Lowe’s Employee Discount (benefits, Who Can Use, Products, Other Stores + More)

But with more than 2,000 stores, Lowe’s is also known as a place you need experience in order to get a job.

To get the greatest savings on a home-improvement project, Lowe’s offers an employee discount. However, their policy on the matter is not set in stone. You’ll need to contact them for more information.

Does Lowe’s Have An Employee Discount In 2022?

Lowe’s offers all employees a 10 percent employee discount as of 2022. This discount can be used in-store and on the Lowe’s website and can be used on all products. Lowe’s is known for boosting employee discounts to 20 percent during the holiday season. Employees also receive access to deals from other retailers.

In your case you will qualify for a 10% discount on the purchase of qualifying in-store purchases. So, once you have completed your purchase you will be able to use the following promotional code: `CAC-WY`. The 10% discount will only be applied to total store purchases that are $50 or more. This discount is valid for in-store sales only and does not apply to shipping.

Where Can Lowe’s Employee Discount Be Used?

Lowe’s customers can use the discount coupon with any purchase that is placed online as well as with any purchase that is placed in a physical location.

For a limited time, when you shop at Amazon.com, you can use your discount card anywhere to save an additional 10% on your purchase total.

You can redeem the employee discount when shopping at Lowe’s. To do this, you’ll need to enter your employee discount card details into the ‘My Benefits Card’ section on the Lowe’s website.

Your 10% discount will be automatically applied when you make purchases on the Internet. For example, if your employee discount card is connected to your account, the 10% discount will be automatically applied whenever you make a purchase.

What Products Can You Buy With The Lowe’s Employee Discount?

Lowe’s offers their employee discount to everyone. It’s not known to be excluded, except for products on the shelves where they are sold.

The only time you might not get the SOI price shown in the original store is when buying a custom-made item, which may require more than a week to ship, and thus be priced lower than the SOI price.

Employees who have an account with a service like Ibotta can earn money back on purchases of eligible items.

Is Lowe’s Employee Discount Available To All Staff Members?

Yes, Lowe’s offers a 10% discount to all of its employees. It’s easy to take advantage of this discount. If you are a current Lowe’s employee you get in-store benefits and if you are a current Lowe’s employee you get the 10% discount.

Lowe’s is one of the first, if not the first, to offer an employee discount. New employees start with their discount on the 1st of the month right away.

If you are starting at Lowe’s and don’t have a Lowe’s employee discount, tell the HR department.

Can Family Members Use Lowe’s Employee Discount?

Lowe’s will allow a single person to use the same discount when the spouse or significant other is present.

This is a major disappointment. I would like to use the discount on my brother’s wedding.

Also, it’s strongly discouraged to use the employee discount with friends and extended family, as it will likely lead to repercussions.

It’s not like having a friend join a game and then you’re playing with them later. This is just a different way of playing games with friends. The game is still the same, you just need to play this game differently.

Buying products for your friends and family is a viable option, mainly because there’s no limit to how much you can save at Lowe’s using your Lowe’s employee discount.

Is Lowe’s Employee Discount Available On Sale Items?

As an example, the Lowe’s employee sales price on the item at right would be discounted from $49.99 to $43.99. The item’s sale price would be $10 off that. In other words, the discount for the item is $10.00.

Purchasing items through a discount program can help you save money.

You can apply the employee discount to items that already have a discount, but have not yet reached the percentage indicated.

Can Lowe’s Employee Discount Be Used With Other Types Of Discounts?

You can always use a Lowe’s employee discount in combination with other discounts at Lowe’s.

Veterans Day is coming up. If you have a military discount you’ll be able to use this with your employee discount on Veterans Day and Memorial Day weekend, and the two deals would combine to give you 20% off!

Do Lowe’s Employees Receive Any Other Types of Discounts?

Lowe’s associates usually receive access to discounts from other businesses as part of the Lowe’s Associate Discount Program, but employees can receive discounts on Lowe’s products as well.

The Lowe’s Associate Discount Program is a place where you can get discounts on products and services from Lowe’s.
The Lowe’s Associate Discount Program is a marketplace.

In addition to the financial savings, your business will also have access to the Lowe’s Employee Credit Card, which can be used for purchases at any Lowe’s store.

Lowe’s can guarantee saving up to $4,900 per year with its Green Program.

What Other Benefits Do Lowe’s Employees Receive?

Lowe’s is a great company to work with. Not only do you get discounts and bonuses as a Lowe’s employee, but you also receive other great benefits as well.

* All meals and beverage, including alcohol, are free of charge.
* Unlimited free domestic and international travel.
* Free laundry service.
* Free dry cleaning service.
* Free medical care.
* Free dental care.
* Free eye care.
* Discounted parking.
* Free gym membership.
* Discounted insurance.
* And much more!

In addition, if you are looking for a Lowe’s contractor discount, you can also read this post on whether or not Lowe’s has a contractor discount.


Lowe’s offers a great program that allows employees to earn 5% discounts on all items bought in store and online. This includes Lowe’s everyday low prices and sale items.

It is recommended that all employees participate in the Lowe’s discount program in some fashion.

The Lowe’s employees also gain exclusive access to other businesses that Lowe’s partners with, including other home-improvement stores like Home Depot, Target, and Lowe’s competitor Home Depot.

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