Does Kohl’s Do Ear Piercing? (your Full Guide)

Some stores sell earrings and piercing jewellery and can be a great option to get a piercing done.

 The answer is, No, but a few of these stores do offer this service. Keep in mind though, that you may not be able to find an artist to perform your piercing.  If you can find an artist, you will have to pay the same as if you went to a registered piercer.

Does Kohl’s Do Ear Piercing In 2022?

Kohl’s does not offer an ear piercing service as of 2022. However, they do sell other starter earrings for young children after the initial healing period of their first piercing has ended. They also sell a quality, professional ear piercing kit from Inverness that is used by other professional ear piercing services.

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If you’re searching for more information about why Kohl’s does not provide piercing and what retail stores do provide this service, keep reading the rest of this article!

Why Doesn’t Kohls Offer Ear Piercing?

The reason as to why Kohl’s don’t offer an ear-piercing service is because the customers would have to buy a piercing from a technician.

It is a department store with a wide variety of departments to shop in. There may not be enough space in the main store to dedicate to this service.

However, there might not be a reason to do it, as shopping centers can easily offer ear piercing services.

Can I Buy Ear Piercing Equipment From Kohl’s?

As a result of a new law that went into effect last year, customers must have their ears properly pierced by a licensed doctor.

While they do sell a piercing kit, they are very careful in how it’s used.

Kohl’s sell the starter earrings for young children who have already finished the healing process on their ear.

Which Other Retail Stores Offer Ear Piercing?


Radio Shack

A specialty shop is located next to the Walmart Supercenter that specializes in ear piercing.

Piercing is covered by medical insurance. There might be restrictions on piercing.

Claire’s has been offering ear piercing for many years. They offer traditional lobe, single lobe, cartilage lobe and dual lobe piercing. The service is free and they have starter kits that you can use with your first piercing.

They provide customers with a cleanser kit that they can use to clean their ears after they are done getting pierced, and they also provide them with a kit of sanitary supplies, including ear plugs and a cleaning cloth, for the customer to bring home and keep until the next day.

Claire’s usually places a minimum age limit on their piercing service. This varies per location so it’s best to check their website to see which locations have an age restriction and which don’t.

Macy’s has a piercing services that is considered the best option for some people. It is painless and you will find yourself in a very good mood after you have finished.

According to the Claires website:

Effortlessly combine the most exclusive earring trends, including the most fashionable silhouettes, the most unique design and color combinations, with the best quality earrings made in Italy. With a strong commitment to make the best quality earrings available on the market, Claires has been in existence for over 30 years.

As the company already had the jewelry and the required certification, they chose to use this jewelry.

Since it doesn’t provide any age restrictions, piercings can be done on children as young as three months old.

Kay Jewelers has a free piercing service to everyone and anyone who purchases a piercing earrings.

They use metals that have a nickel content of less than half, which is known to lessen the risk of ear infections and allergic reactions!

Ear piercing with small gauge jewelry is considered safe; earlobe piercing with larger gauges is not.

When the infant is eight weeks of age, or even older, I recommend that parents have their child’s Ears properly pierced at a professional establishment. The D.P.T. or the “Disease Prophylaxis Tetanus,” also called the “DPT” or “Disease Preventative Tetanus” shot, is also recommended for parents to have their infant undergo. This will give the child a good protection against tetanus germs.

You have to get it in the original location to bring it back and replace it.
You can only exchange it for a different size.
You can only bring it to the store where it was purchased.
You cannot use a receipt for this purchase.


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Kohl’s also released a statement which was published in the Wall Street Journal.

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