When Does Lowe’s Have Sales? (full List Of Sale Days, Products + More)

Lowe’s is trying to save more money on everything for you. But they are also trying to save money on the things that other big-box retailers are charging for. It is called Lowe’s Everyday Value(r) and it offers items at low, everyday prices.

I looked into Lowe’s biggest sale days to find the best days to save the most money while shopping with that store! I’ve got all the information you need!

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales In 2022?

Lowes offers major holiday sales, including the Christmas season, Labor Day, 4th of July, and Father’s Day. Additionally, Lowe’s has sales on specific products at varying times throughout the year, including seasonal discounts. Also, Lowe’s offers a clearance section for discounted products.

Find out if Lowe’s is having a sale on appliances and grills, and if Lowe’s is having any major sale days, right now!

When Are Lowe’s Sale Days?

When Lowe’s has sales it is known as a sale day.

It is very popular for consumers to purchase gifts during the Christmas period, and the company also has a very good sale rate with sales on up to 80% off products.

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales On Appliances?

Lowe’s is the only home improvement store that offers major appliance deals in that time of the year.

Lowe’s has a higher volume of sales during these two months because new appliances are on sale (at the beginning of these months).

Because Lowe’s is trying to save money by recycling unsold items, it can raise prices!

This is the exception to the rule because you can find great deals on refrigerators during the spring.

You can also see what kind of discounts you can find during a time of the year.

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales On Grills?

Lowe’s usually have large discounts on grills and other outdoor cooking appliances during the last few weeks of the summer.

Lowe’s has the best grill sales and sales for the Memorial Day sale is the best time of all to buy a grill.

If you have friends who are looking to purchase a grill, they may be on sale during the summer months.

Lowe’s also runs sales during Prime Day of outdoor cooking appliances, and in recent years, one of the most popular deals was their charcoal grills.

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales On Patio Furniture?

During the spring and summer months Lowe’s discounts patio furniture on certain items.

To get great savings, look for Memorial Day sales, Fourth of July sales, Father’s Day sales, and Labor Day sales.

I don’t think I can say anything about the Black Friday and Holiday sale because I really haven’t looked through that much this year.

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales On Lawn Mowers?

This year Lowe’s Lawnmower Sale starts on May 23, 2014, and will continue for three months.

Lowe’s is offering some great deals for lawn mowers as well as refurbished lawn mows.

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales On Flooring?

Lowe’s usually has sales on flooring during the time between Halloween and Christmas, but the flooring type on sale may vary. I want to buy flooring for our kitchen.

The savings on solid wood options is still going to be better than most vinyl and laminate, but the savings on natural stone and hardwood are still good, and you’ll definitely find ways to save.

4. The New Year doesn’t bring out the best in everyone.

What Day Of The Week Does Lowe’s Markdown Clearance?

Lowe’s clearance items are permanently reduced items, in most cases because the store really wants to move them.

So, if you need something like a ladder and you don’t have enough money to buy one, then you have the clearance section to help you out.

Additionally, regardless of what the weather is like, Lowe’s always has a clearance section.

If you want to learn more about when Lowe’s restocks, Lowe’s teacher discount, and if Lowe’s has a contractor discount, you might be interested in reading up on that.


Lowe’s runs several sales throughout the year. For example, almost every public holiday has one in store. Where major discounts can be found.

Lowe’s offers seasonal discounts to make room for new stock, including large appliances and refrigerators.
And in January, Lowe’s will start putting new refrigerators and washers out front.

If any of those things happen it will be reflected in your cart with either a discount code or a note attached to the order saying the discounted item is no longer available.

Just as in the clearance section, Lowe’s is going to be the place you want to be for those hard-to-find items, including tools and wood.

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