Are Amazon Airpods Real? (Don’t Make These Mistakes)

If you can’t get the earphones that are created by Apple, don’t worry. There are many replicas that are just as popular! One of their most popular products that are replicated is the AirPods.

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Are Amazon AirPods Real In 2022?

Amazon sells Apple AirPods branded like the Apple store would sell them. They are shipped in the original Apple iPhone box, with a serial number on the Airpod set itself to confirm on Apple also owns the trademark on the phrase “in the box,” which makes it hard to hide the Apple AirPods in a box that is not actually Apple branded.

If you’d like to learn more about the AirPods, check out the article by reading through these tips and answers to the frequently asked questions!

Are Amazon AirPods Good Quality?

Because Amazon is an authorized reseller of Apple products, their stock of Airpods is just as high quality as those purchased from the Apple Store!

Amazon can also be found in the web browser of all mobile devices, or through the Amazon mobile app.

In the image above, the first and second pair of headphones are fake
AirPods. The third pair of headphones is a wireless Bluetooth earbuds
that mimic the AirPods.

Usually, the price tag is around 10% of that of the real product. People that are selling these fake products are known to have fake reviews on their products to inflate their quality.

For anyone who has been looking to buy a genuine pair of AirPods on Amazon, the set always comes in Apple branded packaging which features a code which can be compared to

Do Amazon AirPods Work?

Many reviewers have reported that they work well, have a good Bluetooth connection, and have good sound quality. It is also said that it’s easy to pair and sync with their iPhones.

Other reviews state that the AirPods has a long lasting battery, and can be recharged easily. With the fast charging feature, customers can travel with AirPods easily without having to stop and charge them.

Also, most reviews state that the AirPods have a fast charging time, making them a great tool for people who usually travel between jobs.

If customers would like to read more reviews on the Airpods, they can read more reviews on the Airpods product page!

How Can I Tell If My Airpods Are Real?

If you receive a third-party product that is not the same as the original product, you may not be able to get the original product.

Check the serial number located underneath the bottom piece of the headphones, and look for the model number.
If the headphones have been refurbished, the serial number will be a standard Apple serial number.

Check the serial number of the adapter:

To do this, you need to go to Settings and then click on About or more specifically Device Manager. In there you will see the serial number of the device.

You can easily connect to an Apple device through the cloud.

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