Does Walmart Take Coupons? (full Policy Explained)

Walmart is a brand known for offering many products, including groceries, kitchenware, electronics and clothes for cheap prices.

Many consumers assume that the stores don’t accept coupons, but that isn’t always the case. The stores make money for a variety of reasons, but coupons offer one of the best ways to help them. Discount department stores and grocery stores benefit from accepting coupons for several reasons.

Does Walmart Take Coupons In 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart will accept a wide range of coupons in a store. These coupons can include manufacturer coupons, printable coupons, Catalinas, and combo coupons. Unfortunately, Walmart does not allow customers to stack coupons for the same product.

So, are you ready for an exciting “couponing” experience at Walmart? If so, then before you buy next week’s groceries, let’s cover Walmart coupon basics so you can get started saving money! In this presentation, we’ll discuss everything you need to know to get started with Walmart coupons and how to maximize your savings!

Walmart’s Coupon Policy

Walmart offers many great promotions online, but to ensure savings and save time at checkout, make sure to review the policy on-line with your phone or make a printed copy.

* Coupons are sent out via USPS mail.
* Coupons are only valid on an item’s advertised in-store value.
* Coupons cannot be used twice or exchanged for cash.

This policy statement details exactly what coupons they will accept, such as coupons from manufacturer’s printed on the coupon, coupons that are in the store, and coupons that are received directly from a customer.

To get more information about Walmart’s coupon policy, you can ask the store manager or call Walmart Customer Service at 1-800-WALMART.

Tips for Using Coupons at Walmart

If you’re new to Walmart, you need to know your rights and responsibilities! If you’ve shopped there before, you might have already done the “homework” but in case you haven’t, here are 2 things that I recommend you do before you go.

Shop with a list, or one you created. To make it easier to plan your meals and snacks throughout the week, make a list of your pantry and freezer items and a list of what you plan to buy at Walmart.
Don’t forget to keep a list of special items or items you have coupons for. This will make it easier to find them when you go to check out.

Extreme Coupon Prep

To coupon well, you have to learn to do the math. You have to know how much you’re getting for the value of the coupons you’re using. In the end, you probably won’t be going to the extreme level of some couponers that spend 40 hours a week to get the value.

When it comes to coupon stacking, Walmart is the “Big M” but you can still use your coupons creatively and get the best prices possible.

Use Coupons at Self-Checkout  

Checking out at Walmart is a time saver if you don’t need a lot of items or have become good at using coupons.

Scan the coupons just like you scan the items you’re purchasing. There’s usually a slot available to deposit your used coupons as well.

You can learn the details in the official Facebook documentation page [^]. Note that you must first [^] the Facebook App to enable the use of Facebook Coupons.

Shopping Apps Are Your Friend 

Walmart also has a policy that allows you to use one rebate on each item that you purchase at that particular store. Walmart has teamed up with other retailers and companies to help the consumers save money. One example is that you can buy items from iBotta and then use the cash back from that you earn from the coupons to make savings.

An app that helps you check inventory in advance can help you to make sure the items you use coupons for are actually in stock.

Watch for Lowest Base Prices

You should do your best to match your coupons with sales to save even more money. The best-buy feature on the app will show you the lowest price in case you’re missing a sale. The app lets you know when a sale is occurring, so you won’t miss any.

Save Those Catalinas

There are several ways to get free printable coupons, but the easiest is to shop at your favorite retailers and find the coupon codes at the bottom of your receipt. Then, just enter the codes online at MyVIP Coupons. They may even offer an app so you can pull up these deals on your phone! To get started, click Get Coupons at MyVIP Coupons.

Walmart’s “Savings Catcher” Program

The “Savings Catcher” program used to function like this: If you found a lower price on a comparable item, Walmart would tell you and then match it.

However, if you used this program and have a balance on your Walmart eRewards program, you will need to apply your balance to purchases at Walmart first before you can add or apply an other eRewards program credit.

Where Can You Find Coupons to Use at Walmart?

– Look for the “Get a Jump Start on Saving with the Walmart Coupon Book” ad that can be found at local Walmart stores.
– Download the store’s app, which lets you look up coupons and enter them into a store scanner.
– Use the Walmart mobile coupons website on your smartphone to find coupons.
– Download the app that can scan in the store’s coupons.

The Walmart price matching guide will give you a look at how Walmart price matches their prices, Walmart hacks, if Walmart has layaway, and Walmart rollback.

Final Thoughts

If you save up to $1500 a year and you have a $25000 home, you will have $15000 extra a year to have a down payment for a home of your own. That can save you hundreds of dollars a month in rent.

CPG companies are also saying that only about 1% of shoppers are redeeming coupons, resulting in about $465 billion worth of coupons going unused. Bet you’re ready to consider using coupons at Walmart now!

I’ll help you get started with coupons by showing you how to find them and where to find them. You also need to know what types of coupons are available–that is, you need to know about manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and printable coupons.

The longer you use coupons the more comfortable and familiar you’ll be with using coupons and the better prepared you’ll be when it comes to applying them. As you get better at using coupons you’ll be able to save more money!

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