Walmart Appliance Return Policy [simply Explained] 

At Walmart, you’ll be able to find a large range of appliances that make everyday tasks a little easier.

Walmart has a return policy for most of the appliances that they sell. Typically they charge 30% for the return fee, and you have to return the appliance within 30 days. If you do not, you are liable for the return fee which varies depending on the appliance.

Walmart Appliance Return Policy 2022

Walmart will start giving customers the option to return appliances starting in 2022 as of 2022. Customers can return appliances in-store, via mail, or scheduled pickup for large goods. If a receipt is provided, Walmart will give a full refund or a store credit – this option only applies to large appliances.

I have purchased [insert retailer] [brand] appliance from [insert retailer] [brand and size] model. I am returning it to [insert retailer] to be exchanged for another [insert retailer] [model] of [insert retailer] [size] but I do not have a receipt.
I have opened the packaging to return the appliance.

How Do I Return An Appliance To Walmart Stores?

Walmart will happily process returns on most household items (within 90 days of purchase). However, customers are advised to return large items such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers online (see more below).

Associates are also trained to process returns of other household appliance models for stores.
There may be different models of appliances in the store, and the associates are trained to process them all.
The associates process the returns of the appliances as per the process steps detailed above.

You can receive a refund for your purchase if you show your purchase receipt or prove you made a purchase online at [link].

You will not be able to process a refund for a purchase using your Debit Card if you have already completed a return. I believe you will need a credit card that you made the purchase with in order to process the refund as Walmart only accepts credit cards.

Does Walmart Pick Up Appliances For Return?

Walmart also reminds all customers that there is a $25 overnight shipping fee applicable to large items returned to Walmart.

Once you’ve submitted your return with the label, the package will be sent to our warehouse.

To speed up the returns process, we recommend contacting us at to get a prepaid UPS return label via email.

Also, make sure you are putting the appliance in its original packaging with all additional accessories (cables, etc.).

Can I Return Appliances Without A Receipt To Walmart?

The most common items to return without a receipt are electronics like computers, printers, and e-readers, but many stores will also allow you to return clothing and shoes, too.

You can either return it to a Walmart associate who will organize a replacement, or send it back for a store credit refund. As well, Walmart associates reserve the right to deny any returns without a receipt.

Can You Return Appliances To Walmart Without A Box Or Opened Box?

Yes, Walmart will pay you back for your purchase if it is an authentic product (it must be in the box and have the original receipt).

Walmart also has a policy that they will not offer a refund or exchange on products that have no packaging.

A search of a local Walmart will generally return products that fit the unique identifier, but it might return unwanted products as well.

While this may be true, if you are in a hurry, you can just put the item in a bag and leave it in your shopping cart.

How Will I Be Refunded By Walmart When I Return Appliances?

Customers that paid for appliances using a Debit/Credit card will be required to bring the exact card they paid with when they return an appliance in store.

You could also use your bank card to pay (which requires you to provide the merchant with the necessary details). After your return has been processed, the refund can take 7 business days to appear in your bank account.

if you’ve delivered an appliance to the Walmart store and the payment is not picked up by the store, it will take up to 2 weeks for the payment to process.

This means that if you purchased a refrigerator using a Walmart gift card, the refunded amount will go onto a new gift card with that exact same amount.

Can I Return Specialty Appliances At Walmart?

You can return it! If it’s not what you wanted or it’s defective, you can return it.

Customers will have 90 days from receipt or delivery of specialty appliances such as vacuum cleaners, hot dog steamer, bread makers, popcorn machines, and fondue pots. If the customer does not return the goods, the store will not provide a full refund. The store can give the customer store credit, or return merchandise to a manufacturer so a replacement can be made. The customer will pay return shipping.

Make sure you bring your receipt, valid government ID, or order number.

Can I Return Appliances Purchased On Walmart Marketplace?

We do not refund shipping, processing or handling fees for returned products and, unfortunately, we cannot offer exchange or credit for products purchased on

All sellers have their own policies, but the one that usually holds this information is the seller themselves.

To return, you will need to contact the seller, and they may charge a fee for returning the appliance to them. You will also need to return the original box and all packaging materials along with the appliance.

How Do I Return An Appliance To Walmart Via Mail?

You may like to search for your Walmart account online. Go to, click the link there and you can view your recent order and delivery history.

This feature is used to return the purchase, and you may proceed to check the purchase receipt. To return the purchase by mail, you should select the ‘Return by mail’ option.

 There’s a limited number of parcel pick-up locations per FedEx or USPS order and you’ll be charged a fee for returning the parcel, depending on the location. You’ll also need to be aware that the return location needs to be within 10 miles of where the parcel is delivered to you.

Can I Use Mobile Express To Return Appliances At Walmart?

Customers can send items back to for a refund using the mobile express returns. The reason the appliance needs to be reasonably sized is that it must be returnable due to the size requirements of the courier company.
These requirements are outlined in the mobile express return.

If yours was a purchase with Walmart Pay, there are two different ways you can still receive your discount. If you don’t have an account with Walmart Pay, then contact us, as this is only for Walmart account holders and their purchases made with Walmart Pay.

To purchase something on your favorite retailer, you’ll head over to the app.

You can return any of the appliances listed on the website and you can select the express returns as your method.

In the next step you need to decide where your appliance should be delivered to.

If you want to learn more, you can find out about our posts on Walmart delivery driver, if Walmart trade-in products, and Walmart TV warranty.


Customers are able to return appliances, electronics, and other purchased items within 180 days of purchase. Exceptions include appliances that are purchased from and third-party sellers. You’ll receive a full refund on items purchased from (including free return shipping). Items purchased from third-party sellers are eligible for a full refund, but not for a return shipping charge.

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