8 Celebrities Who Opted for Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

When individuals, particularly celebrities, choose colored gemstones to take center stage in their engagement rings, we take notice.

Back in 2002, J.Lo received a 6.10-carat radiant-cut pink Harry Winston diamond on her engagement to Ben Affleck. Following this event, the sparkling trend of colored diamonds came into prominence.

Shortly after, they broke up but reunited again in 2021. Ben Affleck proposed this time with an even rarer green diamond ring. J.Lo commented that green was her favorite color.

Falling in love is indeed a colorful affair. Celebrities today are promptly choosing fancy diamondrings and other colorful engagement rings. Consider Princess Kate of Wales, whose ring adorned with sapphire and diamonds has served as inspiration for numerous brides-to-be. Similarly, actress Lily Collins flaunts a pink gem set in a bezel on a vintage-style gold band.

Interested in finding out about celebrity engagement rings featuring colored stones? Curious about knowing the hidden meanings they incorporate? Read along as we emphasize that white diamonds aren’t the only best friends a girl can have.

Blake Lively

While Ryan Reynolds is often recognized for his humorous antics, he is also quite romantic. When he proposed to his current wife, Blake Lively, he gifted her a $2 million light pink diamond engagement ring. The ring was a collaborative design between Reynolds and the renowned jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz.

Pink diamonds rank among the rarest and, consequently, the most costly. Although they, like other colored diamonds, occur naturally, the unique atomic structure responsible for their hues is uncommon. Altogether making, it is one of the most unusual engagement rings. Approximately 0.01% of every million excavated gems are pink diamonds, intensifying their desirability among many individuals.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora revealed her engagement to Taika Waititi with a 10-carat square-cut Colombian emerald green diamond engagement ring. The ring is adorned with a diamond halo and placed on a band of yellow gold.

Stylish green diamond rings are not commonly sought after, but they offer a distinctive option. The green hue results from exposure to gamma radiation. Obtaining uniformly green diamonds is a rarity, making it a costly find. Green, a color prevalent in nature, symbolizes growth, health, and harmony.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson marked her engagement to Colin Jost in a unique way. Marking their love with a beautiful pear-shaped (11-carat), light brown engagement ring. The stunning ring on a brown band was brought to life by James de Givenchy.

Brown, recognized as a versatile neutral, complements a variety of attire. In the context of engagement rings, it is often termed cognac, coffee, or champagne rather than simply brown. Symbolizing order and balance, brown diamonds are associated with nature, conveying feelings of comfort, stability, and reliability.

Elizabeth Hurley

At the center of Elizabeth Hurley’s platinum engagement ring is an 11-carat step-cut blue sapphire. Blue diamonds result from a fortunate occurrence. The captivating blue hue emerges when boron particles become trapped during the diamond formation process.

Blue diamonds, ranking among the most expensive diamond colors, gain their high value from their exceptional rarity and limited availability. Such rarity, paired with a growing demand for these exquisite blue gems, has resulted in a rise in their price. Leibish notes that the unique blue coloration of these diamonds is due to the presence of boron. When combined with nitrogen, it creates their distinctive hue.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s flower-shaped diamond ring is delightfully sweet, marking her engagement to Orlando Bloom. The ring features a white diamond flower with an oval-cut ruby.

Characterized by its egg-shaped cut, the oval diamond imparts individuality and creativity to the women who choose to wear it.

Irina Shayak

Irina Shayk’s engagement ring, a present from ex-partner Bradley Cooper, features an emerald encircled by a diamond halo. It bears a resemblance to the sapphire ring worn by the Princess of Wales.

Diamonds, known for their unbreakable nature, symbolize eternal love and strength in relationships. The placement of diamonds encircling the emerald stone accentuates its rich green hue, drawing attention to its central position. The way diamonds reflect light can be seen as a metaphor for how love illuminates and enhances life.

Moreover, the vibrant color of emeralds, set against the brilliance of diamonds, reflects their relationship to be dynamic and steadfast.

Kelly Clarkson

The inaugural American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, received a striking yellow diamond engagement ring upon her engagement to now-husband Brandon Blackstock. Valued at approximately $150,000, Clarkson’s ring boasts a larger square-cut yellow diamond compared to Underwood’s more delicate circular-cut gem.

Yellow/yellow-green diamond rings symbolize friendship, happiness, and hope. It reflects the optimistic associations with the color of sunshine. Jewelry adorned with yellow diamonds is often perceived as elegant. When chosen for wedding rings, it serves as a symbol of a promising and joyful future.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell’s ring is an uncommon hue, speculated to be a three-carat ‘cognac-coloured diamond’. The terms ‘champagne’ and ‘cognac’ describe brown diamonds, with their color resembling that of their namesake beverages.

Champagne diamonds exhibit a very light hue with subtle tones of brown or yellow. On the other hand, cognac is the term assigned to darker shades, encompassing a spectrum of intensities in their tones. The cognac diamond ring features as one of the modernist engagement rings.

Expressing the message of being “hot, rich, and fabulous” is easy. Achieve it by adorning yourself with several carats of uniquely colored diamonds. When gracing your finger, modern engagement rings can deliver a bold statement on your behalf.

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