Costco Appliance Return Policy (fridges, Washers, Past 90 Days + More)

Costco is known for selling bulk products at great prices. Yet, what many Costco shoppers don’t know is they offer an excellent returns policy that allows customers to return everything (even items purchased at Costco) at virtually any time if they are not satisfied.

 When the customer buys the appliances, they have to pay for the appliance as well as the service contract. After the customer takes the appliance home, they have to pay the appliance to the retailer. So, the customer has to pay the retailer to pay the appliance to you. So, basically, the customer pays the appliance twice.

Costco Appliance Return Policy 2022

Costco allows customers to return appliances within 90-days of purchase. Customer are expected to return their appliances to the nearest Costco store. During this return, the customer will receive a refund for the full purchase price of the appliance.

If your appliance doesn’t come with a box or a receipt then we won’t be able to accept it for credit.
Return of goods is strictly by courier only. We’re sorry, but we can’t accept returns of goods without the box or a receipt.

How Long Do I Have To Return Appliances To Costco?

When it comes to appliances such as fridges, ovens, and washers, most of them have different policies and are only returnable for a certain period of time.

If you want to return your goods, you need to return them to us within 90 days of your purchase date. If your membership has expired, you can still return it, but you need to redeem the coupon we sent to you.

You may be able to return an appliance to Costco, but you will be responsible for the cost of shipping and the appliance may have been sold or used beyond its warranty, so be sure to check with Costco about returns before you buy.

The return policy will be decided by the person in charge of the store. You can’t really argue to them for a return and Costco have a great reputation so shop around before you buy.

They will accept returns if:

– The appliance is in good condition.
– It is shipped and in the box.
– It has the receipt and accessories.

It is also possible to get a refund for faulty appliances purchased from Costco if it is due to a fault that should be covered under the warranty.

Can I Return An Appliance To Costco Without The Box?

If you have received your Costco appliance without the original packaging, you don’t have to take the time to return.
However, if you wish to keep the receipt in case you need to return other items, that would be fine.

For example, the dishwasher you purchased at Costco will still require the manufacturer’s box, warranty booklet, and instruction manual.

Can I Return An Appliance To Costco Without A Receipt?

So you have to ask your Costco representative to go to their office and give you a receipt or you would have to go back to Costco and just return it and not make an exchange.

All you need to do is visit the Costco membership counter with your Costco card and the date of purchase of your appliance and the company may be able to produce a duplicate receipt that allows you to file a return.

How Will I Get My Appliance Return Refund From Costco?

In order to get a refund, you’ll need to submit a claim using the Costco return form. You’ll also need to have the original sales receipt.

If you did not receive this payment method, you may be given a Costco Cash Card that is good to be spent only in Costco stores.

Can I Return Appliances Bought With Costco Cash Card?

Costco Shop Cards are available for use by anyone who wants to shop at Costco.

You may only be able to return things you purchased at Costco directly from Costco and not at any other location. You may have to return to the original store where the item was purchased from if you’re using a Costco card as you won’t get reimbursed on another card.

In order to return an appliance, you will need (and keep) the original receipt from the purchase. After checkout, click on the link in the confirmation email stating “Return to Costco” and return the item.

Can I Get My Costco Appliance Return Collected?

If you contact the Costco Customer Care Center they can arrange for someone to collect your large appliance for you.

I’ve got a new dishwasher; it’s light as a feather and can move from the basement to the kitchen.

If you have ordered a product online at, it can be picked up from your home at pre arranged time.

Costco will show you what the appliances and other essentials you can buy and not have to worry about.

Can I Return An Appliance Bought On

Yes, you can return your appliance bought on for any of the following reasons as long as it is within 90 days: no longer wanting the item, an accidental purchase, the item is missing from your order, and duplicate items.
In case of an appliance return, Costco will refund 90% of the purchase price and you will not be billed for the return shipping and handling fee.

You will receive a full refund for the appliance, your shipping and handling fee will be reimbursed, and you won’t be charged for the return shipping to Costco.

Costco will take back your device for you, or you can bring it back to any Costco warehouse for a refund.

For some items bought at you may be required to wait before you can get a refund.

Can I Return A Faulty Appliance To Costco?

You are protected by a warranty on your appliance if you purchase it from Costco and it has a defect. The warranty is normally for one year and you can also get a free one year extended warranty.

As mentioned, contact your Costco customer service representative when you call and let them know you’d like to receive free technical support with your Costco membership. There is no reason to call Costco Tech Support if you are receiving technical support from your Costco membership number but if your Costco membership number has expired and you would like to try to re-activate it, contact the following number.

What Is The Warranty On My Costco Appliance?

Costco does have manufacturer warranties. The company will fulfill the warranty it chooses through which option it chooses. This includes replacing the appliance, refunding the purchase price of the product, or exchanging the product.

If you need to contact the manufacturer, you can do so by calling the manufacturer’s customer service department.

Does Returning An Appliance Impact My Costco Membership?

Costco also says that they may flag members who frequently return high price items and abuse their member privileges, and that they do not want to be a “cash grab or a scam”.

Costco (owned by the Sam Walton family) and other companies have been criticized for this practice.

If you are currently looking at Costco for appliances to buy for your home, and looking at delivery options for the items, also check our Costco appliance delivery service. If you own any appliances that are still under warranty, you may be eligible for a furniture and appliance warranty.


If you are not satisfied with your products, we will accept returns for refund. However, there will be an additional delivery fee to return products back to our stores.

If you purchase an appliance from Costco, you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with the product for 2 years.

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