How To Extreme Coupon At Walmart (9 Different Methods)

Walmart spends a lot of time and money to save money, to ensure that money spent will be the best amount possible. This article will discuss 3 ways that Walmart does this.

When customers do not find coupons on the shelves of Walmart, there could be a problem with the coupons being expired.

As we all know, Walmart is the best and largest store in the world. Most people are willing to pay for it, and if you want to save money, then you need to know how Walmart does it. This is my guide on how to do so!

How Do You Extreme Coupon At Walmart In 2022?

If you want to get more insight into the different extreme couponing methods at Walmart, keep reading.
– [Narrator] We’ve been teaching people how to use the coupon matchups for a couple weeks now.
And it’s been great to see where people’s minds have taken us.
Coupon matchups will always vary, it’s what makes them extreme.
And today we’re going to talk about the top 8 extreme couponing methods at Walmart.

1. Understand Walmart’s Coupon Policy

Learn how to use coupons correctly and learn how to shop at Walmart for the best savings.

This is why a customer would run into trouble when shopping at stores owned by the big box, large format stores such as Walmart, Supercenter, etc.

Walmart may stop selling your favorite products or may not allow you to get a discount.

That means, when you get a price matched item at Walmart, you are paying full price.

2. Use Competitors’ Coupons

Although Walmart doesn’t offer price matching on its own, it allows you to use other retailers’ coupons and get a refund.

When buying online, Walmart is not one that will give you much discounts. When buying from another online store, you will save a lot of money.

Be for the same product as your own coupon.
Be on the same site.
Be valid at the same time.
Be printable and take up the same real estate as your own coupon.

Finally, if the competitor’s coupon does meet all of the eligibility criteria listed above, then you should be able to use it alongside your own.

3. Look For Manufacturer’s Coupons

Fortunately, you can buy the item at a different store where you’ll get a different manufacturer’s coupon.

The manufacturer will also provide coupons to shoppers through the in-store promotional methods such as handing out coupons and discounts at stores which sell the items. The coupons are provided so that there will be an incentive for customers to go to the stores and collect the deals offered by the company.

Â* You cannot use manufacturer’s coupons while you are purchasing a product.

4. Keep Catalina Coupons

Some Walmarts have put up some kind of box of Catalina coupons at the checkout counter.

Use an unlimited number of Catalina coupons for any product.
Catalina discounts and offers are only valid for purchases made on
Catalina coupons are not valid for any items purchased on
Catalina coupons are not valid for any items with a manufacturer coupon code.
Catalina coupons are not valid for gift cards.
Catalina coupons cannot be redeemed for cash or combined with other coupons or offers.

5. Utilize Coupon Overages

I used to think that you had to be at least 25 before
getting an overage coupon, but I think it’s more complicated than
that. At least, that’s what the store’s manager told me.

I agree.

One of the ways that Amazon offers a better deal than other online retailers is by making it easy for you to compare price and choose the best deal.

Walmart will refund you the difference of your purchase if it turns out that the coupon code is out of stock or invalid.

6. Use Money-Making And Money Saving Apps

These money-making and saving apps can help you save money using coupons.

These apps are most effective on the top of the list and are important to extreme savings at Walmart.

To use these apps, you should use your coupons to purchase your item, then take the item to your nearest in-store register to receive your rebate.

It’s not going to work if you only try to claim rebates that you don’t actually need.

If you buy an item that you already have or have no intention of selling, you aren’t going to get any rebate.

7. Look For Some Printable Coupons

There is a good chance that you can save money by purchasing your groceries at online stores because some will provide special discounts to those who use their services.

When an internet source can prove to be a great source for printable coupons that you can redeem at Walmart, so too can a paper source be a great paper source for printable coupons that you can redeem at Walmart.

8. Always Look Out For Markdowns

An extremely simple method of searching for extreme coupons at Walmart is by looking out for markdowns by Walmart.

Walmart doesn’t offer a lot of deep discounts, but it can still offer some good savings, especially when you use the right techniques.

You should try to save money by using coupons on items with clearances and markdowns, where applicable.

9. Utilize The Savings Catcher App

Since Walmart doesn’t match prices through the app, it can still match prices even when not offering a price match.

If you Scan the Receipt on the Savings Catcher app, Walmart would search for competitors prices to see if they’re lower.
We’ve found that shoppers have a hard time figuring out if your money can go twice as far.

Walmart will refund the same amount in electronics, and sometimes they even give the cash back if the competitor doesn’t offer the same selection of electronics.

To learn more about Walmart, you can also check out our posts on whether or not free shipping is offered with Walmart, where to find coupons for Walmart, and Walmart cashback.


Customers can look for Walmart’s extreme coupons on different websites in order to save maximum money.

While Walmart no longer offers its price-matching policy, savvy shoppers can still use the Savings Catcher app and look for markdowns to save a little money.
What? I don’t think so. That won’t happen with the price matching rule.

No, you are wrong. You can still get price matching.

Also, for items you buy in store, you can do rebates and earn cash back at Ibotta and you can get a free trial of Ebates, which pays you back for the items you spend at Walmart.

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