Does Target Pierce Ears? (all You Need To Know!)

Target is a popular brand name for a type of retail store that offers a variety of reasonably priced services related to makeup guidance and cosmetic assistance.

Target is a pretty popular place to shop, so there is bound to be something for everyone. However, if you are interested in getting an ear piercing, there is actually a special section of jewelry that stores earrings.

Does Target Pierce Ears In 2022?

The decision to include the piercing business in its stores was made in partnership with piercing company Rowan, as part of a plan to add more “boutique-like” experiences that would bring customers into the stores.

If you’d like to know more about Target’s piercing services, piercing placement, earring types, prices, and much more, keep on reading!

Do All Target Stores Pierce Ears?

You may want to take your earrings out of the carton before inserting them, but you should avoid touching them while doing so. It can damage the earrings and the carton.

You should also store them in a dry, dark place.

Make sure that your earrings don’t touch anything sharp, like a key in your pocket or on a counter.

Never clean your earring posts with a wire brush. Never use a machine at a jeweler’s.

The ear-piercing service will be located at the store’s Rowan Square location at 1120 Rowan Avenue in Salisbury.

What Time And Days Does Target Offer Ear Piercing Appointments?

Usually, an appointment is available on Saturdays and Sundays, and appointments can be made through the ear-piercing section.

The most hours that can be booked during a day is 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

If you can’t make it in-store in the next few days, we also have them available for pre-order on our website.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Your Ears Pierced At Target?

All ages can get the piercing, but if it’s your first piercing there are some things you need to know before you go ahead.

Who Pierces Your Ears At Target?

Rowan piercing stores have trained and registered nurses working there to carry out the piercing procedure.

Their ear piercers have a rubber sleeve that the operator uses to press down on the top of the ear, forcing the ear lobe into the sleeve, then the earlobe is released and the sleeve pops out.

This is very important since ear piercing guns are also spring loaded and can cause damage to your ears.

What Parts Of Your Ear Can You Get Pierced At Target?

You can have a piercing of your ear done for your left or right lobe, the upper, middle, or lower lobe, and the middle-most part of the helix. The middle lobe is where the cartilage of your ear joins to the lobe itself, and you can have the cartilage removed by piercing this part of the ear.

Your ear size is the most important factor in choosing a set of earplugs. So you decide this, and then pick a pair of earplugs from each of the styles you like, and size them based on that. You don’t have to think about ear placement any more than that, and so you just make your selection and buy from there.

You can have a ring through your ear which is only pierced at one end or a ring which has an open end which will hold the earring in its place while allowing it to hang freely.

What Kinds Of Earrings Can You Get Your Ears Pierced With At Target?

Non-Allergic (hypoallergenic)

You can also select a stud with an “I” symbol in the center, which means it’s Non-Toxic to humans, animals, and the environment.

The tips will not accidentally damage the area around the area where the surgery is to be performed, as the tips are fully covered and made of a non-toxic material that may be cleaned with soap and water.

How Much Does Target Ear Piercing Cost?

The gold studs are much more expensive than the silver or the matte version. The gold and the matte silver will cost anywhere from $5 to $10 each, and the gold and matte silver are probably the lowest-priced studs. The others are more expensive. The matte gold and silver are the same price as the matte golden browns, and the matte turquoise and bronze are about $35. The gold and silver studs are usually more expensive, maybe $15 and up.

The price includes the piercing procedure cost, the hypoallergenic and sterile jewelry, and a skin assessment by a registered nurse. Aftercare materials and access to care are included.

Target has all styles of earrings, including cubic zirconia studs for $29 and sterling silver hoops for $58.

Additionally, you can check out the Rowan x Target website to see what the piercing options are for you!

Who Can Come With You To Get Your Ears Pierced At Target?

The procedure is only for one person but other people can come along and witness the process.

If the child is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must be present.

This practice is common in the Philippines, although appointments in the Philippines must be staggered and at least two appointments are needed for a tattoo or piercing.

To learn more about getting your ears pierced at Kohl’s, or to find out if Walmart resizes rings, click here.

Conclusion: Does Target Pierce Ears?

A partnership with the piercing company Rowan, means that you can get an ear piercing at Target.

Target is offering this gift card service at over 50 Target stores located all across the U.S.

Piercing is done by registered nurses in a safe, sterile manner, and can start at a price of $55 for any age. Customers can choose from the lobe, upper lobe, middle lobe, mid-helix, or helix for piercing placement.

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