Does Lowe’s Have A Contractor Discount? (+ Other Ways Contractors Can Save)

It is vital that contractors buy the best tools for the job. Lowe’s is a good place to get a good price on construction tools, roofing tools, flooring tools, building tools and so much more.

1) Lowe’s doesn’t have a “contractor discount” for most of its products, but they do have an “active contractor” program. [Original]: I know that Lowe’s has a “contractor discount” for some items, and I’ve seen them advertise the program. I’m interested to know whether they are a legitimate program.

Does Lowe’s Have A Contractor Discount In 2022?

Unfortunately, home improvement stores do not offer contractors any type of discounts or offers. If you have to spend money to get money, you can always do some more research and look for a business that offers those types of offers and discounts.

Lowe’s doesn’t have specific contractor pricing, but their contractor packs are great options. If you are a Lowe’s Pro Customer you can request to be included in these packs which gives you access to exclusive deals and promotions on home improvement projects.

Does Lowe’s Offer Contractor Pricing?

Lowe’s offers its Volume Savings Program to contractors, whereby customers can buy products in large quantities.

You can contact the service desk at Lowe’s and get a price quote for any purchases. The service will process the order and you will be given a specialized price quote for the product you selected.

In summary, Lowe’s will match prices of competitors, up to 7 days after the competitor’s price is posted. They also have coupons for specific products, so use those coupons.

What Are Lowe’s Contractor Packs?

Lowe’s Contractor Packs are specially discounted, bulk-buy items designed specifically for contractor’s needs. The packs offer savings on frequently used items, such as nails and screws for contractors.

Lowe’s Contractor Packs are usually stored in a yellow or black cart that will make it easier for customers to find their favorite deals.

What Is A Pro Customer At Lowe’s?

1. A 30% discount on purchases at Lowe’s.
2. A 25% discount on Lowe’s Home Improvement store purchases.
3. A $100 gift card when you spend $1,000 in one store.
4. A $100 Lowe’s gift card when you spend $1,000 in one month.

The service is available in US, UK, Australia and Canada and is designed to support businesses of any size through a professional one-on-one support program.

This is the official Lowe’s 4 Pros Facebook page.

How Much Is Lowe’s Pro Discount?

Lowe’s 4-Pro discount program is a special program that gives homeowners special discounts and coupons.

With Lowe’s 4 Pros, you will also be eligible for the Volume Savings Program where you will receive special discounts when you buy a certain amount.

What Is Lowe’s Savings Center?

Lowe’s is a great place to get deals when shopping online. They offer exclusive discounts on everything from tools to home improvement décor.

So, if you want to save on holiday items, make sure you check the Lowe’s Savings Center to see which items are on sale.

What Other Discounts Does Lowe’s Offer?

Lowe’s offers other specific promotions which can be utilized all year round if you’re eligible for the program. You can find more information on their site.

If you meet the criteria of at least one of these discounts, you can use them to save on almost all products offered by Lowe’s, though some restrictions may apply.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Other Stores?

Lowe’s will be the easiest place to buy your hardware because they have a ton of brands and styles to choose from as well as home improvement consultants you can talk to.

In that case, the associate said that the price was already discounted in the e-mail they sent you.

Lowe’s shipping and delivery costs are included as part of their price matching program.

You can use Lowe’s Price Match only if you find the same product for less money somewhere else.

Lowe’s price matching service excludes some products and services, including installation services, items that have been discontinued, items that are used or refurbished and some items that are on sale.

It is important to note that the price match has to be completed in-store and you cannot use them for on-line purchases at

When Is The Best Time To Shop At Lowe’s To Save Money?

When shopping for materials for home improvement projects, it is important to know when to shop for specific products. When you know when to shop for supplies you can save at Lowe’s.

The best time to shop to buy new windows and fixtures is in May and August, so get ready to get your house painted!

It is a good time to buy cleaning supplies, Christmas decorations, storage solutions, or any other tool, and cleaning supplies.

Knowing these months are coming up can help you stock up on items you’ll need for future jobs, such as extra batteries, or other items you might need for the next time you need to work late into the night.

To make sure you get the military discount at Lowe’s, you can read if Lowe’s has a military discount, and if Lowe’s has a contractor discount.


Lowe’s does not offer a specific discount for contractors, but they do offer various other discounts.

Lowe’s offers special Contractor Packs which are items essential to contractors needing to save money. Contractors can can also save big on products when buying in great numbers through the Volume Purchases Program.

To get the most out of Lowe’s 4 Pros, contractors can sign up for the Lowe’s 4 Pros Advantage program.

It also offers 10% off for both employee and military discounts (10% off for employee and 2% off for military). It also price matches so you’ll be able to save if you find a better deal elsewhere.

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