Does Dollar General Drug Test? (must Read Before Getting A Job)

With a strong retail sector, the U.S. economy is expected to remain robust through the rest of 2014, although the labor market may not be immune. Jobs are expected to be available in retail and hospitality, among other sectors.

Unfortunately, I’ve never done an extensive research on DGRs, but I did find out that there are a few companies that perform these types of drug tests. If you’d like to learn more, you can read this page.

Does Dollar General Drug Test In 2022?

Dollar General has a zero-drug policy which includes marijuana and other illegal substances as well. They will inquire about your drug use when you apply for a job, but the final decision rests with Dollar General.

To learn about Dollar General drug tests, you need to know a lot of things that you can learn from this article.

Dollar General drug tests are very important for you to be employed. Once you get a job at Dollar General, you will be required to undergo drug screening.

Which Employees Does Dollar General Drug Test?

Dollar General has also been in talks with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over allegations of discrimination in the hiring practices.

However, they may stipulate a drug test as part of your application for working as a cashier at Dollar General and if you have prior drug convictions you may not be picked for the job.
3) You may be able to do both jobs.

If you fail to complete your drug test in the allocated time, you can be denied employment at Dollar General.
Dollar General said it does not tolerate illegal substance use at any time, but noted that not every applicant is required to undergo a drug test.

What Does A Dollar General Drug Test Involve?

Normally, a drug test for the pharmacy will be a urine sample. This will be performed at a medical clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office at the request of the pharmacy.

You will need to show a form of government-issued ID to take a drug test at Dollar General.

All of your personal belongings should be put away to avoid you carrying them when you leave.

How Long Do The Results Of A Dollar General Drug Test Take?

Drug testing at Dollar General is performed by the company or outside agency that provides the testing. The results of your testing will be sent directly to Dollar General to keep the test anonymous.

 After the test is negative, the next step in the employer-employee process can be the interview.

If the test is positive, you will be terminated from the interview process, and your employment with Dollar General will be terminated once you are no longer an employee.

What Drugs Do Dollar General Test For?

Dollar General does not hire workers suspected of using illegal substances, but searches all employees when a customer is shopping.

The Dollar General employee who administered the drug test said this company policy was explained to employees when they were hired.

Do You Have To Pass A Drug Test To Work At Dollar General?

You know what else they are looking for? Money! And you will not get paid unless you sign up! Now go to your nearest Dollar General, get yourself tested, and get a job with them!

Any employee using illegal drugs is being terminated, and they can lose their eligibility for unemployment benefits if they are fired for using them.

Do I Need To Do Anything Other Than A Drug Test For Dollar General?

Dollar General will complete a background check on a prospective employee before hiring him or her. They will also perform a criminal record check, a past employment check, a drug test, and an evaluation regarding your ability as a team member.

We may check your criminal history, driving records, and credit reports. We may ask your school or employer and/or your references (if any) about your education.

In order to complete the background check, Dollar General may ask for the applicant’s social security number or other identifying information to be provided to an external company such as GIS or Hireright.

Finally, the background checks conducted by Dollar General may extend as far back as seven and ten years.

Does Dollar General Drug Test In Legalized States?

Even in the case that you can legally obtain marijuana for recreational use, it does not mean Dollar General will hire you should you fail.

Drugs can stay in your system for a long time. If you have a medical marijuana prescription and need to show you can use it, you should not do drugs for a week.

Does Dollar General Random Drug Test?

DGA can drug test any of their employees, and they have a zero tolerance policy.

Many former workers have stated random drug tests are rare at Dollar General unless there is substantial evidence of drug abuse. The company is not known to drug test even once a year. Most of the time it is because there was an arrest or because a supervisor finds a drug.

Employers in the United States are not allowed to ask applicants whether they have a drug or alcohol abuse history unless the employer has an adverse employment action against the applicant.

Do All Dollar General Stores Drug Test?

Dollar General does not test everybody for drugs. If a store gets reported for drug testing or if the company receives complaints regarding the issue it may decide to start drug testing all employees. They are more likely to pick on the most vulnerable employees, such as minors, the mentally impaired and those who have been accused of violent crimes.

As part of the company policy, all employees sign a form that states they consent to all forms of drug testing.

Dollar General doesn’t conduct random drug tests but it seems that their drug policy is well known to employees.

If you are a Dollar General employee, you should check Dollar General policies regarding employee discount policy, Dollar General dress code, and the Dollar General termination & quitting policy.


ÂYes, Dollar General will drug test everyone for employment. Even if the prospective employee agrees to such a test, Dollar General will still conduct the test. Additionally, the company may test individuals who apply for jobs in its stores.

Drug testing for potential employees at Dollar General seems to be fairly common practice, and many of the managers/leaders in this case had been previously terminated because they failed drug tests.

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