Does Family Dollar Drug Test? (all You Need To Know)

Family Dollar has over 8,000 stores in 46 states and it needs reliable employees to keep everything in order and running effectively.

When applying for a job at Family Dollar, you’ll want to know if they drug test. Also, if you have a positive drug test, what do you do? These other questions will help you get the right job faster!

Does Family Dollar Drug Test In 2022?

Family Dollar requires new employees to undergo a background check before they’re hired, and they must participate in random drug testing throughout their employment. The company also conducts random drug tests on its workforce in its stores. Family Dollar does not usually drug test its distribution centers. This means it’s likely that they do not randomly drug test in those locations. The company does it because of reasonable suspicion or accidents on the job.

If you want to know more about the drug policy, the drug policy at Family Dollar, if it drugs all employees, and more, keep reading.

What Is The Family Dollar Drug Policy?

Family Dollar’s drug policy is laid out in their Code of Business Conduct.

 While Family Dollar is committed to providing safe, drug-free, and healthful working conditions for all associates, associates are not prohibited from receiving a free drug test when they are suspected of using illegal drugs.

All employed Family Dollar employees must periodically meet with a Family Dollar supervisor in order to ensure that all employees are abiding the rules as well as the company’s policies.

Further, Family Dollar does drug testing of its employees, but varies the timing, frequency, and type of test used.

They want to make sure that the drug test doesn’t become a tool to harass people who may have used drugs in the past.

However, all Family Dollar employees are tested every year for drugs in case if they are in a position where safety is a concern.

Family Dollar is a company that makes money by people getting drugs. It is a company that will not tolerate drug use by people that work there. If you are found to have alcohol or drugs in your system while at work, you will most likely be fired.

Which Employees Does Family Dollar Drug Test?

Family Dollar employs all employees, regardless of whether they work in stores. For example, employees are subject to random drug testing.

In an effort to prevent the continued smuggling of illegal drugs, the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will continue to deploy its existing drug-detecting technologies to detect prohibited substances in both imported and exported goods.

However, if any accidents happen on the job, that could prompt drug testing. In addition, a job at a distribution center also puts workers in contact with drugs. Also, the workers will be in contact with a variety of other people, and will have to deal with their different personalities.


To get tested in a random drug test, you don’t need a warrant. You don’t need probable cause. You don’t need even a reasonable suspicion. You can get drug tested in a random drug test with no suspicion at all. And if you’re randomly drug tested, you have to comply.

Some companies may require drug testing employees to ensure that they are physically and medically fit for their different positions.

In addition to this, all personnel employed directly or indirectly by government are required to undergo annual polygraph examinations in order to be certified by their supervisors as dependable.

It is a general rule that every sales staff is tested on the sales floor, while every managerial staff is tested at a third-party test center.

What Does A Family Dollar Drug Test Involve?

If you’re getting tested for drugs, you have to supply a urine sample within 48 hours of being notified of the test.


As soon as I got the bottle from Family Dollar, it had already dried up. I took one last puff, and the effect was immediate.

Family Dollar stated that if the employees do not pass a drug test, that they will be fired. The job offer would be withdrawn if the employee fails a drug test.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Results Of A Family Dollar Drug Test?

You will have 48 hours to take a sample of urine, once a manager notifies you about the drug test.

After you submit the sample, it takes about a week to get the confidential results, though it could be as little as one day.

A qualified Family Dollar upper-level associates only, the drug test results are only available to you.

What Drugs Does Family Dollar Test For?

Typically, Family Dollar requires the standard five-panel drug test, that is used to look for cocaine, PCP, opiates, and amphetamines (including meth).

If possible, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming to this meeting. This meeting has provided tremendous insight and understanding of how the economy can be improved with the use of the Family Dollar. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you in the future.

One Family Dollar store near my home is having a big sale for $10 off any gift card, regardless of whether the cardholder has bought marijuana in the past. I took advantage of this and bought a card for $22.70.

Does Family Dollar Do Random Drug Testing?

This is usually a separate process and there could be many reasons.

However, there is a random drug test for any accident resulting in death or life endangerment.

Do All Family Dollar Stores Drug Test?

This is the same policy all Walmarts do, but they also have their own drug and alcohol policies.

However, the exact schedule for these drug tests will depend on the state laws and individual store policies.

Does Family Dollar Do Background Checks?

Family Dollar is supposed to be a store where you can buy cheap everyday essentials.

Family Dollar uses the background check to ensure that all information provided to the public about an employee is accurate.

In other words, if you have a history of any criminal offenses, that will count and will be noted in your background check.

However, criminal charges make the applicant’s background not as clean as it would be if there were no charges.

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Family Dollar does drug tests on all of its employees and new hires must pass a drug test and background check.

It started doing random drug testing of people who worked on the loading dock and random drug tests of all employees at the warehouse in New York.

To protect yourself from drug use in the workplace, Family Dollar has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs. If you are found to have any illegal drugs on your person or in your possession, you will be immediately fired.

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