Costco Drone Return Policy (open, No Box + More) 

Drones are becoming quite popular among people who are interested in taking amazing photos and videos, and Costco has stocked a variety of drones such as various DJI models.

If you’re looking to learn about Costco’s drone return policy, here is everything I’ve discovered about it!

– To the right, we have a map of Costco’s locations. If you’re buying drones, be sure to make sure you’re looking at the map for the store you want to purchase the drone from!

Costco Drone Return Policy In 2022 

Costco will be refunding drone purchases if customers ship their items back to the warehouse instead of receiving a refund. Members who want to return the products must bring their Costco membership card to the store to receive a refund. The drones can be returned to a nearby store, or customers can ship it to a Costco warehouse for free.

The Amazon link for this product is not working, so I had to find a local store to get a review copy. Unfortunately, they do not know how to handle returns. They only provide a return shipping label and will not accept a return if the item is damaged. I sent it to, and they accepted it without charging the cost of return shipping.

Can I Return A Drone If I’m Not A Costco Member? 

I hate to tell you this, but that store is not only cheap, it also makes great coffee.

If you bought your drone as a gift and you want a store-authorized exchange, you should speak with the person who originally purchased the drone from you.

If you’re a friend of the original purchaser (or a family member), you can also exchange it with them.

However as mentioned above, you do receive a receipt for your return, and you can print it from the ‘Returns Information’ page which can be found in the link above (at the very bottom).

In addition to refunding online purchases, refund deposits are credited to the card originally used to make the purchase, which has proven to be quite popular and convenient.

How Do I Return A Drone To Costco? 

Costco is the only retailer with locations in the U.S. that offer drone delivery service. Customers can return their drone at any of the Costco warehouses they’ve visited.

If any parts of the drone or charger are damaged or missing, it will be our responsibility or the manufacturer of that part, and you will be responsible for any damage.

The warehouse manager will make the final decision on your return. This decision will depend on the condition of the drone.

Can I Return Opened Drones To Costco? 

A 100% return guarantee means you can buy with confidence, knowing you can get your money back if you don’t want the item you bought.

However, in case you were not offered the full refund, we’ll still do our best to get you part of it. Please include some information about your package (such as the packaging and accessories, the date of purchase, your receipt, and the reason for a refund).
So the part about including the receipts is not a typo.

Can I Return A Drone To Costco Without The Receipt?

If you choose to return with your membership card, you’ll want to be ready to provide all the information that is needed to process your return.

If you do not have a membership card, a team member will look up your purchase history using your email and begin the refund from there.

If your drone is damaged in any way, you may still be able to return it to Costco, but it will still be at the purchaser’s (Costco’s) expense.

To make the most of this deal, you can contact Costco’s customer service department to check on an order that has not arrived yet.

Can I Return A Drone Bought On

If you have a Costco membership, you can return your drone at any Costco store by visiting your nearest Costco or by calling 1-800-242-7776. Otherwise, you can find a drop-off location in your area by going to the Costco website.

Because there is no need to return the drone, you can use this as a great free shipping deal.
You do have to return the drone if you change your mind, however. Just keep in mind that the return shipping is free through Costco but returns through the USPS are $7.99.

When you return your drone to the nearest Costco warehouse, you should not be charged for the return shipping of your drone, the shipping fee for your drone and the drone’s carry bag.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information about this.

Can I Return A Damaged Drone To Costco?

If you return your drone in a damaged state, you can expect to receive a partial refund in the amount of the purchase price, plus any applicable fees (e.g. service charge).

If you have a damaged or faulty drone, you should contact the manufacturer and ask for a replacement or return the drone.

But, in any other case, the warehouse manager will decide whether to return your drone with or without offering you a replacement.

There are a few drones you should know about when you go to buy a drone for the first time. We’ve covered drone return policies of other retailers, but what about Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart? We’ll tell you.


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