15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Jewelry (is It Any Good, Diamonds, Delivery + More)

A Costco store owner in the United States has recently opened a new jewelry location. They are selling jewelry at competitive prices, and the customers are lining up to stock up on the new merchandise.

In particular, remember that:

The Costco jewelry store is on the first floor of the warehouse.
The jewelers are on the top floor of the warehouse, above the jewelry store.
The customer service desk is on the ground floor of the warehouse.
The customer service desk is the best place to get help on jewelry problems.

15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Jewelry In 2022

1. You Can Take Your Pick Of Costco Jewelry

as a warehouse store, Costco carries a decent-sized selection (though the company cannot match specialty sellers such as the Blue Nile or James Allen).

If you’re new to Costco, you can join for free. If you already have a card, you can reissue one free of charge.

There are also rings — both for men and women — which cost $2,000 and can be personalized with diamonds, birthstones, and other gemstones.

We’ve got 14K gold, 18K gold, and 950 platinum in our collection, so you’re guaranteed a long-lasting and beautiful piece.

Among the most popular categories are engagement rings, which features solitaires, baguettes, multi-stones and halos, among other popular styles.

One of the most common mistakes people make, is when selecting their wedding rings, they try to get a size that fits their fingers perfectly, but their fingers change in size because they are wearing the ring.

2. Costco Jewelry Selection Varies Between the Warehouse and Online Shop

Consumers may not realize that a specific item could be available online and not at a Costco location.

This year you will be able to find the pieces at the stores, not the online. You can go to the stores and have the pieces, and there will be a lot of them.

This is not something that Costco’s body art staff can provide either – you have to buy the jewelry and then send it in for a custom job, so seeing exactly what it looks like on your hand or neck, as-is, can be a helpful buying tool.

3. Costco Jewelry is Only Marked up to 15 Percent Off Retail Prices

Most people say that ‘If you want to buy something, Costco is the store to go to.’ That is because of their low price and the wide selection of products they carry.

I’m sure that Costco sells fine wine at a huge discount, but they aren’t so sneaky about wine. When Costco stores wine, they mark it up by about 15 percent.

So why do they do it? Because if they don’t, people will always buy the cheap stuff. And they’d rather not find out how much good wine costs after they’re already in the store.

At Costco, they have a lower cost than other retailers, because they don’t have to spend money on middle office people.

There’s no other place that you can compare prices, have a discount, and have it be safe to buy. It’s just that simple.

4. The Value of Costco Jewelry Has Slipped a Bit

Retailers with big warehouses are struggling to compete with online retailers. Retailers don’t feel they can compete in the marketplace.

While the prices of gems have remained the same; it is believed that some of the stones have lost their luster.

Costco had previously sold certified diamonds, but now they are no longer selling those, and they are only selling non-certified diamonds.

The Costco jewelry price tag can seem off to most people due to the fact that the price is often higher than some other jewelers. In addition, the prices don’t seem to match up to the quality of the item to the extent you would expect from Costco at all – meaning, it’s not even near as cheap as you would expect.

One of the most important things to consider when shopping at Costco is that their jewelry section is sparse and not even a good selection.
Their selection of gold, silver, and platinum is a bit better than at your local mall.
The biggest downside to shopping here is that if you are purchasing a wedding band, bracelets, or necklaces, you will have to pay sales tax on these things.

5. Costco Jewelry Diamonds are Real – But Some Aren’t GIA Certified

Costco is no longer GIA certified so we no longer have access to the database. When we purchase for resale, we need to have access to that database. It is our database and we need to be able to access its contents.

The GIA is the leading association that deals with the study, acquisition, and marketing of gems and gemstones.

If you find a diamond in a store, the certificate can determine the value of the diamond and help you choose a more affordable price.

But Costco stopped selling certification of diamonds with less than 1 carat of weight.
We used GIA’s “GIA Certified” diamond grading report to search for cheap certified diamonds. The search results showed that cheap certified diamonds like a 0.11 carat yellow cut CZ was available from Costco, and those diamonds were also available from other retailers.

Therefore, if you are interested in a three-fourth carat diamond (which is still a sizable stone with an expensive price tag), you may be skeptical about the quality if there is no authentication.

6. Ordering Costco Jewelry Online is Convenient

The Costco store is your shopping heaven! From jewelry to electronic gadgets, they are all sold at Costco. It’s amazing to know that you can purchase any of these items for the lowest price from Costco. You can also enjoy free shipping for every purchase from Costco. And as a Costco member, your membership is free for life!

While you can take as much time as you want to browse the reviews, it’s easier to compare the specifications for different but similar pieces.

You will find a wider selection of jewelry online than at the Costco warehouses, but that’s not to say you won’t find the jewelry there.

There is also a Gift Message that you can include with the purchase that will be included on the Certificate.

7. Pick up Your Costco Jewelry Order in Stores

You can also arrange for the jewelry to be shipped to you at a later date by ordering a jewelry box with the gold bracelet or wedding ring of your choice.

If you want to know the exact location of a specific piece of jewelry, you can search for it while you are shopping.

The recipient will be allowed to pick up the item(s) from the store provided that it is the same person whose name appears on the receipt as the person who purchased it.

8. You Can Have Costco Jewelry Delivered

If you’re going to shop for Costco jewelry online and then have it delivered to your home, it’s best to plan well in advance.

You can order jewelry as a gift, and have it delivered to the recipient or you can include a gift message for the recipient.

9. Don’t Count On Costco to Resize or Clean Your Jewelry

Costco is a store that sells many different items. Among those items are engagement rings. However, Costco is not a jeweler and cannot provide you with an engagement ring.

The ring, however, had been broken long ago by the previous owner. The customer wanted to see what the store would do with it and how they could make a ring out of it.

Rather to their surprise she told them that it was only broken and to bring it in for repair.

The salesperson also told them that if they haven’t been able to repair it, Costco would have refunded them the purchase price.

However, it is possible to fix the mistake, with a little effort.

10. Resized Costco Jewelry Can be Returned With Caveats

The company makes it really easy to send them back, especially if you’re buying your rings on sale (which they are pretty much all the time).

One thing to remember is that Solitaire rings can, in fact, return. Once you resized the ring, it’s been changed. The only way to return it to its original size is by mail.

11. Don’t Hit up the Costco Jewelry Counter for Loose Gems

Costco only sells finished jewelry pieces, whether it’s rings, necklaces, or earrings, and does not sell loose gems for individual purchases. The only way to find loose gems is to buy them from another store online.

12. You Probably Won’t Find an Experienced Jeweler Behind the Costco Jewelry Counter

There’s no guarantee that the person working the counter was hired because of experience, but it is a requirement for the job.

One of the main complaints with Costco jewelry is that the people selling them are not experts at all, just regular employees.

I’ll leave you with this advice. As experts say, the only thing you need to know is “how to buy a piece” and “how to wear it” and that’s all.

13. You Will Have to Purchase Insurance for Your Costco Jewelry Elsewhere

Costco jewelry cannot, unfortunately, come with peace of mind.

If you are going to get the engagement ring insured, you will have to take into consideration that it constitutes a significant investment which might lead you to consider getting the ring insured through some other source.

14. Costco Jewelry is Sourced Via the Kimberley Process Procedure

Diamonds are a controversial luxury item because of the violence they have been linked to for years.

Costco assures its customers that the diamonds purchased by Costco are sourced through a process that ensures conflict diamonds are not used.

15. Costco Jewelry Probably Isn’t Your Best Bet for an Engagement Ring

The costco has a large variety of beautiful jewelry pieces that you can get for yourself or as a gift.

In addition to lower prices, buying online allows you to get a good sense of how the ring will look on a variety of fingers, and it also means you can get a ring that is sized to your finger.

If you are planning to buy jewelry with diamonds, platinum, or other precious metals, it is a good idea to get your jewelry professionally appraised. Professional appraisers are trained to understand what makes a diamond, platinum, or other metal valuable, so they can provide an accurate report of its actual worth.

If your item is damaged or lost, a professional jeweler will be able to provide you with the best possible repair, replacement, or refund for your jewelry.

For more details, you can read our various Costco clothing return policy, and Costco jewelry return policy related posts.


Costco is a wonderful place to purchase everything you need for your home and your family’s life, but the jewelry department is not the best.

You could use this to check that the noun (jewelry, in this case) and the pronoun are in agreement.

Diamonds at Costco have declined in price and the experts are unsure if the situation will get better.

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