When Does Micro Center Restock? (A Guide!)

Micro Center is your one-stop shop for all electronic products. There are 25 Micro Center stores in the country that sell a wide variety of electronic goods.

Micro Center offers custom-built PCs for electronics enthusiasts. Micro Center offers online pickup and delivery to their physical store.

It can be difficult to keep track of the stock of electronic parts and electronics today due to the number of options. Products will run out quickly at Micro Center, which is one of the best electronics retailers. You should keep an eye on Micro Center’s stocking process to ensure you don’t miss out on that rainbow desktop.

How do you do this? Continue reading to learn more about Micro Center’s inventory replenishment process and how you can ensure you get what you need before they disappear.

What Time Does Micro Center Restock?

Micro Center doesn’t have a set day for stocking in all of its stores. Micro Centers stock on weekdays, but do not stock on weekends. Some stores also stock daily except Tuesdays. Micro Center updates its inventory every ten minutes for the online shop.

This information is enough to know that you will be able to see restocks Monday through Friday.

Keep your favourite items on hand. There is no way to disable post notifications due to the frequency they stock the website. So make sure you check the product page every so often.

For more information about the products you are interested in, please contact your local Micro Center. Because certain items are dependent on receiving shipments, this is why the supply is contingent on when they arrive.

When does Micro Center refresh stock?

Online stocks are updated every 10 minutes, as mentioned previously. In-store products usually arrive in the morning an hour before the store opens at 10. Some products can be dropped-shipped throughout an entire day, depending on their nature. If you are looking for a particular product, it is a good idea call your local Micro Center to get more information.

Best Day to Buy

According to Micro Center, weekdays are the best day to visit the Micro Center stores. Micro Center stores are known for making customers wait prior to opening times and during opening hours. Avoiding the weekend crowd is the best way to get the products you desire.

Online Shopping

Micro Center delivers only domestically so they offer an online delivery service. Micro Center ships Monday through Saturday between 10am and 5pm. Micro Center will send you an email with tracking information and your purchase details once you have made your purchase. This ensures that you are always informed about the status of your order.

Micro Center may have stopped stocking an item that you are looking for for some time. Micro Center may be willing to restock the item if you send them a message.

You can order some products, such as laptop or PC batteries, in-store if they aren’t available online.

What are the Limited Availability Items?

Some items on the Micro Center website are marked as limited availability. What does this signify? These items are rare and highly sought-after.


If you don’t live near a Micro Center, how can you obtain an item marked as Limited Availability?

In 16 states, there are only 25 Micro Centres. Customers may find it difficult to buy the products they desire if they are not available for delivery. Micro Center offers the ability to add to cart and reserve the product, if the item is in stock at your local Micro Center. The Micro Center staff will assist you in reserving your item for up to 3 days.

You can then either drive to the Micro Center to pick up your item or have a friend pay for it. As long as you have the purchase details, this can be done!

Micro Center doesn’t have central distribution so limited availability products are only available in-store. Products with limited availability are shipped directly to the stores. Items on their online store are shipped from their distribution centres.


Micro Center’s in-store inventory changes almost daily to meet the needs of a large customer base. The online inventory of Micro Center is updated approximately every 10 minutes. To keep up-to-date with their product listings, make sure you check their online stock regularly!

For assistance if you are uncertain about whether an item is available, call your nearest Micro Center.

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Are you still unsure about Micro Center or their restocking process. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have by leaving a comment.

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