Target Appliance Return Policy (All You Need To Know)

Target is a popular destination for customers who are looking to purchase high-quality appliances at affordable rates. They sell everything from miniwaffles makers to large refrigerators.

Target is known as a “cheapskate” because they charge you less for an item when you return it for a refund. However, most of their appliances don’t have a warranty, and if you return any appliance and it doesn’t work, you’ll most likely have to pay for delivery charges and to have it shipped back, too.

Target Appliance Return Policy In 2022

Target takes returns within 90 days from purchase with valid receipt or returns barcode as of 2022. Target Circle rewards members and RedCard users get 120 days. Regular-sized appliances can be returned to stores or by mail, whereas heavy appliances must be collected by Target’s pick up service.

If you want to learn more about appliances that you can return without having to pay to return them, whether you can return appliances without a receipt, and whether you can return them without being charged a restocking fee, keep on reading!

How Do I Return Appliances To Target?

Purchasing appliances that are to be returned will be easy, and they can be returned to any Target store. All that is required to do so is to present the sales receipt and to have a valid government-issued photo ID on-hand during the return.

When a customer calls to arrange a return, tell them to send in the original packaging and instructions on how to unbox the item. Do not allow anyone else to unbox it.
Pack the item carefully and securely in its original packaging. Make sure there are no sharp edges or openings.

To take appliances such as microwave ovens, air fryers, toasters, coffee makers, blenders, and electric whisks, please go to the Guest Services counter in the original packing.

Target helps you pick a refrigerator, dishwasher, laundry machine, and so on to suit your needs by offering top brand products.

If you want to return the product, you can do so within 90 days of the purchase date by contacting the manufacturer directly. Just make sure you get the correct model number of the product. Make sure you are clear on the return policy and packaging materials.

As a result of the coronavirus lockdown, many people are not able to go to stores and buy an appliance at all.

 To return an online purchase from an in-store, you must generate a return barcode from the process of returning that purchase in-store.

Your refund amount will be credited to your original payment method, if applicable. No adjustments will be made to purchases made using another card or payment method.

Does Target Pick Up Appliances For Return?

A popular Chinese online shopping brand offers a pick-up service for appliance returns, with customers advised to schedule pick-ups for heavy or oversized appliances for safety reasons.

If you choose to have your packages delivered to your home, Target offers free and easy-to-use delivery and pickup services. Use the link below to view the delivery and pickup options, as they’re available in all 50 states.

Can I Return Appliances To Target Without A Receipt?

If you received a gift card and you do not have the receipt, you can visit the Target Return Center at your local store. You can also use the Target Mobile App to view your receipt history and find coupons for future purchases.

You can login to your GameCredits account and see when and what you purchased.
You can login to the game itself in-game, click on your email, then click on the “orders” page.
You can contact support to request a refund or exchange.
You can request a refund or exchange on the website, as well.

In addition, if you paid by check, the store computer will likely record the information from the check when you make your purchase.
Your bank may also track your purchases. If you use your bank account to pay for purchases, your bank is likely recording the information.

If you are a cashier with Target RedCards, you will be able to verify a payment using your RedCard if you use a blank check from the same checking account.

In addition, if you are a store customer and have an account with Target RedCards, then payments to and from your account can be verified when you present a blank check in person.

Target will allow you to return the item if you do not have an invoice, but you will only receive a merchandise credit.

Can I Return Opened Or Used Appliances To Target?

You have to return the items unopened in the original packaging. The best way to guarantee approval is to return the appliances to the store with the actual receipt.

You should be able to plug your device in and begin charging.

If you received a vacuum cleaner and it arrived damaged or is not working, you can call Guest Services to request a replacement or full refund.

Can I Return Appliances To Target After 90 Days?

If you purchased an appliance that was damaged or faulty.
If you ordered the wrong size or model of appliance.
If you purchased the wrong color or finish of the appliance.

In these cases, the warranty will not be voided.

If you’re target circle member or Target RedCard holder, you may return the appliance within the 120-day return period after its delivery date.

If you are returning an appliance, you may be able to return it once it has been fixed. The deadline would be 90 days, after that you would need to return it.

How Are Appliance Refunds Processed At Target?

For customers who pay with Amazon Pay, they can receive their money within 3 minutes without any wait times.

If the Target RedCard is linked to your debit or credit card, you will have access to money on your card within 1 to 3 business days. If your Target RedCard has its own credit line or you have a prepaid Target card, you will get your funds on your statement within 5 business days.

You may be able to get a full refund of the purchase amount if you get a replacement item or gift card. However, there is a 30 day return policy.

 Consumers who pay with PayPal will receive money from Targetâ€(tm)s gift card program.

How Do I Return An Appliance To Target By Mail?

Log in to your account, and click on the account information button.

1. To delete a credit memo, click on the “Customer Info” tab, then click on the
“Add memo” button.

Target will begin the process of refunding your purchase once they have recieved the product and have inspected it.

To see the returns process for other items, you can see our guides on the Target clothing return policy, the Target mobile phone return policy, and the Target gift card return policy.


Can be returned within 90 days of purchase. Small appliances such as toasters, coffee makers, and microwaves are manageable size and can be returned by mail.

However, large appliances must be collected by Target’s carriers. They will return to Target’s distribution center, and you will be issued a replacement if a receipt or return barcode is provided.

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