants or stores will accept them.

Answer: Restaurants and stores aren’t required to accept $50 or $100 bills. They are allowed to decide their own policies.

You cannot pay a restaurant or store if they decline your $50 or $100 payment.

If a store does not accept $ bills, there are other payment options, including Apple Pay, Master Card and Google Play.

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