Can You Try On Bras At Target? (fittings, Change Rooms + More)

Target’s great selection doesn’t come at a high price either! Target is a great shopping place, because you can find everything for your family at Target.

I decided to run an experiment to determine if you can try on bras at Target. Here is what I found out. I learned that Target offers many lingerie options online, in-store, and at other stores.

Can You Try On Bras At Target In 2022?

Target is testing a bra fitting room, but it’s only for women that have tried on at least a few bras at the store previously. They’ll be able to try on a wide range of bras from many different brands and sizes. There will be no need for customers to remove tags or security devices off of clothes.

For more information and tips on trying on bras, including brands, sizes, and how to adjust yours to best fit, keep reading!

Where Can You Try On Bras At Target?

Target has a fitting room at the back of the clothing department, typically quite close by the intimates and sleepwear section.

Customers can try on bras in fitting rooms but might have to limit the number in the room at a time to prevent theft.

To ensure that the lingerie does not have tags or security devices removed, make sure that you don’t try on the lingerie.

Does Target Do Bra Fittings?

Unfortunately, Target is not able to offer bra fittings in-store at any location. Target associates are not trained in how to properly measure and fit women for garments such as bras.

Even if it is a size that doesn’t exist, or a size that doesn’t fit, you still can find the bra size that matches your own dimensions.

How Do You Size A Bra At Target?

If you are measuring yourself, use the size chart posted in the bra fitting service section of the lingerie department in-store to measure your band size and cup size.

If you are shopping online, you can check out the size you think you are at the website and compare it to your sister sizes.

What Kinds Of Bras Does Target Carry?

Target’s online intimates section offers many types of lingerie in many brands. Customers can browse by bra style, underwire, padding, and more.

The first thing to check is the cups. We recommend that each bra cup should measure at least 36 and 48 cm. The band size should be a minimum of 30 cm.
The cups should have a narrow profile and should be sewn with the seams running a little diagonally.

What Sizes of Bras Does Target Carry?

The size of the bra you select will determine the size of the boobs cups you will receive. The band size is in a range from 30 to 40.

The Target brand of sleepwear also carries bras designed to support during the night, ranging in sizes from XS to 4X.

Can You Return Bras To Target?

Yes, bras are one of the easiest to return. With almost a thousand styles and colors to choose from, you can easily find a perfect fit. Target returns bras are in good condition, but if the tags are missing or torn, you have to make sure the item is unworn and in new condition.

If the tags have been removed, and you can still return the item for a refund, you can still return the item without tags up to 90 or 120 days with the receipt or card used for purchase to verify it.

You can see our other posts on related topics such as this article on the Target return policy, this page on the Target return policy, and this article on Walmart’s return policies.


Although some customers can try on bras at Target before purchasing, Target does not provide in-store bra fitting services, so customers are still expected to measure and determine the size themselves. Target also stocks a wide range of bras, so it’s a great place to look for a new bra, regardless of fit.

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