Can You Ship Lithium Batteries Usps? (full Guide)

Sending lithium batteries through the mail can sometimes be difficult, because you don’t know what you can or cannot ship through the mail.

If you’ve got a laptop that needs to be sent in for repairs or want to mail a new pair of Bluetooth headphones to your grandkids, you can keep reading to learn everything you need to know about USPS’ lithium battery policy.

Can You Ship Lithium Batteries USPS In 2022?

Shipping electronic devices to domestic addresses is fairly simple, but international shipments require a customs broker and a customs declaration that must be submitted to USPS. Mailing electronic devices requires nothing more than a sturdy box with plenty of padding. If mailing electronic devices alone, USPS requires a customs declaration that must be submitted to USPS. However, the electronic device must be shipped with a battery for customs officials to verify that the device is powered prior to release.

You can ship lithium batteries through USPS. There are some additional things to keep in mind when mailing lithium batteries through USPS though, so you should read on to make sure your package arrives safely.

How Do I Ship Lithium Batteries With USPS?

In most cases, you’re able to mail packages containing lithium batteries domestically or internationally from your local post office. If you have an international package with a lithium battery inside, it is recommended that you have it certified by a specialized company. It’s also a good idea to keep the battery in a dry place so that it doesn’t get damaged.

If you buy an electronic device that has a battery in it, you can ship it to both domestic and international destinations.

It’s not entirely clear why you would need to do this, but many people have told me they do. I would suggest opening the envelope in two different locations, and seeing what happens.

Example 1:
Any device not controlled by the user that has the capability to access and view the video feed
of the display;
Example 2:
Any device capable of accessing the video feed of the display, regardless of the purpose of the access.

How Should I Package Lithium Batteries When Shipping With USPS?

the heat produced by electronic devices and lithium batteries must be protected.

The easiest way to find out if a package is in original packaging or not is to look at the price tag.

It would be best to place the battery and charger together in a dedicated bag to avoid contact.

To avoid accidental turning on your electronic device, make sure to remove the label when you’re done.

– Please note, if batteries are transported or stored in a humid environment or in a humid environment for extended periods of time, the voltage stored in the battery may be reduced.

You can use any packaging you want, but the outer packaging must be rigid, strong, and sealed. There should be padded inside, and bubble wrap or packing foam.

Q: Are my packages insured?
A: You can insure your packages as much as you want.

If you’re only sending batteries, it must have a sticker showing a DOT stamped and registered battery. Also, if you’re sending hazardous goods, the boxes must have been tested and certified for hazardous materials by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

What Types Of Lithium Batteries Can I Ship With USPS?

AA, AAA, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, or P
AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, DDA, E, EEE, F, G, GGG, H, HHH, I, J, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, U, or V

For our purposes, we will use what the USPS definitions of equipment. Thus, we will only count the number of cells in the box.

Are There Any Kinds Of Lithium Batteries I Can’t Ship With USPS?

It is not possible to ship damaged or recalled batteries.

If you have a hazardous material that you want to ship with the USPS, you must provide a Hazardous Material Transportation Manifest, such as a HMTA Hazardous Materials Transportation Manual.

Can I Ship Lithium Batteries Internationally With USPS?

Lithium batteries can only be shipped internationally if they are installed in the equipment they operate.
The best way to have a consistent experience across all devices is to use the Lithium-ion batteries which are shipped with the equipment.
Also, do not install additional batteries.

In other words, it is impossible to send batteries in your own country.

This is why all your products (except liquids) MUST go in our special, heavy-duty, reinforced boxes.

Although the shipping company may have a contract with USPS, the actual shipping may or may not be within their contract; usually if it is shipped the original carrier is responsible for getting the shipment to the final destination, in this case the battery manufacturer.

International mail containing products with lithium batteries inside should not be marked or documented.

How Many Lithium Batteries Can I Mail With USPS?

Note that there are some restrictions on shipping lithium batteries. You should know that it is allowed to ship for domestic purposes.

To find out more, you can check [this page](

If you have further questions about the topic, check out the table below for more information. If you have further questions about the topic, check out the table below for more information.

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Small, rechargeable, laptop level batteries.

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 the batteries in small devices that need charging.

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Shipping lithium batteries via the USPS is possible with a few precautions. For domestic shipments, you will have to be sure that the package does not exceed the weight limit of your carrier or you will have to pay a surcharge.

If the battery is not permitted by the USPS and you are sending a dangerous article, you need to ship it by a different means, such as a truck or courier service.

You should be careful when taking care of your devices to make sure you don’t get a broken screen or other damage when shipping it.

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