Costco Generator Return Policy (all You Need To Know) 

Although Costco is famous for being super affordable and super wide-ranging, it’s also a wonderful place to return items.

The return of product is usually free. However, some states require the dealer to buy the product back.

Costco Generator Return Policy In 2022!

To return the generator, customers should bring their receipt back to the store and fill out a form on a computer or tablet. They should then bring the generator and the receipt to any Costco location, with an approved warranty representative.

To avoid frustration and headaches, be sure to take the time to read the reviews and learn what you should expect from Costco generators, as well as how they work and how they can help you.

What Do I Need to Return a Generator to Costco? 

You need to bring your generator and purchase a new Costco card. Once you do this, you can bring the old card to Costco to get your money back.

If you have your receipt for the generator with a printout of your order on it, then it could be helpful to have the packaging. This is not mandatory for your return to Costco.

How Do I Return a Generator to Costco? 

You can return a generator you bought at Costco to the Customer Services. Staff will initiate the return.
It will be delivered to the warehouse nearest to your home.

However, sometimes they will issue a refund in store credit, which is usually redeemed within a short amount of time.

If you cannot bring your generator into a Costco store, you can begin your return through Costco’s website with your membership information after logging in.

Once you have your generator in a box, you should send it back to Costco for a replacement. Usually, Costco will cover the shipping fees.

For certain items you may be able to arrange for collection as part of your return.

*You may be able to arrange for the delivery of your return to a specific location.

How Long Do I Have to Return a Generator to Costco? 

Compared to other stores, Costco allows customers to return a generator if the customer is not satisfied with the generator.

One tip to remember is to tell your Costco employees where you bought the generator so you don’t have to go through a lengthy process if you return it before the warranty is expired.

Do I Need a Receipt to Return my Generator to Costco? 

While it is recommended to have a receipt for your Costco return, you do not necessarily need one to return your generator.

Return or Exchange: If you are returning your generator, please return it to the same location as you received it. If you are exchanging it, please have the customer service representative receive the item. If the item was not delivered to you, please provide your zip code on the shipping confirmation.

If you buy a generator on January 1, you can use your Costco membership card, and Costco will print you a duplicate receipt to take to your utility company for a discount. If you buy it on January 2, you won’t be able to use your membership card to get a duplicate receipt and you’d need to remember to pay for the generator at a different location and use a different membership card.

If you are a member of Costco, they can find your transaction with our generator through your membership number.

Can I Return a Used Generator to Costco? 

However, if a generator is still under warranty, please ask customer service. Costco is not authorized to cover damages caused by generator failure.

What is Costco’s Satisfaction Guarantee? 

While it’s not an official policy, Costco offers a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee to members, which means with a few exceptions, customers can return products that they buy from Costco and any time after purchase.

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Costco is pretty consistent about this policy and only allows returns of the item if it has obviously been used. If the product has not been used, the policy states that “other than a warranty issue, customers may not return products for a refund, exchange or credit”.

Do I Need to be a Costco Member to Return a Generator? 

A Costco store in Lakeland, Florida is offering free generators to hurricane victims, as a donation from the company.

Some membership benefits

Use your membership to get discounts at participating retailers, including Costco.

Take advantage of savings and rewards at select restaurants and attractions.

If you are not a member of Costco and purchased a generator with a Costco Cash Card, you will be required to provide a receipt as Costco cannot keep logs of purchases made in this way.

Are Costco Generators Good? 

The Generac 12 kW portable generator is rated at 12,000 watts and has fuel capacity of 10.6 gallons which gives the unit a run time of approximately 20 hours with the fuel tank empty.

If you don’t agree with Costco’s return policy you can find out more about Costco’s return policy, how the return policy is applied, and where you can get your money refunded.


Costco generators are eligible to be returned for their lifetime to ensure customer satisfaction.

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You can either go to Costco and return the generator together with your Costco membership or log in to your account on to return it online.

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