Does Family Dollar Drug Test? (Everything To Know!)

Family Dollar has over 8000 locations in 46 states and requires reliable employees to ensure smooth operation of its distribution centers and stores.

Family Dollar has many policies that you may find useful if you’re looking for a job in logistics, retail or management. It is important to find out if Family Dollar conducts drug testing on employees before you submit your application. You will know what to expect.

Is there a Family Dollar Drug Test

Family Dollar drug tests all employees in its stores. New employers will also need to undergo background checks and drug tests before they are hired. The company may conduct these tests on employees in its stores but not those who work in its distribution centers.

Sometimes, drug tests can be performed randomly due to reasonable suspicion or accidents at work.

Are you interested in learning more about Family Dollar’s drug policy and what drugs it tests for? Continue reading.

What is the Family Dollar Drug Policy?

The Code of Business Conduct of Family Dollar outlines the company’s drug policy. Family Dollar is committed to providing safe, healthy, drug-free work conditions for all of its employees.

All employees must pass a drug screening before being hired. Passing the initial screening and random drug test is a condition of employment.

Family Dollar conducts these tests on all employees. There could be slight variations in the type, frequency, and timing of these tests.

Family Dollar’s drug testing policies in individual stores depend on the state laws and individual managers.

Employees who fail to pass drug tests are subject to termination.

What drugs does Family Dollar test for?

The standard five-panel urine drug test is used by the company. The test checks for opiates, cocaine, amphetamines and phencyclidine.

Family Dollar might also test for marijuana, a drug that is often frowned upon in this setting.

Family Dollar does random drug testing

Family Dollar does perform random drug testing in its stores. This is not done in the distribution centers, as it’s possible for accidents to occur at work. Family Dollar may also conduct random drug tests if they suspect that any of its locations are using drugs.

Why does Family Dollar only drug test some candidates and not others?

It has a mandatory drug test for all employees at its stores, but not in their distribution centers. The company doesn’t feel the need to test the former, since they don’t directly impact the company’s operations.

If the company suspects that drug use is occurring at its distribution centers it could conduct random drug testing. In the event of an accident at these locations, it could also conduct random drug tests.

How do you apply for a job at Family Dollar?

By filling out the Family Dollar job application, you can apply for retail and corporate jobs. You can submit the entire application online via the company’s website.

These steps will help you apply online for a Family Dollar job:

  • Is it legal to work in the US?
  • Are you over 18?
  • Are you willing to submit to alcohol and drug testing?

How is Family Dollar’s application process?

The hiring process begins after you submit your application and receive a confirmation email. The hiring process usually takes around a week, but it can vary depending on how many applications are received. The position you are applying for will determine the application process. Family Dollar interview all applicants and selects the best.

What kind of background checks does Family Dollar do?

Family Dollar conducts background checks on all job applicants to ensure that they handpick the right employees from thousands of applicants. Family Dollar could use the results to determine if they are able to hire that employee to work in their stores.

Here are some examples of information you might get from a background check.

  • Family Dollar will hire ex-convicts. Your chances of being hired at Family Dollar may be affected by the nature of your conviction. Family Dollar will consider your application for employment if you are not a danger to the company, its employees, or customers.
  • Past Employment Records: This background check will show all of your work history in the past seven to ten year. It may also note your activities at these places in some cases. The recruitment officer can use information from former colleagues and employers to determine if you are a valuable addition to the company.
  • Driving records: A recruiter will check your driving record if you are interested in a delivery or distribution job.
  • Educational records: These documents help recruiters determine if you have the academic qualifications necessary to be considered for the job.

What can you do if Family Dollar rejects your job application?

Family Dollar will invite you to submit a second application if your application is unsuccessful. Family Dollar has answers to many common questions about employment and career.


All Family Dollar employees must pass a drug test as a condition for employment. All new employees must pass the background check as well as the drug test.

Random drug testing is also performed by the company for employees working in retail stores, and sometimes for those who work in distribution centers.

The company also has a zero tolerance policy regarding drugs. Failure to pass a drug test could lead to termination of employment.

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