Costco Jewelry Return Policy (Rings, Gold, Damaged Jewelry + More)

Members visit the store to get some great deals on watches, clothes, sports equipment, jewelry, and other items.

If your Costco jewelry purchases are not upholstered or otherwise encrusted in acrylic, the return policy for these types of jewelry is a lot simpler. Basically, you can return any unused, unopened jewelry within 30 days of purchase without any problems.

Costco Jewelry Return Policy In 2022

You can bring the IGI and GIA paperwork to Costco for diamond and gold jewelry only. If you are returning jewelry with values of less than 1 carat, you must bring the IGI and GIA paperwork to Costco. You can then bring the goods to Costco for free.

To learn more about why it is so easy to return jewelry items to Costco, check out our article on the Costco Return Policy.

How Long Do You Have To Return Jewelry Items To Costco?

Although there is no set time limit during which you are allowed to return jewelry items to Costco, it is wise to return your jewelry as quickly as possible when the item in question is not going to be used in the foreseeable future.

Costco’s policy of allowing their customers to return jewelry back to Costco allows customers to get back what they spent on the item.

What Jewelry Items Can You Return To Costco?

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Costco allows members to return their jewelry for a full refund in-store and online.

However, for gold or diamond jewelry which is 1.00 carat or less, you will be given a receipt at the time of return that you must bring along at the time of return to get the pieces checked.

How Can You Return Jewelry Bought On

You can return items purchased on and you can receive a full refund on the item you bought. However, you must pay the shipping and handling fees.

The first option is that you can take the jewelry item to any Costco jewelry counter with IGI and GIA reports and take those reports to the service counter, so they can register the jewelry item’s appraised value in their system.

If your jewelry is of more than 1.00 carat or includes diamond solitaire rings, it will be shipped to the Costco fulfillment center first, then to your home within 5 business days.

This option is a bit more costly and time consuming. You can contact Costco customer support and describe your problem to them.

Costco will ask you for details such as your name, the order confirmation/number, the reason for return and the active status of the card you used for payment.

After Costco has accepted the item, UPS will then pick it up from your doorstep and take it to their warehouse for shipping to their fulfillment center.

Your refund for the payment made by using your debit/credit card will be delivered in up to 2 weeks’ time.

All in all, I can get a quality, high-quality product in the comfort of my own home with a quick online order and next day shipping.

However, Costco does not guarantee that your refund will be processed once the verification is complete.

How Can You Return Jewelry To Costco In-Store?

You can return your jewelry to any Costco warehouse location. Simply head to the service desk of any Costco warehouse and follow the instructions.

If you bought the item on WeChat or Aliexpress, you don’t need to provide the receipt or other documents.

Once you provide these items, a Costco Graduate Gemologist will review your order and verify it as authentic, and it will be shipped out within 4 days.

If the paperwork is in order and it has been confirmed that it is the same as previously bought, you will be refunded through the mode of payment you used at the time of purchase.

If you are not satisfied with your order for whatever reason, please contact us within 3 days or 7 days of delivery.

If you are not satisfied with your order for whatever reason, please contact us within 3 days or 7 days of delivery.

Can You Return Jewelry To Costco Without A Receipt?

According to Costco’s return policy, you do not necessarily need the receipt to be able to return jewelry items, however you must have your Costco membership card and the payment card you used for purchase.

Costco’s new software allows them to see where customers are shopping.

Costco will not accept returns without the necessary documents to process returns. They will not accept returns for items if the GIA report has a lower cut off of 1.50 carats. Costco will also return items with a lower cut off if the GIA report has a higher cut off of 2.00 carats. The reason is that you want to be sure that the item is actually in good condition.

Can You Return Damaged Jewelry Items To Costco?

You should take your damaged items or the receipts from your item to the customer service counter in the warehouse.

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You will receive a refund if you do not provide the IGI and/or GIA documents, you will not receive a refund if you do provide the IGI and/or GIA documents. The time you are working with an IGI/GIA certified appraiser will also play a role in the refund process.

Costco will not repair your jewelry and has no cleaning services. However, they do carry many jewelry supplies so you can use them to buy jewelry repair materials at another location.

If you are not an investor looking for the cheapest cost, it is recommended that you insure your jewelry.

As long as your watch needs fixing or replacing, Costco will attempt to have it fixed or replaced at a reasonable cost for the watch itself. The cost of repairs, replacement, or refund is determined by Costco.

You should have a receipt/invoice with you when you go to the Customer Service counter to have your watch examined.

How Does Jewelry Return At Costco Work For Non-Members?

Costco allows you to return items to members who purchased them at the store, but the policy of not returning items to non-members is the same.

(b) A gift card, gift receipt, or a gift certificate may be provided for any item or service purchased by a member or customer. A gift card, gift receipt, or gift certificate may be provided for any item or service purchased by a member or customer who is not eligible for a customer loyalty membership.

As per Costco’s guidelines, you won’t be able to return the jewelry to Costco, although you can return it to the last person who purchased it.
You can, however, sell the jewelry to someone else and buy the coins in their store instead.

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Conclusion: Costco Jewelry Return Policy

If you’re not a member, you can return your purchased jewelry at any Costco store, or return the item online through the website. Just remember that you have to provide the original receipt or proof of purchase and if the item is more than 1 carat, you’ll need to submit the item for verification.

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