What Happens If Your Shoes Don’t Pass Authentication On Goat? (Updated 2022!)

It’s not uncommon for people to feel overwhelmed by all the available marketplaces when they first start to get into the sneaker world. It can be difficult to choose where to purchase your favorite pair of sneakers, given the many options that are available.

Today we will be focusing on GOAT, one of the fastest-growing online marketplaces. GOAT allows users to buy and sell used sneakers and has a strict authentication policy.

What happens if your shoes don’t pass authentication? Continue reading to learn more.

What happens if your shoes don’t pass GOAT authentication?

If GOAT warehouses find your items unsellable or not authentic in their sole and reasonably arbitrary discretion, they will reimburse the buyer the full amount they paid. GOAT may then decide to return the items or ask staff to dispose them.

If you choose the latter, GOAT will send you an invoice detailing the shipping costs.

You must respond within 14 days to the notice notifying you that your goods are non-sellable or authentic. If you fail to do so, GOAT will dispose off your items at its discretion.

If you do not pay shipping charges within 14 days of receipt, the same thing will happen.

Continue reading to learn more about GOAT’s authenticity test and what you can expect.

How strict is GOAT authentication?

GOAT’s authentication process ensures 100% accuracy for all items. You can’t track down every piece of footwear because there are so many listings.

GOAT was able to anticipate this and uses its AI technology for filtering out fakes. It boasts an AI image recognition system that can quickly identify fake products. The system features a huge list of indicators that can be used to prompt detections.

Amazon also has several tools that can be used to verify authenticity of products on the internet marketplace. These tools can digitally reproduce every item’s key features, specifications, and other details.

As you can see, GOAT employs an all-assisted method that identifies fake sneakers before they reach experts. Buyers can rest assured that they will get exactly what they ordered when they place their orders.

Once you have started shopping through GOAT, it’s time to put aside the frustrations of having to manually verify seller photos.

Is GOAT a Fake Shoe Company?

If you are unsure about the legitimacy and authenticity of this website, it is best to forget them. The chances of being scammed through this site are slim due to its strict authentication process. GOAT also prohibits the sale of fake goods or illegal products.

GOAT provides a platform for buyers and sellers to transact. It also verifies the authenticity all items that pass through their warehouses.

This prevents counterfeits from entering this resale market.

It is important to keep in mind that GOAT can be used by verified sellers to sell their products. Be on the alert for scammers.

How to Become a Sneaker Authenticator at GOAT

GOAT offers a checklist to help you make your decision when searching for authenticators. This company is looking for people who are meticulous and passionate about sneakers. Candidates must also be open to learning.

Sections are rigorous because candidates must prove their worthiness before being considered. GOAT also offers training guides, a list SKUs and a “sneaker Bible” that are continually updated. Before they can perform their first solo authentication, selected candidates go through months of training.

GOAT inspects hundreds of shoes each day to help authenticators identify the distinctive markers of authenticity for different styles and SKUs.

After the program is over, authenticators must pass a series of tests. They can only manage one SKU at the time after passing the test to improve their expert skills.

How does the GOAT team perform quality control?

GOAT started with a ship-to verify model. Your items are not sent directly to the buyer after you make a purchase. They first make their way into GOAT’s warehouses.

They meet a dedicated team made up of footwear specialists, who inspect each item in the warehouses and verify their authenticity. After confirming that the items are authentic and in good condition, the specialists ship the items to the buyer.

GOAT won’t ship the item if the shoes are counterfeited or not in the original condition. They will instead refund the buyer in full and return the product to the seller.

Is GOAT available in retail locations?

Yes, of course. GOAT established its roots in New York City and Los Angeles after it acquired Flight Club, the famous sneaker marketplace.

What are the Best Ways to Buy on GOAT?

According to GOAT users, the process of purchasing sneakers is simple. First, choose the sneakers you want from the large selection.

Next, decide whether you want to buy a new or used pair. You should remember that used pairs are often in better condition than the ones you see in retail stores.

Once you have made your decision, it’s time to choose your size. After you have made your choice, the GOAT website will show you the price.

There are also options like “pre-verified,” which indicates that the kicks have been already in GOAT’S warehouse and are ready for shipment. If your vendor tells you that your pair requires verification, this means the vendor must ship it to GOAT to verify.

Learn more about GOAT Click here to find out if GOAT can be trusted, what ‘No Lids’ mean on GOAT and how long it takes to ship.


Sneaker lovers have been selling and buying legitimate kicks on the Goat marketplace for years. This brand loyalty is a sign of GOAT’s commitment to quality.

The GOAT team is available to verify that each item passes the authenticity test. If shoes fail to pass this test, buyers receive a full refund and the GOAT team returns them to the seller.

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