Does Nordstrom Take Apple Pay? (What, How, & Why!)


This is where technology makes life much easier. Now you can carry your phone around and shop in many stores and restaurants using it. You may be familiar with Apple Pay and Google Pay, which are contactless payment options. In fact, contactless payment options increased in popularity during the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s now a common practice to bring your phone into a shop and shop with it. We know you are looking for the answer to your question “Does Nordstrom accept Apple Pay?”

Answer Barn created this post to help answer these questions more fully. Continue reading to learn more!

Nordstrom accepts Apple Pay

Nordstrom accepts Apple Pay. Nordstrom accepts Apple Pay for mobile payments. Nordstrom was one of the first to accept Apple Pay.

Apple Pay can be used via the Safari browser and the Nordstrom Rack app. It is important to be familiar with one thing. This might prove difficult. You would know the following if you shop at Nordstrom regularly.


Nordstrom App accepts Apple Pay

This is not possible at the moment on the Nordstrom Rack app. However, it can be done in the Nordstrom Rack App. You can use your Safari browser to purchase Nordstrom merchandise online.

Add Apple Pay to Nordstrom Rack App or Nordstrom Rack App

These steps will allow you to add Apple Pay Nordstrom Rack or Nordstrom Rack App.

You might need to verify your identity for each order you make using the app. In the most recent phones, you can use your fingerprint (or face id) to identify yourself.

How to Pay with Apple Pay at Nordstrom Stores

Nordstrom stores can accept your apple device as payment, but it is important that you display the apple payment symbol when paying.

Double-click the side button of your Apple Watch to scroll through the cards and then hold the watch near the contactless payment reader, until you hear a soft sound.

Your iPhone can also be used. You can use your iPhone to pay with Apple Pay.

Apply Pay: Why should you use it?

Apple Pay is a great way to save money at Nordstrom. Here are some benefits:

Nordstrom com: Can you use Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is available at

Open your Safari browser and go to the website. Add items to the cart, then look for payment options. Finally, select Apple Pay. The instructions highlighted above may be of interest to you.

Nordstrom Payment Options

Nordstrom accepts these payment methods in addition to the contactless payment option:

Nordstrom Gift cards can also be used to pay online. You just need to enter the gift code and number in the checkout section.

Let’s get to the bottom of it…

Nordstrom wants its customers to have a pleasant shopping experience. Nordstrom continues to improve its payment options, whether you shop in-store or online. Apple Pay is one option; contactless payments offer many benefits. There’s no need to worry about cash and you don’t have to carry your cards. You can add Nordstrom credit cards directly to Apple Pay. Have fun shopping!

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