Costco Airpods Return Policy (all You Need To Know)

Costco have stock of electronics such as mobile phones, tablets and accessories from a variety of brands such as Samsung and Apple, and sell them at great prices.

If you’ve bought Apple’s AirPods from Costco and later realized that you’re not satisfied with the product, Costco will accept returns up to 30 days of purchase.

Costco AirPods Return Policy In 2022

If you return your AirPods via free shipping at a nearby Costco warehouse or online between July 22, 2020 and August 6, 2020, the return will be refunded after you provide the original receipt or membership card that you used to purchase the AirPods. You must return all accessories with the original box. For more information, please click here.

If you would like to know more about your rights to return an AirPod set you received as a gift, you can get the answer here.

When Can You Return AirPods To Costco?

You must return your items in the original packaging, and in the same condition that you received it.
Your purchase may only be returned for a refund to the form of payment that you used to purchase the Apple AirPods, and that you are returning within 90 days of purchase.
Your purchase may be subject to a restocking fee, as determined by the manufacturer.

As soon as this period ends you will not be able to return any other product.

There is no legal limit on the amount of time a customer can bring a product back to a store. If your return is within the legal guidelines, the item will be processed and returned to you, subject to the store’s discretion.

How Do You Return AirPods To Costco By Mail?

To get your order started on its way to you, click on the “Order Status” icon on the top right corner of the homepage.

Note that if the total amount of your return is equal to or greater than the purchase price, Costco will charge you the difference.

How Do You Return AirPods To A Costco Store?

You can return AirPods purchased at any of the 558 Costco warehouse locations across America or can be returned to the customer service desk of any nearby store during operating hours.

If AirPods are lost, they are covered by a one-time replacement policy. There are no other exchange or refund options.

To return your eligible old products, please go to the Apple Online Store here: You can make payments for the items using your online Apple Account. After you complete the online purchase, mail the items to us at:



2701 E. Bonanza Blvd.

Although Apple products cannot be returned through self-service, they can be returned at the Apple Store or by contacting customer care.

Can You Return AirPods To Costco Without The Receipt?

Costco won’t accept returns of products like AirPods, and the best way to get them back is to take a screenshot of your order confirmation or receipt.

So you have lost your receipt, and the cashier cannot help you, but you can still get your money back. If you have the unique membership number, the cashier can still look up your transaction using your unique membership number.

For example, if you were the person who purchased those items, you can return them without getting the receipt and paying the original purchase price.

Apple’s support page provides a comprehensive answer with screenshots.
The steps are as follows:

Remove all AirPods and Apple HomePod from your pocket.

Costco will issue you a refund using the same method of payment that you originally used for the purchase. If the order cannot be verified, Costco reserves the right to deny you the refund.

If a store does not have the number you need, call Costco at 1-800-COSTCO to make sure staff can look up membership numbers before you visit.

Can You Return AirPods You Received As A Gift To Costco?

If you bought the AirPods from Costco, you can return them for a full refund.

You will need the original receipt from when the device was purchased; the original membership number, or, if the membership is expired, the membership number from the last payment or replacement.

If the cashier is unable to process the refund the transaction will revert to a credit card cash advance.

Non-members will be able to shop at the store for the same amount of time that other members can shop without a time limit.

Can You Return Opened Or Used AirPods To Costco?

Costco will accept the return of opened Apple Airpods as long as all original accessories (charging case, wires, manuals, etc.) are included.

Costco no longer accepts returns of opened Apple AirPods.

Return process is straightforward and you are able to get your money back.

You can exchange or return your broken AirPods if they were broken within the last 90 days or you are not satisfied with the sound quality.


How Does Costco Issue Refunds?

Costco: We accept back a purchase that is not defective. However, we must ask you to provide documentation that the item in question was not defective. You will be assessed a 15% restocking fee, if the item is returned without proof of not being defective.

If you go to Costco, you probably know what you’re doing. If you get a cash back refund while shopping there’s no way of knowing when the refund is actually processed.

If you only have your Costco card, make sure to bring the exact card number for your return. They will refund the amount to the same card.

In the event that your return is rejected for any reason your authorization is being processed with the credit card on file, we will be contacting you with further instructions.

Do You Need To Give A Reason To Return AirPods To Costco?

It’s likely that Apple will soon release the AirPods Pro as they’ve done with the AirPods. However, Costco is an outlet for the sale of used items and many people might be purchasing these for the first time, especially if you’re buying them through the store’s ‘Buy More, Pay Less’ program.

1. The battery died
2. The charger is not available or not compatible with your device
3. The headphones are defective
4. You are not satisfied with the AirPods.

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Members will receive $10 Off a purchase of $100 or more of any eligible merchandise. Non-members must use coupon code ’10percentoff’ to receive the discount.

1) To get a full refund for the AirPods, Costco will require a receipt or order number.
2) Costco will replace the AirPods with another pair of AirPods.
3) You can return the AirPods to Costco and they will issue you a full refund using the original payment method after seeing a receipt or order number.

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