Ikea Employee Discount (benefits, Who Can Use, Products, Other Stores + More)

IKEA offers a unique opportunity for anyone to work there where they get to be with so many great people. You get to see so many homes being created. Also, you get to receive training on everything you need in your life.

If you work for a company with employees, you may be wondering about their benefits like an employee discount. I’ve been researching it too so I’ve been doing some research. Here’s what I’ve found!

IKEA Employee Discount In 2022

IKEA offers a 15% employee discount on all purchases as soon as an employee starts working at IKEA. This discount can’t be used by anyone else, and employees can be disciplined if it is used to purchase items for someone other than the employee.

What are the different benefits of working at IKEA? Read on and find out more about this company; from their flexible working hours to the fact that IKEA does not give out Christmas Bonuses to staff.

Who Can Use IKEA’s Employee Discount?

A person has to be in a specific role to receive discounts at IKEA.

Even if no other associate uses their discount to purchase for someone else, if an employee uses their discount for themselves, they’ll be disciplined.

If an employee is buying items on behalf of another person, and they know that it is for that person, they could be in trouble.

This is likely because IKEA has placed its trust in employees who earn 15% discounts on everything as soon as they are hired.

If they feel as the right to use the discount is being taken away from them, they may have to reconsider using the discount.

What Products Can The IKEA Employee Discount Work On?

With so many benefits and discounts available, you may be wondering whether your discount will work on that nice little bookshelf you’ve had your eye on.

The only time you can’t use IKEA products is when they’re already sold out, so don’t be afraid to browse around for a while and see if you can find some!

Can You Use IKEA’s Employee Discount At Other Stores?

No, you can’t do that. You can use the IKEA employee discount at the store in which you worked and had your discount applied to your purchase.

Can You Use The IKEA Employee Discount Online?

IKEA allows you to use your employee discount as well!

It’s important to remember that as soon as anyone in a company uses this service, every single person in that company is required to use it.

You can order items from the IKEA home website from your home computer. But it will be better if you would take that online order to the IKEA store and then pick those items up in the store.

IKEA Employee Benefits

1. Medical insurance.
2. Dental care.
3. Disability insurance.
4. Life insurance (optional, but encouraged).
5. Tuition reimbursement and training.
6. Fun and flexible working hours.
7. Free on-site child care.
8. Flexible spending accounts (and matching contributions) for healthcare, health care related expenses, and dependent care.
9. Paid time off (varies by position).

The benefits are available to all IKEA workers, regardless of how much they work.

Benefits for Health and Medical will be available after 15 days of working.

Is IKEA A Good Employer?

IKEA is great to get started working as a designer but is not really a good place to make a long career.

The United States is the top market for IKEA products. As we continue to develop new products, we are continuously looking for talented individuals to help us deliver the best possible shopping experience for our customers worldwide.

For workers at IKEA, most said they would recommend the company to other workers. They had worked as long as 5 years at the company.

The IKEA generation is currently the most popular generation working at the company. This generation has been working at the company for the longest period of time and is the main target demographic.

How Much Does IKEA Pay Per Hour?

IKEA is known for having many different job positions and different pay ranges depending on the experience of the prospective employee. The average wage for any current IKEA employee is around $16.66 hourly.

For food service work, you can expect to receive between $10 – $20 a visual merchandiser would receive between $13 – $27, a retail sales associate would receive between $12-$21, and a customer services associate would receive between $9-17. The starting amount for a customer service associate is significantly less than others because of low turnover in the field.

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IKEA’s employee discounts are 15% off their products and merchandise, and their workers can also get benefits such as medical, dental, vision, and paid parental leave.

Employees get a 15% discount on all their purchase, provided they work for at least 20 hours a week regularly. The discount can only be used by the employee and not by others. This is to ensure that employees do not let others use their discount, as they might get fired if they do.

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