Are Walmart Wedding Rings Fake Or Real? [detailed Guide]

Wedding rings are an important part of the ceremony. In order to find the best one, you should look into the designs, the style of the person you are purchasing for, and your budget. If you want to find the best rings, go to Walmart.

After years of doing research, I’ve learned that the only way to truly know if a Walmart wedding ring is fake or not is to go to a jeweler and get it analyzed.

Are Walmart Wedding Rings Fake Or Real?

It is important to note that real gold and real diamond wedding rings are much more expensive than Walmart’s rings. Most Walmart diamond rings are 10K or 14K yellow or white gold with a low quality rough diamond. For an average size diamond, the retail price of a high quality, round brilliant has a retail price of $600-1000 USD.

You thought that diamonds were a girl’s best friend. Do you really know what’s in them? Do you know how diamonds are grown? Come and find out more about the world’s most expensive gem. It’s easy to see why they are so precious.

Are The Diamonds In Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

This is a very expensive purchase. If you have to buy two of them, go for it. Just make sure you know the quality and size you need. You will not be disappointed with a true Walmart wedding ring.

Walmart’s wedding rings are crafted with lower-grade metals as they are more affordable in price but higher in quality. Furthermore, the stones are usually clasped with high-quality diamonds.

So, if you are planning to visit a diamond store to shop for diamonds, you need to know the difference between natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds.

Walmart jewelry is available in a variety of qualities. Most Walmart rings are marked ‘SI,’ which means small inclusions, and are placed at the bottom of the clarity scale.

Not at all interested in buying a cheap diamond wedding ring.

Unfortunately, although it’s worth more money than most people would normally be willing to pay for a ring, it will not continue to increase in value.

Is The Gold In Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

This is not true! You can buy pure gold wedding rings, as long as they weigh a maximum of 4 carats.

Walmart predominantly sells yellow gold rings, made of 42% gold and 58% silver and copper alloy. It is made of 18K gold.

I know, this feels like a cheap way to get some attention.

Customers can find plenty of 14K yellow gold rings at Walmart; they contain more gold than their 10K counterparts.

In the United States, Walmart charges a 10% restocking fee on all returned items. It is the only major retailer with a policy of refusing to offer refunds or exchanges.

Are Silver Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

When it comes to the pricing of sterling silver, Walmart is known for selling their quality jewelry at extremely low prices.

The cost of silver is cheaper than other more expensive alternative metals, such as gold.

The problem is that many of Walmart’s wedding rings are compounded with sterling silver as an alloy to yellow, rose, and white gold.

If you’re looking for a traditional wedding ring, you can find many styles for under $50 at You can find any number of styles from inexpensive to expensive.

Is The Platinum On Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

The retailer sells genuine wedding rings made from platinum at its locations around the US without the need of an appointment.

They are made from the precious metals and materials that are rare in nature. This is because they have to be used as they are much harder to find, and can be more expensive and rare than gold and platinum. Their use in jewelry was the first recorded in the ancient times.

If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives to platinum wedding rings, Walmart has some great looking rings with silver plating to go with your outfit.

The rings are layered in silver and have a tiny amount of platinum for authenticity.

The rings are made from sterling silver and layered in pure platinum, meaning only a small percentage of the ring is real platinum.

For perspective on the price difference, the platinum Triskele Scottish Highland Wedding Ring, for example, is sold for $1,294.99.

Even though the top option costs less than the bottom, we still love the shiny platinum alternative as it’s a pure platinum-plated ring.

Are The White Gold Wedding Rings At Walmart Real?

You can easily get your diamond engagement or wedding ring at Walmart for an affordable price. You can choose from a variety of styles, designs and materials, so you have a wide selection to choose from.

White gold wedding rings that are cheaper than standard white gold rings generally use 18k white gold, or 9k yellow gold. A wedding ring with a higher carat gold cost a lot more than a 3.5k or even 4k ring.

Why Are Walmart Wedding Rings So Cheap?

The overall quality may reflect the price of the Walmart rings. Walmart uses cheaper materials for the cheaper quality.

Although diamonds are not considered “crystal”, they do have a clarity of colour and clarity, both of which affect the price of the diamond.

Walmart’s diamonds are listed as a G color, which is less expensive than a D color.

Walmart makes rings out of a combination of only yellow gold and alloy metals such as silver and copper.

It is not uncommon for a customer to be told in the store that they cannot accept the ring because it includes a mix of yellow gold and silver.

On the other hand, you can buy plated rings, a much cheaper variant of solid materials such as platinum or gold.

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Are Walmart Wedding Rings Good?

Customers are satisfied with Walmart’s wedding rings for its sterling silver, gold and diamond, styles in particular.

The majority of rings on the market are sterling silver with a gold plated surface. When wearing your ring daily, you may notice that there are small scratches on the body. To avoid this, you can use a stone-setting that is less likely to chip.

Walmart’s fine jewelry is comprised of genuine sterling silver, which has been dipped or coated in a range of alloys that make the metal less malleable and more durable. 10K or 10% fine gold is also part of their jewelry portfolio which makes it wear better and will last a long time. The 14k or 14% fine gold is also available, and will stand up to all kinds of wear.

Therefore, Walmart wedding rings are good value for money for a wedding.

If you want to check out more, you can explore our guides on the best engagement rings for women and the best engagement rings for men.


Yes, Walmart has real diamond wedding rings for sale. The diamonds are from a lower quality, and 10K pink gold, 14K yellow gold, and 14K white gold rings are made up of half gold, half alloy.

You can find 925 sterling silver rings at Walmart or gold-plated rings with a platinum coating.

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