What Is The Walmart Savings Catcher? (all You Need To Know)  

Customers who shop at Walmart expect prices to be low. Also, when they find something they like and don’t want to pay more for it, they believe Walmart will sell it to them at a low price.

So, you want to know if you’re getting the best price at Walmart.com? If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. Today, I’m going to tell you about Walmart’s Saving Catcher tool, and if you use one, you can get the best price at Walmart.com.

What Is the Walmart Savings Catcher In 2022?

Walmart had a feature called Savings Catcher on the Walmart app in which the app would automatically compare prices in the app to prices on Amazon and Walmart’s own website. That feature is no longer available as the prices on Amazon and Walmart’s own website are typically the lowest available.

If you’re not in the US, Canada, Mexico, or Puerto Rico, you might want to read through this short article to see if one of those countries still allow you to get the Walmart app and use the Savings Catcher tool.

What Is the Purpose of the Walmart Savings Catcher App?

Previously, customers could use the Walmart Savings Catcher tool in the Walmart app to compare price differences from top stores in their local area.

Customers could check if Walmart offered the best possible price for an item before they purchased it, so they could make sure to get the best price.

Customers could have received the price difference on their Walmart eGift card by activating the Savings Catcher tool when making a purchase from Walmart.

Is the Walmart Savings Catcher App Still Available?

If you would like to check your Savings Catcher balance you can still do so by logging into your Walmart account on the web and clicking on “Savings” and then on “Catcher” in the left-hand menu.

While Walmart has an app, it has not updated its design. It still requires Android and iOS, but the application was designed around an old operating system.

Why Did Walmart Discontinue the Walmart Savings Catcher App?

Essentially, Walmart decided to discontinue the Savings Catcher tool because it had served its purpose, in that it had been in place for a long time, but the goal of the tool was never reached due to the change in the way people shop. By the way, it’s unclear whether or not this decision had anything to do with the current controversy surrounding Walmart’s CEO, and the recent rise of populism within US politics.

Walmart says they offer the lowest price. Typically Walmart offers slightly more for shipping than the other stores.

The Savings Catcher tool in Walmart also worked very hard at lowering prices on essential and nonessential products, so that people could save money.

Hence, Walmart almost always provides the lowest price on any item that is available on the internet.

But, when you first sign up for the site, you can still save as much as possible by filling out all of your profile information, and that money can help lower your overall bill.

How Did the Walmart Savings Catcher App Work?

The Savings Catcher tool let customers check the price of items on Walmart.com before they placed a new order.

Walmart has begun to let customers use their online and mobile store to buy gift cards.

If you received a receipt that included coupons or offers, the Savings Catcher could automatically apply those offers to your groceries.

Walmart will notify you by email if they find a lower price at an online store that offers free returns, and reserve the right to make the competition anonymously known to you.

Walmart eGift card that’s for the difference that was saved by using the Savings Catcher site.

Does Walmart Price Match?

Walmart will price match for items in which there is a lower in-store price, but you will have to go directly through Walmart.com and use the product barcode.

You have to be a current customer of the business you are trying to match a price with. In addition, your purchase must be made in the United States since the matching price will be based on the price of the United States dollar.

Also, Walmart notes that it has the right to verify the price and availability of the item with the same description based on size, model, quantity, brand, or color.

The supervisor can limit one customer to price match that customer to one of his or her items.

Walmart stopped using the Savings Catcher tool. Because it couldn’t find a way to price match for the same reason it stopped using the tool.

Does Walmart Still Have a Mobile App?

Walmart.com has a mobile app available for tablets and phones. The free app is available at the app store.

What Can You Use the Walmart App For?

Walmart’s mobile app allows you to shop for everything on your grocery list and save money and time when you’re at Walmart.

You can use Walmart as a way to pay at Walmart with the Walmart Pay feature and for the Walmart Mobile Pharmacy feature.

You can use it for any of your purchase at Walmart at Walmart. It’s 100% secure and you don’t have to use your wallet.

If you’re worried about making a mistake when filling a prescription, Walmart Mobile Pharmacy makes it easy to double check the amount and type.

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It’s sad that the Saving Catcher tool is no longer available in the Walmart app, because it was one of the most efficient ways to save money on everyday items. However, Walmart thinks that the Savings Catcher tool did its job, so it feels that the tool has worked hard enough and that it should be retired.

However, Walmart will price match identical items, however, the in-store price must be lower than the price found on Walmart’s website.

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