What Sets Off Walmart Door Alarms? [must Read!] 

Walmart is losing billions of dollars (or more) a year through theft of merchandise. They take security and tracking incredibly seriously.

Walmart door alarms consist of two different RFID systems. One of these systems is used for entry control. The other is used for exit control. I read the code for each of these systems so that I could put them together and see what the combination was. I started with the entry control so I could figure out how it worked.

What Sets Off Walmart Door Alarms In 2022?

Walmart door alarms are set off by RFID tags and magnetic tag labels. Typically, Walmart attaches these security tags to TVs, books, clothing, video games, console controls, and makeup. If a Walmart door alarm is triggered, Walmart’s personal may check your belongings or receipt.

In order to better protect your money and your private information, Walmart now requires an electronic verification for all transactions.

How Do Walmart’s Door Alarms Work?

The security sensors are placed on either side of the public entrance and exit doors, which are activated by the security tag.

A shoplifting system will respond to the audio signal coming from the door, sounding a response, alerting the authorities of possible shoplifting.

How Do Walmart Security Tags Work?

Walmart is most likely using radio frequency tags, AutoPeg tags, or magnetic labels to secure their goods.

Live tags must be removed by the store associate or the item will be removed from the shelf. Do not try to remove the tag yourself!

If a customer were to attempt to remove the tag themselves from the garment, they run the risk of setting off a separate alarm or cause the item permanent, irreversible damage.

Which Items Does Walmart Security Tag?

When Walmart attaches the security tags to a high-value item, they also attach a hidden QR code on the tag. That QR code can be scanned using Walmart’s app to be linked to the item’s inventory data on Walmart’s website.

People who steal will steal items in the most advantageous locations.

Walmart would rather leave certain goods in their inventory and reduce their own profits by not having items such as candy bars, toilet paper, and unloaded gift cards as they will not incur a significant loss in terms of revenue should they be stolen.

What Happens If I Accidentally Set Off Walmart Alarms?

If you don’t want to get hurt and you have innocently triggered a door alarm, simply wait at the exit for a store associate to approach you.

You may find that your items are not tagged at all. In that case, you must provide a proof of purchase in order to claim a refund.

Security tags for Walmart items will set the alarm off, and if you are not familiar with the store you need to go to for help, all stores have customer service available to them in their stores.

Do Barcodes Set Of Walmart Door Alarms?

No, a barcode will not set Walmart’s door alarms off. Barcodes are only compatible with store scans which indicate an individual item’s price and product information. RFID tags frequently have an accompanying barcode, which will set the alarm off.

Do Walmart Identify Thieves That Avoid Door Alarms?

CCTV cameras, that are installed by Walmart, allows the detection of shoplifters, even if they try to avoid the alarms.

The company also undertakes to conduct stock checks which reveal missing or unauthorized merchandise.

If you want to learn more, then I suggest that you check my guides on why people don’t steal from Walmart and other stores.

Conclusion: What Sets Off Walmart Door Alarms?

Walmart’s door alarms are triggered when there is an active security tag attached to your package.

Security tags could be removed by the cashier if you’ve accidentally sounded an alarm from your security tags. However, security tags must be deactivated from your receipt if you’ve accidentally sounded the alarm.

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