Does Wingstop Take Apple Pay In 2022? (Yes, But Not Every Store)

Wingstop is not to be confused with WingStreet. Wingstop sells the finest wings in the country. Wingstop began in Texas in humble beginnings and has since grown to be one of the most successful fast-food chains in just 28 years.

Its payment system leaves much to be desired. This multinational company operates more than 1,413 locations around the world, and not all of them accept the same payment methods.

Customers can pay with Apple Pay What about contactless payment options such as Google Pay or Apple Pay?

We have done all the research and will answer any questions you may have.

Wingstop accepts Apple Pay

Wingstop does not accept Apple Pay in most stores, but there are some that do. Wingstop also doesn’t accept Apple Pay online or at its mobile app. You can check on Apple Maps or call customer service to find out if the store accepts Apple Pay.

How to check if a store accepts Apple Pay

You can search Apple Maps to find out if your local Wingstop accepts Apple Pay. Continue to the “Useful to Know” section at the bottom. There you will see the Apple Pay logo alongside the address and number. Each Apple Pay-accepting store will have a tick next the logo.

You can also use this method for other restaurants than Wingstop. You can also contact your local Wingstop shop. There are hundreds of branches in 12 countries and each one may accept different payment methods.

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What payment methods does Wingstop accept?

These payment options are available when you order food from Wingstop online or offline:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Cash
  • Wingstop gift cards

Wingstop Gulfgate is the only Wingstop location that accepts Apple Pay. Other payment options such as cryptocurrency and digital wallets, Samsung Pay or Google Pay, or Amazon Pay, depend on where the business is located.

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Why doesn’t every Wingstop location accept Apple Pay?

There are tens of thousands of Apple devices available and no cost to integrate Apple Pay. So it is only natural that every restaurant would accept it. It is common for businesses to refuse Apple Pay for a variety of reasons.

One example is that some restaurants have their own payment system, which allows them to collect customer information. These restaurants can optimize their customer’s dining experience by collecting information like spending habits and frequent purchases.

Another reason could be that some stores are limited by technological limitations. It could be that their point-of sale systems aren’t compatible with Apple Pay or that they haven’t explored the option.

However, contactless payment is still possible for those who want to enjoy their boneless wings. They can pay with a debit card or credit card.

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How to use Apple Pay at Wingstop

Apple Pay cannot be used on Wingstop’s website or mobile app, whether it is for delivery or curbside pick-up. Some brick-and-mortar shops accept this payment option. You will need to create an Apple Pay account before you can pay for your chicken wings.

How to set Apple Pay up:

You can add your debit and credit cards to the Wallet app.

Select “Continue”.

Follow the steps to verify your information.

Visit Apple’s official Apple Pay page for more information.

Any Apple device, including the Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone, can be used. Apple Pay is compatible with certain models and operating systems.

Here you can find out if your device supports Apple Pay.

Apple Pay: How do you make payments

Wingstop’s website and mobile app do not accept Apple Pay. Apple Pay can only be accepted at the cashier. However, this is limited to certain stores.

Check out Apple Pay to check out

Open the Wallet App.

Double-click the side button.

Use Touch ID or Face ID to proceed.

Choose your preferred card.

Keep your phone close to the card reader until it is done.

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Which restaurants accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is accepted at most restaurants. These include Taco Bell and Taco Bell as well as McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Taco Bell.

Apple Pay is not accepted in all stores. Before you visit a store, make sure to search Apple Maps for the location. In the “Useful to know” section, all participating stores will have a tick next to Apple Pay’s logo.

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How can I get cashback using Apple Pay at Wingstop

Apple Card and Apple Pay offer generous cashback programs that provide up to 3% cashback on purchases. You might receive more cash rebates, depending on which retailer and card partner you are.

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Wingstop accepts Apple Pay at certain locations, but not everywhere. Wingstop’s official website and mobile app do not accept Apple Pay.

For more information, contact customer service. All Apple Pay stores will have a check sign in “Useful To Know Section”.

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