Does Ross Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022)

Ross, also known as Ross Dress for Less is a department store chain that has expanded its reach to many department stores across the US.

Ross patrons have many payment options to choose from, whether they are paying online via or in-store cash.

With the increasing use of epayments for seamless and touchless transactions, it can be confusing to know which payments are accepted on different platforms.

Ross takes Apple Pay? Continue reading to learn more…

Ross takes Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is now accepted by Ross at all of their stores and online. Ross accepts a variety of other payment options, including debit cards, credit card, and cash.

They recently added Apple Pay and Samsung Pay to their portfolio, which is a smart move considering that they are the global market leader in smartphones.

How do I use Apple Pay on Ross?

Apple Pay on Ross can be used via a variety of online and in-store methods. These steps will highlight the differences between the ways you can use Apple Pay for Ross.

How to use Apple Pay in-store using an iPhone or iPad

How to use Apple Pay in-store for Apple Watch

How to use Apple Pay online

Apple Pay: Where can I use it?

Apple Pay is accepted by over 85% American retailers. This means that Apple Pay is likely to be accepted at most retailers. You can ask cashiers on duty to confirm if Apple Pay is accepted.

If you prefer to avoid social interaction, Apple Maps can be used to determine if a retailer accepts Apple Pay.

This guide will show you how to find locations that accept Apple Pay.

How to check for Apple Pay via Maps on iPhone/iPad

How to check for Apple Pay via Maps on Mac


Apple Pay allows you to quickly and easily process your purchases. Ross’s decision to integrate Apple Pay into their payment options is prudent. This allows for more payment options. This makes Ross more appealing to Apple customers than its competitors.


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