Does Walmart Pierce Ears? (price, Locations + Age)

Whether you’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge and get your ears pierced, or you’re trying to help a child who is thinking of doing so, we have tips that will help you successfully get your ears pierced.

Do you love Walmart? The store that offers everything you can imagine. But, what if it turns out that you cannot get your ears pierced at Walmart? Here is what I found out.

Does Walmart Pierce Ears In 2022? 

Walmart has a special ear piercing service available on all 50 US states and over 12 countries. The ear piercing is done using a safe and hygienic enclosed sterile piercing system. Ear piercing is free for any customers purchasing one or more earrings.

To learn more about a location, what they offer, how safe or dangerous it is, and more, keep on reading!

Do All Walmart Locations Pierce Ears?

Walmart ear piercing services are available in Inverness at this specific Walmart location. The closest store to you that offers pierced ears may be: Walmart.

If you visit Walmart, you may want to visit the ear piercing section and learn more about the dangers of this harmful medical procedure.

What Hours Does Walmart Offer Ear Piercing Services?

The hours that the Walmart stores offer ear piercing services depends on the store location.

The ear piercing service is typically open during regular store hours, which is 7 am – 11 pm, and 24/7 in some select locations.

How Much Does Walmart Ear Piercing Cost?

You can earn up to 50% of your earrings purchase price at Walmart, excluding jewelry sold in the jewelry department. You can earn up to $6.50 per earring. There’s a lot of earring varieties available.

More Ear Piercing Earning Opportunities

You can also sell jewelry on Walmart’s Marketplace app.

You can find beautiful earrings that come with a variety of materials, and they can start at $20 or $40 or even more.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Your Ear Pierced At Walmart?

Some employees pierce the ears of children, while others do not pierce children’s ears under five years of age.

In cases like this, where a child will be present during the piercing, call Walmart and ask if their piercer is willing to do it or not.

If you are under the age of 18, there are laws on piercings so be sure to call ahead to find out your state’s regulations or play it safe and have a parent or guardian accompany you just in case.

Is The Inverness System Safe?

All Walmart locations use the same piercing gun which has been approved by the FDA. If you are uncomfortable piercing with the other piercing guns, Walmart has the best.

This is a very gentle piercing, where you are fully enclosed in a sterile environment, and the gun helps deliver a pleasant piercing experience.

Does Walmart Offer Hypoallergenic Earrings?

If you have allergies to the metals used in jewelry, Walmart offers a selection of hypoallergenic crystal earrings, starting at $10.

If you feel like a certain pair of earrings are hypoallergenic and you would like to know if this is the case, you can speak with a Walmart employee.

What Parts Of The Ear Does Walmart Pierce?

If you want to get your ears pierced you should call the shop a week before the appointment for an ear size.

Walmart does not offer piercing services for the Tragus or any other central part of the ear.

You can also use the same method to reword the following sentence:

The ear piercings themselves were very painful when I inserted the
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What Earrings Can You Get Your Ear Pierced With at Walmart? 

My favorite earrings are the pretty white pearl studs with a pretty blue flower in the back. I bought them the other day and I absolutely love them!

They come in a variety of colors, from black to white to gold, as well as a wide selection of metals, including 18K gold plate, stainless steel, and titanium.

What Do I Do After I Get My Ears Pierced?

Ear care is simple, and your ears should only be cleaned every month or so. You can take care of your ears yourself, with or without assistance. If you have an infection, you must see the doctor and have it resolved.

Make sure that you wash your hands before you touch your earrings. You should clean them with a washcloth or cotton balls three times a day.

you will have to keep the earrings for 6 weeks after which you cannot go anywhere without wearing the earrings but please wear them for 6 months after that for the rest of your life.

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If you can’t visit the nearest Target store, you can also visit select Target stores where you can get your ears pierced like their in San Rafael.

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