Does Burger King Accept Paypal? (in-store, App + Other Restaurants That Accept)

After PayPal bought Venmo, many consumers wondered if PayPal and Venmo would be the same. One central question was how to use PayPal when eating out with friends.

Customers were wondering if they could use PayPal on their favorite fast-food joint. If you have contemplated using PayPal at Burger King, read further for more information on how to make a payment on your favorite fast-food joint!

Does Burger King Accept PayPal In 2022?

Burger King allows for in-store purchases via pre-paid, debit, or credit cards. Burger King does not directly accept Paypal payments. Customer-authorized prepaid, debit, and credit card transactions are processed through a gateway provider (e.g., Google or Apple Pay), but Burger King does not accept any payment methods directly.

And, if you want to make a purchase with Paypal at any of your favorite restaurants but want to know how it works, then read on to find out more!

Does Burger King Accept PayPal?

When you go to your Burger King Crown App, you have an option for Paypal.

Now that McDonald’s does not offer PayPal via an app, a customer can now utilize PayPal via a different app.

In other words, you won’t be able to log into the web version of PayPal and use it. However, you will be able to log into the app version of PayPal and use it whenever you need to.

Is There Another Way To Use PayPal At Burger King?

You can use PayPal to make a payment at any Burger King regardless of if you are inside or not.

If you have a Paypal account, you can create a digital wallet with your bank or credit card and then add money to your digital wallet to send to friends.

I am aware that in some franchises the transactions are conducted differently.

Make sure they accept Visa and check to see what type of offers they have.

Will A Delivery App Accept PayPal For Burger King?

While the company has not stated that it is going to use this service for its e-commerce platform, it makes sense. In most cases a company can do whatever it wants with customer data even if it does not store it.

Also, these delivery apps can provide the option of placing orders from certain restaurants.

So, if you want to have fresh burgers delivered, and you prefer buying them via PayPal, you can do that via these apps.

Does Burger King Accept Prepaid PayPal Cards?

I’m having a problem with the website. It’s not letting me get to the actual website. The only way I can access it is through a “web page” which means I can’t actually buy anything.

Paypal, for example, can issue prepaid debit cards like the Bank of America Prepaid Debit Card or Amazon’s Amazon Card.

If your gift recipient is someone other than a friend or family, the gift card can be used at most Burger King locations.

What Other Restaurants Accept PayPal?

If you want to see if this restaurant accepts PayPal, just google it.

The last thing I wanted to share, are all the other great uses for PayPal.

Besides that, each restaurant has its own way of taking PayPal transactions. So, you should ask its specific process before doing anything.

What Restaurants Don’t Accept PayPal?

PayPal has become the most acceptable form of payment these days.

PayPal is now the predominant payment gateway and not just for small transactions as it used to be.

As they do with any new technology, restaurants will be the first to try and adapt to the new way of doing business. One would best avoid trying to make or receive payments using cash at an establishment that is not set up to accept it.

To find out more information about Burger King, you can also read our articles on whether or not Burger King accepts American Express, if Burger King accepts EBT, and how to use EBT.


You can use your PayPal to purchase from Burger King, however the process is more or less similar to using your credit card. You can purchase from Burger King directly with your PayPal.

In order to avoid paying for multiple shipping charges, there is a way to pay online through PayPal.

You can also use PayPal to make a payment at most restaurants, as long as they accept digital wallets.

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