Best Buy Appliance Return Policy (fridges, Cooktops, Microwaves + More)

Best Buy offers its customers the best electronics deals and also offers a feasible return policy on almost all its items, which has earned it a large consumer base over time.

Kitchen appliances are among the most purchased electronics. It’s important to know, what is Best Buy’s appliance return policy? For more information, keep reading!

Best Buy Appliance Return Policy In 2022

As of 2022, Best Buy will be accepting returns of appliances such as fridges, cooktops, ovens, and microwaves. The company will not charge a refund fee if you return an unopened item to the store. No matter which membership you have, Best Buy will not charge you a restocking fee if the item is returned.

To get more details about Best Buy return policy and restocking fee, read through.

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Does Best Buy Allow Appliance Returns?

Although Best Buy allows customers to return appliances as long as it is within the stipulated 15-days period, however, the company also requires the customers to call the customer care number given on the tag of the appliance to make the return.

Best Buy says that you should keep your appliances in like-new condition. You can show proof of purchase when you return the appliance.

If you are returning the Appliance to the store, acceptable proof of purchase includes; purchase receipts or packing slips, and a valid ID photo.

You can return the item packaging when you return the item. Best Buy charges a return fee if you return any items without package.

Can I Return A Damaged Oven To Best Buy?

If your oven was damaged during shipping, Best Buy will arrange for a new oven to be delivered to your home. You’re also entitled to a rebate if you were not using the oven within the first 60 days of its purchase.

However, if you can prove that the oven has been damaged in transit from Best Buy, Best Buy may refuse to pay your return.

If your appliance is broken or not working, Best Buy suggests customers should not call the store. However, if you call them at an off-hours, you will get a live person to resolve your issue.

Keep in mind that the same rules apply to microwave ovens, kitchen stoves, and other cooking and heating appliances.

Is It Possible To Return A Refrigerator To Best Buy If It Does Not Fit?

Return a refrigerator to Best Buy when the refrigerator does not fit in a wall.

You will get a big refund if you have a larger refrigerator than what you need. However, if you have a smaller fridge. Best Buy will reimburse the difference that you paid.

1. Standard Refrigerators are eligible for Replacement and Refund and Replacements must be returned within 90 days of purchase.
2. Freezers are eligible for Refund and Replacement. Refunds and Replacements must be returned within 30 days of purchase.
3. All other refrigerators are eligible for Replacement and Refund provided that the Refund is equal to or less than 50% of the purchase price of the item.

If you are installing a new refrigerator, you can either go with the same refrigerator model as your old refrigerator or go for a refrigerator of a different type.

What If I Return A Damaged Appliance Via Mail, Will Best Buy Accept It?

When shipping a damaged appliance back to us, you’ll get a replacement unit and a $50 credit to be used on another appliance.

There will be a charge of $20 for each replacement order. This charge will be automatically added to your credit card.

If you return your appliance through the mail, then you don’t have to worry about shipping and handling fees.

Can I Return A Cooktop With No Receipt To Best Buy?

I just got my LG cooktop. I have to return it because I didn’t receive a receipt even though it was returned within the 15 day period.

When you purchase a item in our app, you must provide an alternative proof of purchase, such as a credit card.

If you lost your purchase receipt for your Kitchen Aid cooktop with 4 burners and a microwave, you could still return it to Best Buy.

The return policy may not be valid when you are returning your item. We can not process your return if the original return policy does not apply to your item.

I am going to make an exception for microwaves because they are pretty damn awesome.

Does Best Buy Accept Open Box Appliance Returns?

Returned items are not eligible for return unless they are in new-like and in original package condition.

Freezers, Refrigerators, and Dishwashers that are being sold at Best Buy.

You may be able to return a good open box appliance if it’s not damaged or defective.

Please be sure to remove any accessories and packaging before you pack the product with the rest of your items. Failure to do so will result in a deduction fee.

 Open Box appliances must be returned within 15 days of receiving. Customer is responsible for shipping, if applicable.

Does Best Buy Charge A Restocking Fee on Appliances?

This is true. If your appliance has a manufacturer’s warranty, you can take it to the store where you purchased it, and you will not be charged an additional fee for a return.

If you return the appliance within the return period, it can be accepted for return.

Can I Return An Appliance Purchased As A Gift To Best Buy?

It seems that Best Buy does not accept any returns of merchandise bought on the Internet or ordered from an “unusual location”, such as a third-party retailer. Instead, return forms are available in the U.S.

This offer for returning gifts is valid at any Best Buy store location in the United States.

The gift may be returned in store, or via mail, within 14 days from the gift date of purchase.

Does Best Buy Offer Pick Up Services When Returning Appliances?

Yes, Best Buy offers you to come pick-up the appliance at your convenience, if you live nearby, the manager of the store will issue you a fee depending on the weight of the appliance.

Best Buy will only pick up the appliance for return if you can allow Best Buy agents into your home as a safety measure for both the client and the delivery partners, and of course you would not allow an agent into your home if you are not satisfied with the product.

You will be able to schedule a pick up service for your refrigerator or oven through online. You can also make an in-store pick-up for those appliances you are returning today.

Once you know the Best Buy return policy, you should also read Best Buy’s return policy after 15 days, Best Buy’s return policy without receipt, and if Best Buy checks serial numbers.


They are considering major appliances. They want anyone who returns them to give them back within 15 days.

Best Buy’s return policy is equally fair to all customers, including Basic, Plus, and Premier Customers.

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