Why Do I Get Pimples In My Ear?

Wait! There are certain things that you need to know before you pop that pimplelike in your ear.

First, what exactly is a pimple? It is also widely known as acne. Pimples typically appear or develop when sebaceous glands or oil glands end up being clogged or infected. 

It is mostly seen in teens but it may affect adults as well. It is a common issue amongst all age groups. Pimples can develop anywhere as they essentially appear in places where the oil glands are clogged or infected for example the facial region and the back region. 

It isn’t entirely uncommon for pimples to develop inside the ear. Most pimples can be treated at home and don’t take a lot of time to disappear. 

This article will cover a lot of questions you might have about the causes of pimples in your ear. Read on to learn what can cause these pimples and how to prevent them!

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Why Do I Get Pimples In My Ear?

When oil or dirt gets accumulated in your ears, it tends to block the open pores present inside your ears.

Blockage of these pores can lead to inflammation, which in turn turns into pimples!

What Causes a Pimple to Form in Your Ears?

Pimples are mainly caused due to the excess build-up of sweat, dead skin, and oil inside your skin pore. 

Hair and skin produce oil naturally and the excess build-up of oil can potentially cause infections or clogging inside your pores which in turn develops a pimple.

This will also serve as a great environment for bacteria that cause infections. It is extremely important to maintain proper hygiene in order to prevent pimples. 

Take special care while dealing with pimples in your ear as your ears are sensitive thus any pimples that develop here should be treated with extreme care.

There are certain irritants that contribute to the formation of pimples:

1. Headwear

Headwear that is tight in nature does not allow air circulation traps sweat and oil against the head region and the ear region as the temperature inside the headwear rises. 

This results in the formation of pimples along the hairline and adjoining regions like the facial region or the ear region.

2. Excessive Stress

Excessive stress causes an elevated heartbeat rate.

This causes the body temperature to rise slightly which triggers sweating and changes in the hormonal balance. 

Eventually, the oil production in the skin increases and gives rise to pimples or acne-related issues.

3. Allergies

As a side effect of medicines or allergic reactions triggered by certain food or materials pimples might develop on your skin.

Please visit a doctor if there are more symptoms apart from pimples or if you are in discomfort.

4. Earrings and Piercings

There are instances where infected piercings can cause infections and pimples and this mainly happens due to three things- unsterilized piercing equipment, reactions cause by metal, and bacterial infection caused due to unsanitary conditions.

If you suspect that your ear piercing is infected immediately remove your earrings with sanitized hands and apply antibacterial ointments.

If you notice that your infection isn’t clearing up consult a doctor.

How to Treat a Pimple?

The treatment of earlobe pimples and pimples on any other part of your body is similar. The best way to deal with pimples is to leave them alone.

In time the pimple will heal on its own. Make sure to avoid touching, picking, or popping the pimples.

Avoid using soaps and products that irritate your skin. Try using anti-acne medications or products. You can also try a warm compress to soften existing pimples. The heat will allow the pus to drain on its own, wiping the liquid will prevent bacterial spread. 

Make sure to keep the area free of irritants and maintain hygiene. If you suffer from painful breakouts that do not heal easily or take a lot of time to heal try visiting or consulting a doctor. 

Your doctor will prescribe you medicine based on your acne assessment grade. Acne assessment grades are of four types and they are mild, moderate to severe.

How to Prevent Pimples?

Pimples are mostly unpredictable and can appear due to various reasons. There are a few ways to control and prevent pimples from appearing and they are given below:-

  1. Maintaining hygiene and washing your body regularly can help keep your pores clear from dirt and grime. Make sure to wash your nose,face and ears regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria. Also, avoid touching your face with unsanitised hands.
  1. pH-balancing cleanser and products can help in regulating the pH balance of your skin. Try using pH- balancing products.
  1. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing your skin. Use soft materials to dry your skin. Wash your skin gently and pat your skin dry instead of pulling your skin.
  1. Make sure to clean your earbuds and headsets in regualr intervals to avoid future breakouts and bacterial infections.
  1. Applying tea tree essential oil can serve as a gentle alternative to harsh products. Make sure to dilute the oil and then apply in the affected area.
  1. Consuming low-glycemic foods containing complex carbohydrates will reduce your risk of developing acne related issues. Complex carbohydrates can be found in whole grains, legumes, and unprocessed fruits and vegetables. There are some skin-friendly food options like yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, blueberries, whole wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa, turkey, pumpkin seeds, beans, peas and lentils, salmon, mackerel, nuts.
  1. Avoid consuming high-glycemic carbohydrates,dairy,saturated fats and trans fats. Food items like pasta, white rice, white bread, sugar, chocolates, and junk food are known to trigger the development of acne-related problems. These food items stimulate the production of hormones that trigger the release of excess oil from the oil glands.
  1. According to the journal of cutaneous and ocular toxicology that low levels of vitamins A and E can trigger the development of acne related problems. Therefore consume a balanced amount of Vitamin A and E.
  1. Avoid wearing tight headwares, hats or caps. As mentioned above tight headwares trigger the release of sweat due to increasing temperatures inside the headware. Wear loose and comfortable head accessories.

Final Words

Ear pimples can be a real buzzkill. We have covered everything you need to know about these little demons, including the right ways to prevent them. Taking care of your ear hygiene can help you solve the problem easily!

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