What Condition Do Shoes Have To Be To Sell On Stockx? (Everything To Know!)

StockX is a great place to start if you have sneakers you want to sell. StockX insists on the authenticity and rigorous examination of each pair that is sent to it. This means that all sellers must inspect the shoes carefully before they send them. StockX does not deal with shoes that are currently in stock. Therefore, it is important to accurately describe the condition of the shoe.

Your merchandise must meet the standards if you want to be a StockX vendor. StockX requires that shoes be in good condition to be sold. This article, along with many others, answers this question to increase your confidence in StockX.

How Do Shoes Need to be in Order to Sell on StockX?

StockX does not accept deadstock shoes. This could mean that the term “deadstock” is not necessarily what you are referring to. StockX defines “deadstock” as brand-new, unworn items. To avoid the fake high-end sneakers that are being sold online, StockX only allows deadstock sneakers.

Many deadstock shoes include additional items, such as shoelaces. To put it another way, all items in the original packaging should be intact. StockX will accept lace-up shoes that are not showing wear or tears.

Minor discolorations, which are not easily controlled, are acceptable. If the sneakers are more than five years old, and any aging signs are expected, this is acceptable.

Shoes from Deadstock should be in the original box. No matter what shoebox you choose it should match the size and model of the shoes you are selling. StockX may reject shoes if they have significant damage or flaws.

Stocks can take worn shoes?


What is considered a damaged box on stockX?

StockX defines a damaged box as one that does not meet its condition standards. StockX will reject items that are packaged in such boxes. These are some examples of such conditions:

  • One corner/side was crushed to pieces.
  • Major rip in the box
  • You haven’t got the right part
  • Animals can cause damage

These are just a few examples of box conditions that will likely meet StockX standard:

  • Minor corner damage
  • Minor lid rip
  • Minor corner crushing
  • Box wear and tear

What happens if you sell used shoes on StockX?

StockX expects every item you sell to meet its high standards of quality. However, not everyone will be able to accept the deadstock sneakers rule. You might also find people selling their old pairs on this site.

Are there any consequences to sending a pair of used sneakers? StockX’s website states that they may charge a 15% service fee if you send shoes to their warehouses. StockX does not have a legal obligation to send an item back to you if it isn’t in compliance with their standards. StockX could also call the authorities if you try to sell counterfeit sneakers through StockX.

StockX will also penalize users who fail to ship orders in time or use proper packaging. These are all efforts to speed up the delivery of orders to the buyer.

StockX B-Grade Shoes

StockX has a selection of B-grade sneakers on their website. These sneakers are not fake or second-hand, as many people may think. StockX only has a few pairs that are available in outlet stores. These sneakers are identical to the other high-end sneakers listed on StockX in all aspects, the only difference is that they were purchased in an outlet.

Prices for merchandise of the B-grade classification match their prices. They are often cheaper than their counterparts in retail shops. If you’re a vendor selling B-grade sneakers on StockX you should ensure that you enter the B-grade classification into the search bar. Stock X will ask you to confirm the selection before continuing.

How can you spot fake stockX tags on sneakers?

StockX has a strict authentication policy, but counterfeit StockX tags will still be an issue. Fake tags can be frustrating to deal with. It is therefore important to learn how to distinguish a fake tag and an authentic one.

These are just a few ways to tell the difference.

  • The easiest way to distinguish a genuine sneaker from one that is fake is by using tag positioning. StockX will always place the correct tag on the shoe.
  • Fake StockX tags often match the products of the seller’s range. You might receive a tag with an orange “eBay” logo on it. This means that the tag has been marked up to increase the item’s original value. Fake tags can be a clear indicator that the authenticity of your product is questionable.

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StockX is the ideal companion for buyers and sellers. Make sure your items are new to ensure smooth operation on the platform.

Be the seller who doesn’t leave customers waiting too long. You should also make sure that the packaging box is in good shape. Failure to do so can result in the cancellation of your entire order.

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