How Does Stockx Know You Shipped? (What To Know!)

The sneaker industry is dominated by the internet. The North American sneaker reselling industry was worth $2 billion in 2019. Experts predict that this figure will reach $30 billion by 2030. StockX is a company that’s dominating the sneaker market.

The peer-to-peer marketplace was launched in 2015 by Dan Gilbert. Since then, it has been committed to purchasing new sneakers, streetwear and other goods.

Shipping is a concern for many buyers who place orders on this platform. StockX can tell you how long it takes to ship and what StockX does once the seller has shipped. Continue reading to learn more.

StockX How Do You Know When You Shipped?

StockX will be notified when UPS sends updates to them. StockX will notify StockX as soon as the product arrives in the UPS system. You’ll also see the status update to “en route” on the StockX app.

Once an order is placed, an email confirmation will be sent with a deadline for shipping the product. You can print the shipping label and package the item before dropping it off at your local UPS store.

StockX will take care of everything else. Continue reading to learn more about StockX’s shipping process.

What is the minimum time stockX sellers must ship?

StockX typically gives vendors two business day to ship orders to their warehouses.

Shipping takes place only after payment has been received.

Each piece is subject to rigorous scrutiny at the warehouse to ensure their authenticity.

StockX ships the item to the buyer once it passes the test. StockX will send it back to you if the item fails to pass the test.

What is the time it takes for stockX to verify and ship?

StockX aims to fulfill all orders within 7-12 business days. Weekends and holidays are not included. You should also be aware that delays may occur due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

StockX’s authentication centers could also be delayed depending on how quickly the vendor sends the items. Legit inspectors may take longer to verify 100% authenticity of a certain item.

After the item passes the verification process, the buyer will receive tracking information.

StockX: How does it work?

Bid-ask is the basis of the internet marketplace. The bid-ask system allows sellers to set an asking price and buyers to offer their bids. The seller will accept a bid or the buyer will accept an offer. After that, the item is sold. The buyer must pay for the item once it has been sold.

Here’s a detailed look at the StockX product legitimacy process. The seller will be emailed a pre-paid shipping label once a buyer has placed an order through StockX. The seller will then ship your product to StockX’s warehouses. StockX is the intermediary in this transaction.

At the warehouse, specialists inspect the product and verify its authenticity. After the item passes the authenticity test, StockX repackages it and sends it back to the buyer.

What items can I buy on StockX?

StockX lets users sell and purchase the best sneakers, electronics and streetwear. Streetwear and sneakers are the most popular categories on StockX.

This market is dominated by brands like Nike, Supreme, Jordan, Yeezy, and Jordan.

StockX: How Much?

StockX recently updated its seller fees structure. The seller fees vary from 8%-10% depending upon the item’s total cost or how many items the seller sells each quarter. StockX charges seller fees and charges a processing fee of 3% for every transaction.

If you’re a StockX level 1 seller, your total fees would be 13% of the sale price.

How do you cancel a StockX order?

StockX makes it difficult to cancel or inquire after a vendor sells. StockX says it implemented this policy to protect the integrity of its online retail giant.

In rare cases, however, StockX may be contacted to address your grievances.

What are the Pros of Selling on StockX?

Selling on StockX is easy once you’ve mastered the art and science of bidding. Here are some of the benefits of selling on StockX

  • Authentication: Buying authentic items gives buyers peace of mind and confidence. StockX makes sure that all items pass through their warehouses are authenticated.
  • StockX allows anonymous bidding and listing. This ensures fairness on the market. It will not allow for competition, bribery, or requests for lower prices. You can transact freely knowing that your anonymity is guaranteed.
  • StockX makes it easy to list products and provide information quickly. StockX makes it easy to find information about items on the platform. This saves time. There is no need for you to take photos or write descriptions. You just need to list your sneakers and wait patiently for buyers to bid.
  • StockX does not charge back: StockX has a strict authentication policy so there are no chargebacks. Your work is done once you have shipped your items to StockX.

StockX: Want to know more? These articles will help you learn more about StockX.


StockX is a legitimate site where you can sell or buy your favorite streetwear, sneakers and collectibles.

StockX is not your typical e-commerce platform. Users need to do extensive research before making any transactions.

You must be cautious before placing an order due to the platform’s no return policy.

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