Ace Hardware Employee Discount (Benefits, Who Can Use, Products, Other Stores + More)

Ace Hardware is the largest cooperative hardware business in the world. As an independent business, Ace Hardware stores are independently owned, with over 5,000 currently in operation.

Ace Hardware offers a number of benefits to employees, such as: health insurance, a 401(k) plan, life insurance, retirement benefits, dental insurance, employee discounts on products purchased by employees and more. The website will also tell you if the store you’re interested in is a part of Ace Hardware or if it’s an individual franchised store.

Ace Hardware Employee Discount In 2022

Ace Hardware offers a 10% discount on select products for those who are employees, and 25% off on select items for those who are members of Ace’s Preferred Rewards program, which includes Ace members, employees and children who are enrolled in the “Kids Are Ace’s Customers Too” program.

To help you find products that qualify for Ace Hardware’s employee discount, we keep a list of qualifying products on our website.

Do Ace Hardware Employees Get A Store Discount?

It’s always best to hire skilled contractors. I’ve never had any problems with Ace Hardware, but every other contractor seems to have problems.

However, Ace Hardware managers have the freedom to allocate the discount level according to the location and performance of stores.

Additionally, employees can use the discounts at Ace Hardware either in-store using the Ace Rewards program, online, or using Shop-A-Ware.

When you use the Ace rebate, you need to verify that the employee discount is available in your area.

Employees at Ace Hardware are receiving an increase in discount levels due to the amount of time they have worked there.

One online worker said that when they have worked at the company for 5 years their discount increased from 10% off to purchasing items at cost from Ace Hardware.

How Much Discount Does An Ace Employee Get?

The Ace Hardware Company is a cooperative store which means that different stores are in charge of offering different amounts of employee discount.

For example, an online worker reports that they have been told that they are not allowed to offer an additional incentive on top of 20% for items that cost more than the 20% after the additional incentive. For example, that means that if I am offering a 20% discount, they will not allow me to offer any additional discount beyond that.

If you’re a contractor and you don’t belong to a union, you’re entitled to a 15% discount on all your products.

Employees say that to order an item from Acenet that is not carried within its stores, the price is cost plus 10%. They also state that Ace Hardware is not allowed to make those kinds of deals with vendors, but they have to deal with vendors on their own.

Because Ace Hardware does not give employee discounts, it is best to ask your local Ace Hardware store or other hardware store about its employee discount policy to be notified about the amount it offers.

Who Can Use The Ace Hardware Employee Discount?

Ace Hardware employees get an additional discount on all purchases.

As a result, Ace Hardware has made a big, bold move by starting to use the Amazon employee discount.

While some Ace Hardware stores will offer discounts to their employees on a majority of items, including offering free keys.

Employees at your local Ace hardware store can receive a 25% discount on all non-Weber and non-Yeti-branded kitchen appliances.

In some stores, a 20% discount is available for orders below $50, and for orders above $50, there is an additional +2% charge.

If you are an employee of Ace Hardware and looking to take advantage of the employee discount, please contact your local Ace representative.

What Products Can Ace Hardware Employee Discount Be Used On?

Ace Hardware will allow employees to choose an amount of discount on the majority of items that they sell.

There are some brands that have also been reported to have a discount when contracted, but these are usually for larger brands.

Where Can Ace Hardware Employees Use Their Discount?

If you are shopping online or in-store and you see an Ace Hardware employee or customer, they may be able to use their discount at

This means that Ace Hardware can get their products for way cheaper than any other hardware stores in town.

So, if your Ace Hardware shop doesn’t carry a certain product, you can still order it from their website and still receive a discount.

Which Ace Hardware Stores Offer Employee Discount?

Ace Hardware has various discount offers or prices at their many stores.

Therefore, Ace Hardware has discounts for employees between 10 to 25 percent from full price items.

It’s up to the store manager to decide how many employee discount coupons the store gives out.

For more information on Ace Hardware, you can also read our previous blog post on whether or not Ace Hardware hires felons.


Ace Hardware provides a 10% discount for purchases made in any of its stores. Additionally, there is a 25% discount for purchases made online.

I’m not sure, but I think that the household of the employee can get a 20% discount.

This is because Ace Hardware is a non-profit, non-competitive, cooperative business.

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