Can You Ship Lithium Batteries With Fedex? (all You Need To Know)

A lot of people may say money makes the world go round. Still, most of these days, Lithium batteries are almost as vital because they’re used in electronic devices like cameras, cell phones, laptops, and medical equipment.

There are two main things you need to do before you can ship your used batteries through FedEx.
The first thing you need to know is what you can do. Can you ship lithium batteries through FedEx? You can actually ship a wide variety of items through FedEx, from large electronics to small batteries.
You also have many options when it comes to shipping a lithium battery through FedEx. For instance, you can use a standard shipping label or an expedited shipping label.

Can You Ship Lithium Batteries With FedEx In 2022?

When shipped with any FedEx Shipment Service, the following batteries and cells are permitted for use with the FedEx Ground Shipment Service:

– any rechargeable batteries that can be used with any portable electronic, appliance, or other similar device.
– those that are considered by the U.S. Department of Energy to be in good working order and have not been damaged or subject to misuse.

It can be difficult to buy a lithium battery, but luckily this guide will help you to make a smart choice.

What Types Of Lithium Batteries Can I Ship With FedEx?

How Do I Ship Lithium Batteries With FedEx?

While FedEx has a reputation for reliability, you can ship lithium batteries nationally or internationally from any of our locations, as long as you’re within FedEx Express’s zone.

Please note that it is recommended to provide batteries separately so that if they are damaged during shipping, it is more convenient to replace them in the device.

FedEx recommends shipping lithium batteries in a Dangerous Goods-Bulk or Dangerous Goods-Bulk-Chemistry/Toxic-Chemistry shipping class, which you can find by looking at the FedEx label on your package, and which are clearly indicated on the FedEx website.

All you have to do is call 800-GOFEDEX, option 81, and you can speak with a Dangerous Goods specialist about the safety of the goods you’re transporting.

How Should I Package Lithium Batteries When Shipping With FedEx?

FedEx treats lithium batteries differently, you should follow the guidelines they gave you, and not the ones they don’t give you.

The next example illustrates our intent.

It is a federal felony to ship or transport any device containing a radioactive source in interstate commerce without either the
manufacturer’s permission or a license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

If the request for service for the initial action is not in the initial paragraph and the initial paragraph contains more than one paragraph, then the request for service must be in the initial paragraph or else it must be in a paragraph that belongs to the same sentence.

Keep the device or battery away from fire.
Keep the device or battery away from water and other liquids.
Do not expose the device or battery to any chemicals or gases (even those that you wouldn’t expect to be toxic).

However, one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that your package meets these requirements is by keeping items in their original packaging.

This is common practice and is recommended. If you don’t have tape, put the batteries in plastic zip lock and wrap it around each terminal.

All electronic devices must be checked for any possible malfunction. To avoid accidents, electronic equipment such as computers, power tools, and all other appliances should always be covered with a piece of tape.

You can use any packaging you like, however, you must have solid, strong packaging on the exterior.

The size, the weight, the shape of the items should be considered when deciding on the shipping service.

In addition to general rules, there are regulations for airplanes and cars, too.

Lithium batteries are considered dangerous materials. They carry a Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods.

A dangerous goods declaration is required. It is a list of all dangerous goods and they can only be transported by a certificated operator in a cargo aircraft. The operator will have the full responsibility of ensuring that the dangerous goods are properly checked, loaded and discharged.
A cargo aircraft is the right aircraft for this. You cannot transport dangerous goods on a commercial airline.

Here is an example dangerous goods transport from one place to another.

With that, the battery travels in a container that holds the battery inside of it, and it is then transported to the destination of the battery.

I think you could get one of those if you wanted to, but I don’t think you have to have one on your truck.

Packages shipped by air or sea are subject to a weight limit, but those shipped by land are not.

Other than that, everything is the same.

FedEx also has a Lithium Battery Shipping Guide, if you are interested in more information.

Are There Any Kinds Of Lithium Batteries I Can’t Ship With FedEx?

FedEx will not allow shipping batteries that we do not want to ship via air from our Memphis hub.

You may also want to read about what the FedEx tracking number means, how to track FedEx packages, does FedEx really track FedEx delivery, and whether or not FedEx tracking number changes.


FedEx allows their customers to ship lithium batteries. However, the company makes all the rules for shipping them, and they do not want to ship lithium batteries.

Make sure to use only standard replacement batteries. When using rechargeable batteries,
it’s a good idea to get batteries only from reputable battery distributors
or stores.

As well as the labels that are found in other locations on the package (e.g. on the outside of the box, on the box itself, etc.)
In an emergency situation, you can also use the following trick to read the label…

This may have been the most confusing part of the process since there is a lot of complexity, regulations, and documentation that is required.

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