Burger King Headquarters (different Locations, Addresses, Can You Visit, Contact Info + More)

With millions of people visiting and trying to get in touch with Burger King at any given time, there are probably several hundred people with problems, questions, and feedback at any one time.

I needed to find out more about the corporate headquarters of Burger King. I also wanted to try get in touch with customer service at the headquarters.

Where Is Burger King Headquartered In 2022?

For any other questions or problems, please contact Burger King customer service by phone, email, or through social media. Their phone number is 1-305-378-3000. The Burger King customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9 to 6:00pm CST. After hours and on weekends, the Burger King customer service representatives are available through email. During the evenings and on the weekends, the Burger King customer service representatives are also available through social media.

In a nut shell, the chain is known for its very popular burgers made from quality ingredients. And they also sell some other things, including a frozen yogurt.

What Is Burger King’s Headquarters’ Location?

The owner of Burger King is from Miami and he doesn’t know what to do with his money.

How Do I Contact the Burger King Corporate Office Headquarters?

If you send mail addressed to another person, you must include a personalized return address.

Burger King Holdings, Inc. may be sued for any misrepresentation or unfair or deceptive trade practice as defined by section 3-1705 or 3-1710 of the Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article as if the defendant were doing business under that name.

I like the water.

You have the option to contact them through their corporate phone number at 1-305-378-3000, Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How Do I Contact Burger King Customer Service?

You can try a free online chat and they can help you find the right location.

You can talk to your sales rep, or connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

They have created a place to find information, and the following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions: Q: How do I get a free refill? A: You’ll need to ask for a free refill of your beverage. The exact wording will vary by location.

if you have any problems or doubts related to Burger King restaurants and services.

Social Media
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Where Is Burger King’s International Headquarters?

I think Burger King is one of the fastest-growing fast-food companies in the world, and its headquarters is in the UK.

BKUK Group is a leading international provider of energy services.

Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Cordoba.

Colonia Los Alpes is the largest neighborhood in Mexico City. It is a large suburb just next to the Mexico City metropolitan area.

The Federal District of Mexico City was founded in 1824. Located in the city of Mexico, the Federal District is the most populous district of the National Capital Region. It has a population of about 8.2 million inhabitants.

Burger King is headquartered in Canada and Hungry Jacks is headquartered in the USA.

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Where was Burger King founded?

Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns founded Burger King in 1953 as the original Burger King in Jacksonville, Florida. They were inspired to create a restaurant that would allow people to have a quality meal at a price that was affordable.

With this, Burger King will change the rules and introduce itself to the public with a new line of product. It will introduce InstaBurger King as an alternative to the competition.

The company was bought in 1954 by the Edgerton brothers and James McLamore who renamed it Burger King. They also replaced the Insta-Broiler with a flame broiler. The company was in trouble and needed money. They also made the first promotional ad of the company.

Who Is the Owner of Burger King?

It’s the only foreign-owned business to win the top spot in the survey. It has come under criticism with its tax avoidance schemes that allowed it to pay just a fraction of what it owed to U.S. and Canadian governments.

Franchises like Burger King are owned by individuals (e. g. small restaurants) who are contracted to use the brand.

How Many Burger King Locations Are There?

Burger King sells billions of burgers a year worldwide. There are over 7,200 Burger King Restaurants in the United States alone.

There are Burger King restaurants in every state. However, there are many people who are still questioning whether or not the Burger King restaurants near them are the same type of restaurant as ones that are on the streets.

Who Owns the Most Burger King Franchises?

The company’s parent firm, Restaurant Brands International, is also the parent company of the Burger King franchise.
That’s the parent company.

The restaurant chain Burger King has the most restaurant franchises. With over 1000 restaurants, Burger King has the most fast-food restaurants in the world.

Sun Holdings, Inc. holds the biggest Burger King franchise, with an estimated total of 140 restaurants.

Which State Has the Most Burger Kings?

The state of Texas has the most Burger King restaurants, with only 7% of all Burger King stores in the United States.

Why Is Hungry Jacks Not Burger King?

Hungry Jacks restaurants can be found in Australia called Burger Kings because of a dispute with the company that owns the brand.

The Australian legal dispute was finally over, and all that remained was for Hungry Jack’s to receive the official right to sell Burger King.

If you want to read more on this subject, here’s a list of all Burger King related complaints, and here are posts about Burger King complaints UK and Burger King complaints.


Burger King is a giant hamburger restaurant chain with locations around the world. Founded in 1953, Burger King now has 18,625 locations in 91 countries.

The sentence below is a clear example of this, and the original is fine.

You can contact Burger King through phone, fax, and e-mail. The main phone number to contact Burger King is 1-800-BKSI. The fax number is 1-305-638-1113. You can also contact Burger King through e-mail. To contact Burger King through e-mail, you need to send them a e-mail at customerservice@burgerking.com.

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